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Apr 23, 2012

Note to Mittens Romney: Social Security Fund is flush

April 23, 2012: New Report on Health of Social Security Fund

Oh look! As Senator Bernie Sanders well knows and a new report reveals, our Social Security fund is strong!

So if 'Mittens' Romney is elected president by all the fraud the GOP can manufacture (and they are experts as evidenced by the November 2000 election and the stop-the-vote-count of December 2000 with SCOTUS justices playing their sidekicks--or acting as bosses depending on how you look at their *trotsky-ish collaboration), he should be put on notice to keep his crafty mittens off our SS trillions.


*You'll remember that the Sabian Symbol for George W. Bush's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself, that old privatizer and propaganda catapulter, as he styled himself) at '8Leo' is: "A Bolshevik Propagandist"...which emphasizes "the recurrent battles over social and political concepts." Yes, Dubya made "a permanent impact on history," all right...for which the world still pays.

('8Leo' from Marc Edmund Jones, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.)

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