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Jul 27, 2012

US Constitution under direct attack as echo chamber grows louder

If you remain enamoured of the rights and tenets embedded in the US Constitution as do I, you may wish to consider this:

US Constitution September 17, 1787 11:29 am LMT Philadelphia, PA

Well, I made no note years ago about why I set up the horoscope with '11:29 am' so perhaps it came from another astrologer's website or book because I see no particular astrological reason for setting the chart for this time. Even so, here are the natal chart's basic factors:

ASC 2Sag25 (transiting NN almost upon it); 1st house Moon 4Sag55 (tr NN recently conjoined it) and NN 1Cap09; 3rd house Pluto 14AQ12 Rx and Saturn 23AQ23 Rx; IC 17Pis46 (at critical-crisis degree as is the MC); DESC 2Gem25 (conj President Obama's natal Moon), 7th H Chiron 13Gem40, Jupiter 25Gem22 (Jupiter Return on the way: June 5, 2013 with Jupiter unaspected), and Mars 2Can50 (OOBs and conj US n Venus); 8th H Uranus 20Can11 (opposite US SP Pluto Rx and at the "Daughter of the American Revolution" degree in Sabian Symbols); 9th H Mercury 11Vir36 and Venus 16Vir35.

MC 17Vir46 with 10th H Sun 24Vir39 (about one day past US n Neptune spotlighting the document's idealism, compassion, 'divine source' spiritual precepts--rights are god given at birth--and also its flexibility as a 'living, breathing' Constitution. Also, the 'divine source; planet, Neptune---unknown until 1846--is in 10th H @17Lib48 which had recently conjoined US n Saturn 14Lib48 and denotes a new maturity and way of dealing with authority.

Today, tr Neptune @2Pis28 Rx has passed n Pluto and Saturn in Aquarius some time ago--these undermining (Neptune) attacks have been going on for some time, and as tr Neptune approaches opposition to n Mercury (document; contracts; agreements), we may expect the Constitution of the American people to experience many misunderstandings, obscuring of facts, deceptions, errors, and the potential for loss.

In days like these, with agents and operatives doing all they can to undermine our nation's sovereignty, economy, and the US Constitution, the only hope of preservation for the American people is through educating ourselves on the facts!

(See SOW's sidebar for links to texts of our Freedom Documents--never depend on someone else's interpretation, or, as Ronald Reagan once advised, Trust but verify!)


You may find that progressive sites such as Thom Hartmann and Democracy Now! are of value on constitutional matters. Have another? Then please leave your suggestion/s in a comment! jc

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