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Nov 30, 2012

Assange: Entire nations intercepted online (video interview)

In this interview conducted inside the Equadorian embassy, whistleblower Julian Assange reveals some disturbing facts about government spying on citizens on the Web. If you're a Facebook fan, you may wish to note his remarks about FB, a social networking site I left about two years ago because it gives me the creeps:

Yes, America was 'born' in 1776 with a problematic Mercry-Pluto opposition and the US government has developed ways of making full use of its surveillance obsessions!

A Note to FB users who read my blogs: Anyone who is tempted to tag me in a photo or mention me on FB--please refrain. For some reason, Stars Over Washington still gets referral links by way of FB though I've posted nothing there in about two years, therefore my previous content (which the site holds onto as if it belongs to Mr. Zuckerberg) should not be accessible to public view. Thanks, JC

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