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Nov 29, 2012

11.29.12 Romney's lunch w Pres Obama: Neptune rising

How yummy! Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is invited to the White House today to lunch with President Obama and many reporters are wishing they could be flies on the wall during this super-private chow down and meeting!

Well, I'm no fly either but I do sashay into the use of Political Astrology now and then to uncover a few things not always seen with the naked eye, fly or otherwise.

Today at *12:30 pm est at the White House, the ascending sign and degree = 4Pis33 which, of course, brings up Fixed Star Fomalhaut (potentials: success through noble ideals; karma; magic; fame or infamy) along with Mr. Romney's natal Mars in Pisces followed by his n Mercury and Sun in murky Pisces.

Yet even closer to the luncheon Ascendant at 12:30 pm is President Obama's natal Chiron 5Pis19 Rx (in his n 1st house of Self; he's in the midst of his five-fer **Chiron Return, as you know--dates listed below) And with transiting Neptune @00Pis27 ('1Pis' = "A Public Market"), some acting and pretending may take place, along with Neptunian idealism and creativity--will fraud also be discussed? Is the Neptunian dish Oysters Rockefeller on the menu?

Well, my blogging time is brief this morning, so let's merely consider a few factors about today's Sun-Moon blend including what Charles and Suzi Harvey give as the blend's Image for Integration which seems to me to apply rather closely to the situation at hand. See what you think about this persuasive, idea-filled Fire-Air "live wire" combo of "bluster and bombast" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

As with yesterday's Lunar Eclipse, today is imprinted by a Sun Sagittarius-Moon Gemini blend denoting wit, intellectualism, irony, and sociability; a negative is spreading oneself too thin and not completing projects. Its Image for Integration reminds me of Republican charges against our Democratic president concerning his "redistribution of wealth" tendency, as they call it. And of course, this applies to the current 'fiscal cliff'/Bush-tax-cuts-expiring impasse now occurring in Washington DC as the clock inches nearer and nearer to January 1, 2013 12:00 est.

Sun Sag-Moon Gem: "Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master."

Ha! Wonder what soup today's secretive lunch will begin with?

Oh, and by the way: the Moon's Sabian Symbol at 12:30 pm is quite descriptive of the White House table of plenty:

'20Gem' = "A Cafeteria"; keyword = SUPPLY.

Positive expression: a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships;

Negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a chronic inability to make decisions or a hopelessly dilettante spirit. (Jones, The Sabian Symbol in Astrology.)

*My use of 12:30 pm est for setting up today's horoscope is based on hearing Richard Wolffe give it last evening on MSNBC as the time of today's White House lunch.

*President Obama's Chiron Return dates: May 21, 2011; June 27, 2011 Rx; Feb 26, 2012; Oct 19, 2012 Rx; Dec 10, 2012; natally, Chiron in mystical Pisces gives him a "knight in shining armour" glow which may "perform heroic deeds at great personal risk" (R. Nolle's Chiron.) May this include having a White House lunch with Mitt Romney?!

Update 1:50 pm: serving Mr. Romney Oysters Rockefeller might be too deliciously ironic if my theory that the Nov 6, 2012 election was about President Obama being a 'Rockefeller Democrat' vs Romney as a monarchic 'Rothschild Republican' is correct! jc

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