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Dec 5, 2012

Frontline: 'The Card Game' (video on Credit Cards)

Frontline's The Card Game

Years ago I read something that Sybil Leek wrote about Neptune entering secretive, powerful Scorpio which marked the creation of the credit card industry and is related to inflation in our economy.

Here's an excerpt from my 2007 post concerning this crooked topic:

Owning a 1972 copy of Sybil Leek's The Astrological Guide to Financial Success, I give here her 2 cents' worth on the illusion of credit and the daftness (my word) of living beyond one's means.

The unstable illusions begin with nebulous Neptune's entry into Scorpio, sign of Big Business, which occurred approximately March 1956 until 1970 while making some reconnaisance back into Libra (appr Oct '56--June '57.)

Here is Ms. Leek in her own words from 1972:

"If any planet has an affinity toward inflation it is Neptune, and those who associate it with dreamlike qualities may wake up to find they have had nightmares.

Neptune in Scorpio is concerned with the mass of people being encouraged to live beyond their means. (Neptune) is a most insidious planet, tempting and then mocking those who fall for its whimsical ways. I regard it as a symbol of a false economic situation which has rapidly become a way of life for many Americans since it began to transit the dark, turgid starfield of Scorpio.

Inflation {had} its heyday during the transitting of Neptune in Scorpio since 1956. This plus heavy governmental deficits point to the possibility of a serious financial panic between now and 1973 unless some ingenious brains begin to plan toward establishing a balance between wages and buying power."

I added that Sybil Leek must be rolling over in her grave during Bush's unending, drunken-sailor term in office--and a major part of our end-of-2012 'fiscal cliff' and debt problems now are because of Bush's two wars fought on credit cards!

Plus, of course you know that President Obama's first term (and some would say 2nd term since the planetary team of inflation, speculation, fraud, waste, and grand schemes won't meet again by conjunction until April 12, 2022 @23Pis59) is forever imprinted by the Great Conjunction/s (@24--27 AQ) of expanding, investing Jupiter and murky Neptune which conjoined directly upon our national Moon in Aquarius on May 27, July 10, and December 21, 2009, Mr. Obama's first year in office when financials looked particularly grim.

Remember the midpoint picture their conjunction formed with America's natal Moon representing We the People?

Jupiter-Neptune = natal Moon: becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; dreaminess; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans. (Ebertin.)

Ebertin also gives the Jupiter-Neptune pair as 'political conflicts, visionaries, mystics, and hypocrites', descriptions which continue to apply to many of the denizens of the Washington DC political and lobbying classes, CEOs, and Wall Street gentry.

To make economic matters worse in 2009 and beyond, we've simultaneously had transit Neptune hitting US natal Moon, a time of feeling rootless and inferior and finding ourselves homeless, exiled, deceived, disenfranchised, and scammed by crooks. View the above video for more details on just a few of the crooks.

And check out Forbidden Knowledge TV for additional videos on a variety of topics.

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