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Jul 1, 2012

Election 2012 Mercury: Nov 6 and Nov 26 Horoscopes

Election Day Nov 6, 2012's Mercury Rx Station with the Mercury Direct Station of November 26, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Below you see an image of Election Day 2012's Mercury Station Retrograde of Nov 6 at 6:03:47 pm est (@4Sag18, lower left) and a second horoscope for the moment on November 26, 2012 when voting Mercury turns Direct at 5:47:32 pm est (@18Sco10) with both horoscopes set for the White House, the main prize for the victor.

Mercury is chart-ruler of both horoscopes and thus the determinant of both events which relate to the November 6, 2012 Presidential and Congressional Election/s. All astrologers are predicting trouble due to Mercury turning Rx on Election Day 2012 so let's consider the condition of the planet of voting, announcements, and--when Rx--disputed outcomes.

As you see, out-of-bounds Mars 22Sag23 is unaspected (who knows what Mr. Fussy the Activist is up to?) in 7th house of Legal Affairs and Open Enemies is at '23Sag', the "Immmigrants entering a New Country" degree and for this reason, and bedcause of the obvious issues with Mercury's Rx Station on Voting Day, plus, Mercury's aspects to other planets (actors), I read the charts as having immigrant/voter purge implications--a tiresome Republicn tactic--along with computer voting machine 'glitches' and possibly outright tampering or fraud.

Naturally with Mercury re-trograde, the word re-count is in the political air especially given the cantankerous nature of the 2012 Campaign and Election for much is at stake for each party. However, this common-gooder would be remiss if I didn't add that the American people have, as usual, the most to lose, and even though I believe that whoever inhabits the White House come January 21, 2013 will continue to follow a larger global agenda with few options to do otherwise, there is hopefully a difference in how the agenda is implemented, or at least that is my deep desire for the We the People.

That a One-Percenter like Mitt Romney, the watery Sun-Mercury-Mars Pisces and equal-opportunity bully, should take the helm after what Bush and Cheney perpetrated upon this nation for 8 years (culminating in Financial Heist 2008) would be an outrage! Haven't we learned anything???

Okay, I'll hush my fussing and give you a chance to appreciate both charts:

The following is meant to throw a spotlight upon what I consider to be prominent features in both charts yet I'm certain you can see many other factors of importance. As always, feel free to leave a comment if you wish!

Nov 6, 2012 6:03:47 pm est White House: Mercury's first moment Rx in 6th house of Health, Work, and Military and Police Service after just dipping below the horizon. This is a Cadent position and a natural house of Mercury (Virgo) yet Mercury is debilitated in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius; a mentally inspired Geminian Jupiter Rx (Republicans weakened due to several factors including a battle with an incumbent president) is rising in 1st house; ASC 5Gem39 is the WHAT? Point of the matter and in this case, the WHAT? is Mercury's Rx Station. It's an Hour of Saturn (restriction, control, authority) so it may be expected that the Jupiterian GOP will have managed tamperings of the voting process by and on November 6. We cannot discount that Politics is a win-at-any-cost game with powerful consequences and Jupiter is relating from a weakened position opposite his natural sign of Sagittarius and Rx as well.

Chart-ruler Mercury applies to a square with Chiron (0A42), and a trine with technology-lover Uranus (0A52) with disruptive rebel Uranus 5Ari09 Rx in 11th H of Groups and Associations, and the sub-ruler of the 10th H of Career and Public Status (MC 13AQ00.) At Midheaven you see the midpoint of the combustable pair of Mars and Uranus which gives a midpoint picture of potentials for extraordinary achievements, and/or taking drastic measures such as 'putting a gun to someone's head' (Ebertin.)

Whether a threat of gun use is actually necessary to manipulate Election 2012 we'll probably never know. But this picture may simply be a reference to the NRA gun lobby of fanatics who really really want Mr. Romney in the White House, or so I've heard.

Now where in the Election Day chart are We the People? Moon 14Leo12 conjoins IC, (Home and Domestic Scene) and the HOW? Point of any horoscope.

Now don't stay home, m'peops, for We are the How! Yes, certain undermining forces are making it more and more difficult to vote but let's not give in to them. Especially with the high-flying Kite pattern you see in the November 6 horoscope with the people's Moon as spearhead--conjoining President Obama's natal Sun in Leo!--and sextiles to the Moon from Jupiter Rx and a 5th H Venus 11Lib28. Now I agree that it's speculation and popularity (5th H) plus our innate intuition (US natal Moon in Aquarius) which must tell us that Mr. Obama is our best bet going forward given all the conflicting campaign rhetoric and distortions but the president's argument that a Romney presidency would take us backward is easy enough for a majority to agree upon unless you're of the One Percent or on their payroll.

Disagreements, quarrels, recounts, disputed outcomes, voting machine brou-ha-has, voting roll purges, and more issues may be in the news from November 6 until...November 26? Well, probably. Yet Mercury won't reach its Shadow Degree of 4Sag18 (where it retrograded) until December 14, 2012 and quickly moves beyond it so we may have another December to be anxious over--centering on or just after December 14. Hopefully the SCOTUS Justices won't underwhelm the people's middling-to-poor opinion of them as they did with Bush v Gore in December 2000 and we'll appreciate an early if legality-decorated Christmas gift to settle Election 2012, if we must.

Chart 2, upper right, shows November 26 at 5:47:32 pm est (Hour of Venus--jealousy and revenge? or attraction?) when speedy Mercury takes a stand and performs a Direct Station @18Sco10 ('19Sco' = "A Parrot Listening Then Talking"--whose script will he read?) As you see, US natal Moon is at MC, and Mercury is again in the same preparatory Cadent house in DC. Forceful Mars and Pluto are about to converge in Capricorn with Jupiter still Rx and hiding in the 12th H of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Deals.

Wishy washy Neptune 00Pis25, ruler of Mr. Romney's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars, is strong in its own sign and at MC (the 'hiding in plain sight' position); US natal Sun conjoins the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury, and the Pluto/ASC midpoint @00:05 is prominent at Aries Point (10th H) showing that the tendency toward the use and abuse of power and persuasion are of utmost importance for determined US politicians who wish to rule the day and don't mind being ruthless in their attempts to have their way. Foreign control and plutonian global meddling may also be shown by Pluto/ASC = AP, a World Point of Manifestation.

Now I know that most if not all astrologers have predicted victory for President Barack Obama in 2012 and I wish to whole-heartedly concur. Yes, this is probably the case--and yet there seems to me to be quite a few circumstances where the Romney camp can manipulate the outcome of Election 2012 as well as provide GOP interference to affect congressional races. And why should we think otherwise when they've made themselves perfectly clear by obstructionism and bald-faced statements and lies against Pres. Obama, for in their pride and arrogance they imagine themselves to be the only suitable residents of the White House! How tiresomely they brag.

Yet you know what they say: sometimes you just want to be wrong!

So with Election Day 2012 Mercury turning Rx on the exact day of the elections, the eventual results are certain to be in dispute or clouded by murky conditions (exs: computer 'glitches' or tamperings, robo-calls meant to confuse voters, etc) on into December, and may never be as clear as the American people would prefer and deserve them to be. It seems that our best chance to renounce neocon hawks is a grand turn-out for the President which will make election outcomes as perfectly clear as they can possibly spite of all the jackassian political tricks Washington underminers have to offer!

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