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Sep 6, 2012

2012 noms: Romney Moon-Neptune--Obama Moon/SN

2012 Nominations: Romney = Moon-Neptune, Obama = Moon/SN

by Jude Cowell

Since in America the astrological Moon signifies We the People, the public, and publicity and is an excellent timer of human activity, let's consider the Moon-Neptune combo of August 30, 2012 under which Mitt Romney accepted his party's nomination for president along with tonight's lunar portents as President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination of his party in Charlotte, NC. Both Neptune and the Nodes relate to public contacts/encounters and, the masses and media.

Mitt Romney's Moon-Neptune conjunction in early Pisces is supported by his progressions for SP Moon at SP MC is opposed by his SP Neptune and I blogged last week about this synchronicity--that the Mormon hierarchy is at the base of his aspiration to be president (SP Moon = MC @'11Aries" = "The President of the Country") though I may not have mentionedclearly enough that Neptune's relationship to falsehoods, fraud, lies, and deceit are found in many news reports, blogs, articles, and fact-checkers' conclusions concerning RNC 2012 which spouted little reality or truth as it attempted to frame issues and present a one-sided picture of the president's term in office.

Romney's SP Moon to SP MC perfects on October 3, 2012, date of the first presidential debate:

So what about tonight's DNC event? Is a Moon/South Node (of the Moon) combination a beneficial imprint under which the president will accept his party's nomination?

As you know, the SN of any planet has a Saturnian quality indicating such things as separation, isolation, and the past--so will the American people prefer to separate themselves from President Obama in November 2012--to"break up" with him, as Republicans now advise? If the approval shown during Bill Clinton's exalted nomination of Barack Obama last evening--and the excited reception of other excellent speakers such as Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and activist for women's rights Sandra Fluke--are indications, then We the People already have our presidential dance partner for January 2013, thanks, and he does not fly a Cayman Islands flag on his luxury yacht nor does he dance with horses!

Now a Moon/SN conjunction does have a Moon-Saturn tone, yes, but it can also be a 'direction-strategy-ambition' marker (Tyl), plus, it shows one who must achieve without cooperation from others (such as that of obstructionist Tea Party members of the House and GOP leaders determined to undermine yet another Democratic president--Rs really are sore losers, aren't they?) Plus, when well-managed, Moon/SN denotes one who is capable of well-planned, concentrated, disciplined efforts. And just like Mr. Clinton last evening, this describes someone I have in mind: President Barack Obama. To paraphrase Mr. Clinton last night, no president including himself could clear up the 8-year economic mess left by Republicans in only four years.

Now Moon/SN also indicates bad timing and separative circumstances of a karmic nature so I'm seeing this duo--which conjoins and stimulates the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse 00Gem20 conjunct Alcyone ('something to cry about'; lots of rain; exile; evacuation)--as a picture of the president's acceptance speech tonight being held at the smaller venue of the TIME-Warner Cable arena due to expected thunderstorms around Charlotte which would possibly necessitate a huge and difficult evacuation unless moved indoors, for the venue change will bump thousands of audience members off the attendance list and make them a little grumpy, I imagine.

And thanks to America's ridiculously over-done, clownishly irrational security measures--even though it may be raining like the dickens umbrellas allowed.

Yet we'll ALL be super-grumpy if President Obama is re-elected and Republicans continue their self-serving no-compromise act of non-governing in what I think is an attempt to collapse America:

Yes, certain mysterious and secret forces do like to keep We the People riled up against one another, aka, divided and conquered.


Speaking of Election Day 2012, for more Political Astrology you may wish to view a few astro-notes on the karmic Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 @22Scorpio which conjoins US natal 12th cusp of Politics in our Declaration of Independence natal horoscope:


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