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Jun 20, 2012

Darrel Issa's Sun Scorpio-Moon Virgo interrogates!

In January 2011 I wrote a few notes concerning the personality found in the natal chart of one Darrel Issa. Quite the dissecting critic is he.

Today, June 20 (Summer Solstice 2012 at 7:09 pm edt in Washington-- horoscope shown), Issa is in his element as the probe of Attorney General Eric Holder grinds on toward a contempt of Congress citation (something most Americans issued to Congress years ago.)

Yes, the Republicans are playing payback time in Washington DC. Yet it isn't as if Alberto Gonzales didn't merit all the scorn and approbation his criminal turn as Attorney General brought him at the hands of his Democratic interrogators.

"Payback" and "blowback"--actions have consequences. Even in Washington DC.

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Pardon their ad. This aired yesterday on msnbc.

Update 6.20.12: White House uses executive privilege to keep documents from Issa. So much for that. Would George Bush be proud?

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