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May 8, 2012

Lunar Secrets of Saturn-Neptune Describe the Ryan Budget Plan

Lunar Secrets of Saturn-Neptune Describe the Ryan Budget Plan by Jude Cowell

On The Maddow Blog Rep. Paul Ryan and his draconian take-from-poor-give-to-rich 'Budget Plan' is discussed with emphasis on the consequences of the suffering from cuts to programs that operate as lifelines for the poor, elderly, disabled, and children that shall ensue in spite of Mr. Ryan's alleged Catholic beliefs. I say 'alleged' because in all my years, some of the most charitable folk I've known were of the Catholic persuasion--and they never stinted anyone they could aid by putting their religious faith in action on behalf of the disadvantaged or those in temporary dire straights.

See: Paul Ryan on the Suffering of the Poor and consider that at this time, America's Secondary Progressed horoscope shows a certain descriptive midpoint picture and other factors detailed below along with a complicating Moon-Saturn-Mars condition now active in our national progressions as well. For timing's sake, the progressed chart I calculated issues from America's 'Sibly' natal chart of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Secondary Progressions of other versions may give slightly different timing info but all portents are for 2012 with the Ryan Budget Plan in the news and 'on the table' for implementation as if the cruel nature of its consequences is unworthy of our closer consideration.

As always with midpoint pictures, all, any, or none may apply; like the natal Moon in Mundane Astrology, the Progressed Moon relates to The People, women, mothers, and families (including political-social wedge issues such as abortion, contraception, children's nutritional programs, security needs, women marrying women, Planned Parenthood defunding, etc), and to the public's current mood and to societal trends:

Sec Saturn/Neptune = Sec Moon: pessimism; emotional depression; a low character (Ryan and his cohorts, imho, and those kicked out on our streets or going to bed hungry--in America); illness through emotional suffering; women's diseases chronic or otherwise (Ebertin); hesitating over relacing what no longer functions; activities which serve no real purpose and seem to come and go; increased use of drugs to escape harsh realities and responsibilities (Munkasey); emotional drain; feeling inhibited (Tyl.)

Such planetary sigificators as Moon-Saturn-Neptune may also be described as the Grim Face of Reality weighing down upon us yet US politicians continue to hand us enslavement to a False Reality as Paul Ryan threatens us with grim austerity measures which are now ruining communities and lives all across Europe! The German government is in command? It's a joke, right?

And now We the People are expected to cheer Ryan's nonsensical madness? Puh!

Campaign 2012's Opponents--or Is It Really Only We vs Them?

As you know, many charges against opponents and parties are being leveled back and forth during Campaign 2012 as was to be expected since this tactic keeps the electorate riled up and divided moer than informed and thus less potent to act against a ruling class greedy for more power and wealth. The charges include such taboos in America as Socialism, Communism, Trotskyism, Social Darwinism, and other systems, ideologies, and methods of governing. ("I know you are but what am I?" Insert childish, self-serving footstamp for dramatic effect. This is badly performed Political Theater, dahlink.)

So as you see, this is part of my topic here for all of these systems, ideologies, and methods belong precisely within the realm of the Saturn-Neptune pair when their energies combine. Plus, you know of the secret/invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn) which America is said to be directed by--in Britain they go ahead and call it a Shadow Government though in the US our politicians act more coyly and never discuss such a mysterious system if it can be avoided; plus, my studies continue to indicate that London has been ruling America all along! Or did you know?

Then there's our national horoscope with '1 Libra' at Midheaven (MC = The Goal) which places natal Saturn 14Lib48 in 10th house and natal Neptune 22Vir25 in 9th house (of Foreign Lands) on either side of MC which gives a picture of Saturn/Neptune = MC: capitulating to the demands of the environment totally (at Cornwallis' 'Surrender'?); using short, inefficient methods when tough, dedicated, complete work is needed; wavering between materialism and idealism; frequent mood changes; a peculiar character; emotional suffering; illness.

Or, we might say that secret, invisible government, Communism, Socialism, etc, have been our government's goal all along (well, ours and the puppetmasters abroad who actually call the shots in Washington through the Federal Reserve System.) Actually some do say such things--that maintaining The Masses on large social welfare programs is intended to be how our society functions and not as a democracy of people able to stand on their own at all.

For as Barry Goldwater (Sun Cap-Moon Tau) once informed, warned, prophesied, or promised us, "A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away." Which is not to say that social welfare programs are replete with riches for those who must partake of them for they merely help the needy get by, not prosper. You must apply to Corporate Welfare Programs like TARP or other trillion-dollar bailouts if you wish to prosper like a bandit!

Secondary Progressed Moon as Timer and Emotional Indicator

Making matters more complex, as many astrologers have already detailed, is the astrological factor of US Secondary Progressed Moon 14Lib42 now approaching our Sec Mars Rx in Sec 2nd house (exact in about 3 months but within orb now)--and Luna is already knocking on the gate of US natal Saturn 14Lib48--Moon-Saturn can show ambition, strategy, and direction, but also depressive, limiting conditions.

Add US Sec Neptune 26Vir14 Rx in Sec 2nd H as well and you have the above-mentioned depression, pessimism, and suffering, along with the fraud and sad losses of idealistic Neptune in Virgo, sign of Dedicated Work, Employment, Service--and 2nd H = Earning Ability and Values. Its our traditional values of providing aid for the needy (aka, a Christian nation and attitude) that Ryan and his ilk are working to transform along with an attempt to free up funds for more war on behalf of a 'new world order' and for the wealthy class to wallow about in like greedy pigs. Plus, indicators of floods, other expensive weather-related losses, problems with oil, gas, toxins, and poisons are shown by gaseous Neptune, as you know.

Worrisomely, our natural gas pipeline system is under cyber-attack as I type, reports USA Today, Christian Science Monitor, and NPR. Astrologically, this circumstance, in effect since 2011 apparently, shows in certain horoscopes (protagonist Mars in 9th H of Foreign Lands) and I plan to discuss the topic more fully later on if my blogging calendar permits.

Mars = Males Between the Ages of 25 - 35, Give or Take a Year or So

Well, US Sec Mars 18Lib30 Rx (retrograde by progression since 2006) has re-turned some of our troops home but has also brought protests by, and military and police actions against, the American people. The current Sec Moon-to-Mars factor indicates the anger, rage, protests, and riled up feelings and actions that are expectable whenever the emotionally charged duo of Moon and Mars get together; and maybe more Americans will soon sign up for military service in lieu of employment at home. Plus, in Politics and Business, Michael Munkasey gives the Moon-Mars duo a potential for: 'leaders who show concern about the welfare of people but don't necessarily follow through with relief'! Wonder who that could be?

In addition, US natal Saturn's presence in Sec 2nd H adds austerity, loss, delay, depression, control, and restriction to our difficult financial picture, and I for one hope and pray that America will not fall underneath the crushing boots of the cruel policies of ideologues of either political party (Tea Party members very much included) who brazenly place abstract systems of thought (such as Social Darwinism with its anti-social 'survival of the fittest' meanness, and the Objectivism of Ayn-Randers like Paul Ryan) far above their fellow Americans' very lives. Well, except that Objectivists act not as Americans, do they?

Now let's close with two Sabian Symbols which are quite descriptive of conditions in America 2012 and of certain detached politicians who now scorn their social responsibilities (tell me again: why are they 'serving' in Washington as representatives of The People?) Meanwhile they act as part of the political arm of globalist world-domination schemers rather than representing us! These symbols issue directly from the Moon-Mars Rx picture above; both pictures are from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones and to my way of common good thinking, they simultaneously describe several levels of our current conditions including Rep. Paul Ryan's Budget Plan intended to starve the needy, and to anyone who sides with his abstract anti-social dogma, either openly or secretly--they'd be ashamed if they had any shame:

'18Lib' = "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" = CONSEQUENCE.

positive expression: a heightened challenge to every special talent;

negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

'19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" = DIVERGENCE.

positive: alertness to every threat against a true individuality;

negative (shadow side): abnormal mistrust of everything worth while.


Blog Note: you'll find few astro-notes concerning the natal chart of Rep. Paul Ryan if you wish to enter his name in the sidebar's Search field; I'd add a link to the post for you but frankly I'm more than a little fed up with him at the moment. jc

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