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Dec 14, 2012

Jupiter in Gemini and Stalling in Washington DC

Jupiter Still Rx, Fiscal Responsibility Stalls, & Republicans Con

by Jude Cowell

Here's a handy timeline of debt celings and other fiscalities including 2011's Stalemate Theater on Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately for the American people and the US economy, tickets for matinee performances remain available and may be valid into 2013.

Now as you know, moneybags Jupiter, a planet that at times in Mundane Astrology is acted out by the Republican Party, other times by the *Democratic Party, won't turn Direct and willingly dispense his goodies "leaning forward" until January 30, 2013 @6Gem19. Then there's the imperative of the Jolly One's leaving his own shadow, the degree at which he performed a retrograde station during the first week of October 2012 @16Gem22.

Transiting Jupiter will reach shadow degree in late April 2013 though I hope we won't have to wait that long until fiscal cliff issues, debt ceiling stalemates, and other budgetary woes (created by self-interested, corrupted-by-big-money politicians and banksters) are resolved. Plus, will global markets be patient with a purposefully disfunctional US Congress? (By which I mean there are those who are determined to undermine the US government and have been doing a da*ned good job of it for decades.) All this drama in spite of the fact that, like many voters, I think the re-election of President Obama in November ought to make fiscal decisions more clear and with less Republican obstructionism!

Jupiter in Gemini: Have We Teetered on This Cliff Before?

In a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, the usually benefic Jupiter has traversed the Zodiac on a similar fiscal/debt-problems trail in the past with difficult economic consequences as 'he' performed a retrograde station @16Gem24 in early October 1929--and the direct station @6Gem21 occurred on January 31, 1930! Anyone who says that history doesn't repeat has a short memory, don't they?

As in our day, 1929 was a year of social unrest, upheavals, protests, strikes, fanaticism, and starvation for the unheeled, a condition we experience now with a transiting Uranus-Pluto square though Pluto was then in Cancer (now in Capricorn and opposing US natal planets in Cancer) and with radical Uranus zealous in Mars-ruled Aries, as now. (Ebertin says Uranus in Aries = Utopians and the concept of an Ideal Utopia remains at the base of our current problems (see link, below.) Utopians are simply much farther along the path to implementing a totalitarian global government and a 'new economic order' than in 1929/30--and the current GOP gaggle of brash bullies are radical, not conservative.

Then of course, you know that October 29, 1929 brought the Wall Street Crash (link, below) which ushered in the Great Depression and if we think much of Jupiter's similar actions of 1929/30 and 2012/13--along with fanatical Uranus-Pluto square influences--we may become suspicious that the worst economic catastrophes are yet to be revealed.

Is there a less harsh light in which to compare and contrast planetary conditions of 1929/30 and 2012/13? Actually there may be because back then Saturn was strong in its own sign of Capricorn (President Obama's natal Saturn placement) and opposed wealthy string-puller Pluto (Mr. Hades of the Underworld.) As you know, the two were in opposition during the 9/11/01 attacks when cruelty, hardship, and brutality prevailed.

These days, Saturn and Pluto are in a more pleasant sextile (60 degr) yet its influence is not perfectly amiable for we are talking about two karmic planets that can bring loss when they're ready! A Saturn-Pluto sextile (here, from Scorpio to Capricorn) denotes a need to persevere without becoming obsessed or too single-minded, quite an impossibility for ideologue politicians, obsession being their stock in trade. Plus, we must give props to the beginning of the current Saturn-Pluto cycle, their Great Conjunction on November 8, 1982 @27Lib36--during the Reagan era of greed and avarice (see Reagan link, below.)

Another facet of a **Saturn-Pluto sextile, are control issues relating to finances and decision-making which describe the current Obama-Boehner stand-off occurring on the precipice of a manufactured 'fiscal cliff'; some measure of hiding from the public and from one another is also described by the sextile. The hiding is usually done to avoid being taken advantage of though as a populist and common-gooder, I have to say that the American people know way too much about plutonian politicians doing that to us already.

On the level of political loss, fear, also a province of both planets, makes even the taking of prudent actions or risks difficult but let's hope that the beneficial opportunity indicated by the sextile results in the president and house majority leader coming to a partial if not full resolution over these dire economic matters before, or perhaps after, the end of 2012.

Now if only they could find and cooperatively use the services of a mediator they both could trust to negotiate the deal! Wonder if Bo the White House Pooch has a spot open on his December calendar?


A must-read, if you haven't, concerning alternating 'R v D Jupiterianism' is Thom Hartmann's excellent article, Two Santa Clauses or How the Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years.

**You may wish to consult Alan Epstein's book Understanding Aspects: The Sextile for more information.

Related reading: 12.12.12 Robert Reich's Why Is Washington Obsessing About the Deficit and Not Jobs and Wages? (see? Saturn-Pluto = obsessing); Black Tuesday Oct 29, 1929 (horoscope shown); Rosicrucian Utopia; 'Fiscal Cliff' and the December 28, 2012 Full Moon; horoscope shown of Reagan Signs the Garn-St-Germain Act and says they "hit the jackpot!"

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