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Sep 13, 2012

9.13.12 The Fed announces under Thor's Hammer

A horosocope set for September 13, 2012 at 2:15 pm edt (the Fed's usual announcement hour after meetings) in Washington DC shows a planetary pattern called 'Thor's Hammer' or 'Fist of God' involving the difficult, ongoing Uranus-Pluto square aimed at the Moon 21Leo23 in 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation. Since the Moon signifies The People in Mundane Astrology and this Moon position basically opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People), I assume Thor's Hammer is aimed at the American people. Which may not be a bad thing considering.

If the Fed announces quantitative easing #3 in order to "shore up" EU conditions --the euro is getting a boost today, I hear--and if they prop up mortgage-backed securities in the US in order to aid our still-languishing housing market, the US economy may actually show more improvement than it lately has. Then I could gladly file today's Fed announcement of plans for future growth in SO'W's Whoopee! Department.

And with Jupiter now @15Gem40 and soon in process of a retrograde period, the Great Benefic has and will conjoin the Fed's natal Saturn 13Gem21 Rx indicating some lifting of restrictions and burdens. Of course, you know that transit Pluto in early Capricorn the last two years has conjoined the Fed's natal Sun 1Cap17 while simultaneously opposing the Fed's natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx creating a titanic and global struggle for power and control. We see hints of this in the ongoing problems in the European Community (EU) which adversely affects the economy across the pond (US) and its tentacled connection to our financial system from the City of London and other financial capitals of international banking houses which rule governments more fully than most people care to admit.

The Fed's natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in Cancer (both planets Rx) actually opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx which forms a midpoint picture--Mars-Neptune = Pluto: tendency to cause damage brutally to others or to suffer likewise (Ebertin) which relates to the Fed's origins in secret in November 1910 (Jekyll Island, GA) and its aftermath as the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank became law on December 23, 1913--shoved through Congress though most legislators had already left Washington for the hoildays. A secretive bunch of banking cabalists are they.

And by the way: today's Sun (@21Vir21 at 2:15 pm) conjoins Fixed Star Denebola: 'to go against society' which also relates to a doltish US Congress set to pass a stop-gap measure this afternoon to keep the government funded for another 6 months. Joy. But that's if they can put aside playing Politics along enough with America now under threat of another credit downgrade, thanks mostly to a jackassian GOP.

As for the Fed, QE3 may or may not make much difference to their shaping of a "stronger" US economy. (" " from Bernanke's statement after their recent Jackson Hole WY cabal--his statement was not recorded but partially quoted on NPR. For more info see today's Fed Stimulus Expected, But Remedy May Not Be Right from NPR--note that 'remedy' = Chiron now in compassionate if confused, deceptive Pisces!

Now if you're interested, here's the data I used to set up Fed's natal horoscope:

December 23, 1913 12:07:10 pm est (Sun @MC, Pluto @IC) Capitol Building Washington DC; as you see, in 2013 the Fed will be 100 years old. That's a century of throttling of the US government by a private group of international banking houses for they are the varmints who set up the entity and so happily forced America under the thumb of a global Central Bank--at last, a coup for Alexander Hamilton! And that with the collusion of most of the US Congress of 1913, and with the help of Presidents Taft (1910) and Wilson (1913.)

Also in 2013, the Fed's second round of Chiron Returns begin and it's a three-fer (natal Chiron 10Pis56) which are exact on:

1. May 24, 2013; 2. Sep 14, 2013 3. Jan 21, 2014. Perhaps by then we'll know and understand their truest and deepest Quest.


Blog Note: Though I haven't time to post horoscopes concerning the ongoing crises in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, my deepest condolences go to those who are personally suffering the devastating losses incurred by what seem to be coordinated terrorist acts mounted undercover of the understandable outcry of Muslims 'thanks' to the release of an Arabic translation of an inflammatory, amateurish film debasing their prophet Mohammed. Very bad form, mysterious 'film maker' in hiding. You, in a word, suck. jc

Astro-Note: the Sabian Symbol for today's Sun degree '22Virgo' = "A Flag at Half-Mast in Front of a Public Building" as ordered by President Obama ('Sun') in honor of America's loss of embassy personnel in Libya.

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