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Dec 31, 2012

12.30.12 Hillary Clinton's blood clot: an active Mars and Neptune

12.30.12 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the News

by Jude Cowell

News Update Dec 31, 2012: Hillary Clinton Blood Clot Between Brain and Skull. See 'Mars-Saturn = skull' below. Doctors say she has not suffered a stroke and will fully recover!

Original post begins here:

Huffington Post is as good a source as any to read what little is publicly known about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ongoing health issues. Today it was announced that she's been admitted into the New York-Presbyterian Hospital due to a blood clot discovered after her recent concussion suffered from a fall during a fainting spell which resulted from severe dehydration after contracting a stomach virus.

Whew! That's quite a paragraph and a list of medical dominoes falling, isn't it?

A quick spying upon current transits to Sec. Clinton's natal chart (October 26, 1947 Chicago, IL @8:01 pm CST--I use this time to give her a Prominent Degree rising--00Can03--and because of her round face...Cancer's Moon), otherwise, 8:00 pm results in a nervous, wiry, *crisis-ridden 29Gemini49 Ascendant with a 6th house Rx Mercury @21Sag19 as chart-ruler rather than the Moon @29Pis12, a critical degree, yes, but also conjoining another Degree of Prominence, the Aries Point. But that's just me--feel free to disagree if you think this accomplished politician has a natal horoscope ruled by a retrograde planet and that she reminds you of a nervous Nelly!

Now information on her original problem, a stomach virus, has seemed quite elusive to me for I've search in vain for an exact date, time, and location. She travels so much, logging in visits to 112 countries as Secretary of State, that my little brain cannot possibly keep up with her wheres and whens. So if you, dear reader, have the scoop on her falling prey to what is described as a "stomach virus", please advise in a comment or email.

But let's proceed as if the story is genuine though with Neptune's involvement, some form of poison, gas, toxin, or contagion is always a possibility.

Apparently the tummy virus hit her in "early December" as did her fainting episode (Neptune, also Uranus-Neptune = unconsciousness) at some point when she was 'at home alone' and fell, hitting her head (Mars-Saturn = skull, violent assaults or injuries; Saturn rules bones and Mars, the head...Aries.) Mrs. Clinton has a trio in her health-associated 3rd house--a very close conjunction of Mars 14Leo16 and Pluto 14:51, plus, Saturn @21Leo21. Dehydration, a Saturn and a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces--natal planets in all 3) issue is part of the fainting spell, plus, I assume that dizziness may have been a factor as well.

Her extreme exhaustion from non-stop traveling has been a recent concern--retirement coming up soon--and may have become more obvious around October 28, 2012 when restrictive Saturn hit natal Sun @2Sco48, dampening her vitality (and maybe stomping on her ego!) And of course, the stress from the Benghazi, Libya consulate attack/s and the much-touted scandal couldn't have helped what may turn out to be a shaky period of medical problems for our 65-year old Secretary of State.

Even before the "early December" time frame, a perilous transit took place when testosterone-driven Mars @25Sag55 opposed natal Uranus and Ascendant on November 11, 2012 indicating difficulties for group activities, disruption of events and schedules, and generally unstable conditions. Disaster can strike during such times, large crowds and strangers pose risks, and other people with biased opinions may attack, even physically.

More trouble in November!

November 15th brought the lady a Mars square natal Moon (Moon = physical body) transit when equipment failures, stalled vehicles, and other frustrating delays can occur. Digestive complaints from poor food preparation (or from something untoward slipped in? just a thought) are almost a given with this transit and I must wonder if the stomach virus hit her around mid-November, give or take a day or so. Also, creating antagonism in male associates within the environment is not a good idea at such a time for disagreements can escalate and be particularly emotional and nasty.

Then on December 1st, warrior Mars @11Cap22 squared her natal Neptune in Libra, sign of diplomacy and partnership. Problems include disorganization, rationalized or deceptive actions, and time and energy that turn out to be wasted. Inattention may cause dangerous repercussions while lack of awareness (Uranus-Neptune) may provide hidden dangers (Mars) an opportunity to pounce from the Neptunian shadows.

Now transiting Neptune has been active, too. For on December 10th, a square from tr Neptune to natal Jupiter @00Sag37 (in natal 6th house of Health, Work, and Service, and ruler through Pisces of her natal MC--'1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"), marking another period of disorganization and cat-herding which, along with unrealistic expectations and misplaced faith, can undermine all growth and development. And of course, Jupiter is associated with Long-Distance Travel to Foreign Lands, Ideology, Religion, Courts, and other 9th H matters.

Neptune SQ natal Jupiter may also denote illusion, deception, extravagance, and/or exaggeration any of which can lead to disaster if not checked by prudence. Fanaticism pretends to be idealism and blind devotion leads to falsehood and possibly to scandal--often with money involved.

Now this reminds me of the September 11th Benghazi attack/s and what I heard initially about how Republicans had voted to cut funds two years in a row for our foreign embassies' security. Yet I haven't continued to hear about cuts to security budgets in the Benghazi scandal's aftermath, have you? Only that security was insufficient and local police were inexperienced, and that though Sec. Clinton took responsibility for the lapses before the official report came out, she "wasn't blamed."

Well, there are two more transits I want to mention though I'm certain there are others which apply, if you care to look. The first is the day that her concussion was diagnosed, December 13th, the day that tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer) conjoined Mrs. Clinton's natal Midheaven (Career) @5Pis23. Obviously we may take Chiron to be a doctor or doctors! And their diagnosis was announced publicly (Mc) though certain Republicans (ex: John Bolton) didn't believe the story and called it a 'diplomat's illness' meant to keep her from having to testify on Capitol Hill on December 20th concerning the attacks.

December 29th: last is a square (obstacles, blockages) from Mars (attacks, challenges, infection, inflammation, etc) to natal Sun in Scorpio which is ruled by Mars and sub-ruled by toxic Pluto. (Note the above mention of her 3rd H trio of Mars-Pluto-Saturn.) When Mars SQs natal Sun, willpower and authority may be tested or challenged, and one feels super-touchy if someone encroaches on what should be ones 'territory'.

Again, tension with or between male co-workers or employees is likely though unfortunately, a blood (Mars) clot (Saturn) has intruded upon the usual portents of this transit with the Sun representing vitality, the constitution, and the heart. Her diagnosis and admittance to hospital today, December 30th, is most closely timed by this transit, a period when caution should be exercised in all physical activities and hasty actions are ill-advised. Plus, as you see, there's been quite a difficult build-up of planetary energies over the last several weeks which could sideline anyone!

Now I won't go on with transits to Hillary Clinton's natal chart or mention progressions, Returns, or other implications yet I must add that she has difficult transits in store for January 2013, primarily from fiery Mars which culminates, in a sense, with Mars conjoining her natal Mc on February 8, 2013, usually a period when career matters are visibly on the rise.

So with this post, my wishes for a speedy recovery are willingly offered and I hope Secretary Clinton is back on her feet, if not on her grueling schedule, in as short a time as possible. This lady deserves a rest!


*Okay, so her life has been somewhat 'crisis-ridden', I agree! And Uranus rising denotes one who is able to successfully cope and deal with the unexpected. FDR had this and in Gemini, too. Yet he was always seen as superficial (Gemini) so if you know of anyone who calls Hillary Clinton that, I'd like to hear about it!

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