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Sep 5, 2012

The Taurean Moon of Bill Clinton at DNC 2012

Since this is the closest hint I can find concerning former President Bill Clinton's nomination of President Barack Obama for a second term tonight in Charlotte, NC I set up a horoscope for 10:30 pm edt and found the Moon 17Tau21 rising (ASC 17:08), a handy way for on-the-payroll astrologers to time an important even that requires major publicity. We saw the 5-6-degreed Taurus Moon rising last evening at DNC 2012 as well (previous post) which hinted at the evening's themes of Home, Family, Nurturance, Security, Military Families' Needs, Gardening, etc, and spotlighting First Lady Michelle Obama.

But tonight, it's Bill Clinton's turn to shine, though on behalf of Mr. Obama, and he will with his sensual Taurus Moon @20Tau18 in natal 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Business, and High Finance. (His natal MC--The Goal--conjoins US natal Jupiter 5Can56 (July 4, 1776) with the Sabian Symbol for '6Can' being descriptive of Washington then and now: "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests."

with his natal Moon exalted in Taurus and ruled by lovely Venus, Mr. Clinton's Taurean Moon gives him a placid emotional nature--though he's perhaps a bit on the stubborn side emotionally--and lots of common sense for handling finances; it's also known as the 'green thumb' position (Sakoian) which I find amusing because of his habit of pointing his thumb at audiences and TV cameras during speeches. Wonder if he'll do so tonight?

Sept 5, 2012 Charlotte, NC 10:30 pm edt

Now in Charlotte, the Moon rises around 10:30 pm edt this evening which according to the article linked above is just about when The Man From Hope will be speaking or will be about to begin his remarks (after the address of Elizabeth Warren who, being a woman, is also signified by tonight's rising Moon in Taurus, a money sign. This blogger wishes her well in her Senate bid. The American people need her advocacy on our behalf.) The Roll Call vote for Obama'as nomination is set for about 11:00 pm so Clinton's speech should wind up by or just before then yet as we know from experience, the DNC 2012 program may run long with Bill about the place.

As for Bill Clinton's Lunar Return during DNC 2012, it perfects in Charlotte on Thursday September 6, 2012 @4:27:37 am edt--with Barack Obama's natal Sun in Leo rising!--yet Luna has sailed past a beneficial trine with the Sun 14Vir09 (6S09); this Lunar Return horoscope shows some health concerns (as does his recent Solar Return and transits) with two minor appying aspects--semi-square Uranus and sesqui-square Pluto

so hopefully Bill won't be partying all night long! One would have to check all his Lunar Returns for the year for more conclusive health information along with transits, progressions, his Venus Return since Venus is his natal chart-ruler (ASC 5Lib30, and his current Mars Return as well.

One more thing about DNC 2012: there's a 'political propaganda-secret information' trio in force this week and I shall type out for you its potentials since Mars is at apex and also conjoins Pres. Obama's natal Neptune, planet of secrets, the media, and the masses--any, all, or none may apply:

Mercury-Pluto = Mars (@8Sco44): attacking issues without reservation; acting confidently; sharp criticism; indefatigability; the desire to attack others; a blackmailer.

Mercury-Pluto = BHO's n Neptune: cunning; slander; pursuit of peculiar plans; overdoing issues wears out one's welcome. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

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