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Jul 25, 2012

Was Aurora Massacre a false flag op?

Now this was predictable: speculations that the recent Aurora Theater massacre (pardon, but I can't call the tragedy simply a "shooting" as talking heads do on TV) was a staged false flag op. Some say there's another more dangerous one on the way, perpetrated for political purposes to sway the masses and gain even more anti-Constitutional control over the American people than has already been grabbed.

Here's such an article now along with the midpoint picture full of dynamically dangerous energies which forms the basis of such anti-social urges and actions thanks to the explosive, hostile, gun-toting Mars-Uranus opposition squaring (blocking/frustrating) powerful manipulator Pluto in Saturn-controlled Capricorn lurking at the apex of their midpoint and indicating a continuing influence which yes, may denote another attack or attacks of a forceful, harmful nature with Pluto ordering assassination and Mars usually the shooter who carries out the criminal deed:

Mars-Uranus = Pluto: force; intervention of the big shock; a Higher Power. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

So perhaps you'll allow me to repeat myself on a certain topic since I decided to neglect publishing the Aurora horoscope or the natal chart of James Holmes--that it isn't so much the violent 'entertainment' from Hollywood (or video games) our society is saturated with ('pandering to the lowest common denominator to seek one's fortune'), OR the availability of guns (being a typical American and fan of the US Constitution.) It's that these items are made freely available to the weaker among us, those whose psyches are fragile and unable to withstand the below-board standards of the characters involved in films (murderers, assassins, criminals), and who have no moral compass pointing to a better direction--and with little or no ability to assess truth from fiction.

Add in their past abuses, emotional and mental traumas, and grievous losses (which all may suffer in life) and we have a volatile mix of folk who have no good reason to buy guns and ammunition and who are deeply affected by watching violent anti-social "entertainment" over and over and over again as they mind-control themselves into acting out their psychoses.

Plus, manipulative Pluto, Mr. Underworld, (and he of the world's best psychiatric institutions and pharmaceutical experiments) understands these dynamics very well. And he knows how to use them.

Now that's only my personal opinion. Feel free as always to disagree!

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