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Jul 5, 2012

"The American People Are Angry," Sen Bernie Sanders (video)

Here's my favorite Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders laying it all on the line--from Wall Street to Main Street, from TARP to the Fed's sneaky $16 trillion handed freely to US and foreign big banks and corporations, from Bush's unfunded credit-card wars to cutting Food Stamps, from income inequality to obscene profits for the wealthy, and of course, the disastrous Citizen United decision of the Supreme Court--he covers all this and more on the floor of the House:

You may have noticed that the US Congress won't listen to the voice of the working people, if indeed it ever did. Here, Senator Sanders speaks on behalf of the 15% unemployed, graduating college students with massive debt who can't find a job, and all the rest of us who are not, nor will we ever be, members of the 1% ruling elite. "Cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid" cry the 'deficit hawks'.

As the senator says, "What world are these people living in?"

Deja-Vu Republicans: See If This Economics Theory Sounds Familiar!

Warren G. Harding's administration included Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon who while in office during the 1920s implemented a tax program that lowered the taxes of corporations and large personal incomes based on the theory that such a policy would provide incentives to expand the economy through job-producing and profit-making investments.

Now see? For ages the GOP has bamboozled the American people with the "trickle down" ruse way before Rep. Paul Ryan was a glint in his mama's eye. Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" is somewhat of a rehash of Mellon's theory which worked for a few years, yes, but led us down the garden path to the nasty Crash of 1929.

Yet things are never quite as simple and for such a brief term in office (Harding died suddenly in a San Francisco hotel on August 2, 1923 after 28 months in the Oval Office), Warren G. got quite a lot done though he hadn't time to defend himself from the myriad of scandals which occurred during his term. Was his death at all suspicious? I'll take a peek at the death horoscope and let you know if there's anything curious...

Of course, in 2012 we've already suffered and continue to suffer the Crash of 2008, or, the Fed-enabled Great Bush-Cheney Heist of 2008, as I think of it. Not that these corrupt jokers and blackjack dealers--Dimons, Diamonds, or the rest of the pack--are completely finished with the US economy, cash cow as it's been for them for decades. Because if they were done, they'd have that little 7% of profits the 99% of us must split between us already deposited in their offshore accounts as they continue to steal, embezzle, and create on a computer screen imaginary money out of thin air, the lack of which is meant to keep the masses feeling inferior, needy, and greedy like them.

Now personally, I don't care how much money elites have tucked away in secret lairs and Swiss bank accounts. But I do take great exception to what their unending greed is doing to the elderly, the ill, and to children in America. For me, that is where a moral line must be drawn--step no further, you conscienceless vermin of the *Pluto/Chiron persuasion. So dear reader, please allow Senator Sanders to express these concepts much better than this grumpy blogger does and support his efforts however you can--including becoming very very angry!


Thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for alerting me to the video of this important speech by Senator Sanders. If only we had more representatives in Congress like Bernie--and I know that progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann agrees with me on that!

*Perhaps you know that the Pluto/Chiron pair denotes plutocracy, oppression, disenfranchisement, primal violence, racism and other -isms, plus other such cruel, anti-social, psychopathic behavior of which man is capable of perpetrating against his fellow man in order to arrogantly exalt his own ego.

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