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Apr 15, 2021

April 28, 2021: President Biden Addresses Congress

Update April 28, 2021: Advancing the chart below to a 9:00 pm edt start-time puts President Biden's natal Mercury, planet of communication, speeches oration, and messages, squarely upon the Ascendant, raises the Sag Moon closer to the Ascendant, and plops 3Virgo14 upon the Midheaven ('4Virgo' = "A Colored Child Playing With White Children") which spotlights both health and employment matters (Virgo), plus, the racial issues implied by the degree's Sabian Symbol. Compassion will be shown!

Original post begins here:

Astrology's What? (ASC) Where? (Desc) Why? (MC) and How? (IC) Points

by Jude Cowell

April 15, 2021: As you've heard, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has invited President Joe Biden to address a pared-down Congress on April 28, 2021, the day before the end of the President's first 100 days in office and one day after the Full Moon @7Sco06. His address is not being billed as an official SOTU (State of the Union) Address since that's traditionally delivered after a full year in office, but we all know that basically, a SOTU Address it will be. Therefore, I'm labeling his speech as a "pseudo-SOTU."

Below is a speculative 8:00 pm edt DC Horoscope set for April 28, 2021 Capitol Building with an abundance of planetary factors squished upon the chart for those who may care to enlarge the image and read the study notes of a novice astrologer with a lamentable interest in the Politics as practiced in the City where she once resided:

Solar Hour (Sun = the leader), regenerative Scorpio rises (the WHAT? Point), and Sun-ruled Leo at Midheaven (The Goal or WHY? Point) provides us with basic information concerning the address. The Scorpio Ascendant (forceful 'Mars-Pluto') spotlights the "A Drowning Man Rescued" degree which I believe will be one of Mr. Biden's themes of the night involving finances and mask-wearing in order to save lives. And as you see, the "Drowning Man" (ASC) is the apex point of a YOD pattern (highlighted in green = crisis; crossroads; karmic opportunity; special task) formed with a Chiron-North Node sextile at its base. The sextile includes wealthy MIDAS conjunct Node Node in the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, and High Finance, plus, priestly Chiron is the wounded healer, here @"11Aries" = "The President of the Country" (Joe!). Opposite the 8th is the 2nd house of the National Treasury with Nemesis Rx (an unbeatable foe) pushing into the proceedings via the separative South Node, a (neurotic) Saturnian point of 'methods that worked in the past but now do not'. I'm counting this 3rd house Saturn @13AQ02 as 'conservatives' and obstructionists such as Republican opponents who work hard to block Biden's progressive, more liberal plans as seen in the Saturn-Uranus square (2A27; highlighted in blue at the bottom of the chart).

For as you know, Saturn-Uranus is the 'old order vs new order' pair of planetary energies. Yet confounding GOP efforts against him is the fact that their old friend Joe Biden is a liberal with conservative leanings so he can be signified by 'old man' Saturn in futuristic Aquarius. Notably, an apt midpoint picture reveals plutocrats who crave power - Jupiter-Pluto - conjunct restrictive Saturn so that 'the big picture must be adjusted to meet with more convention' and 'strategy becomes necessary' (Tyl). This would apply to the Biden administration and Democratic Party as well as to the GOP. As practiced, US Politics is always a high-stakes game and curiously, the public Moon at "6Sag" = "A Game of Cricket': 'exceptional competency in crisis' (Jones).

Also in 2nd house of Money and Values is the current Solar Eclipse which perfected on December 14, 2020 @23Sag08 (Electoral College Vote day) in the difficult 4 South family of eclipses. You know 4 South's sour themes: 'strong emotions over money and/or relationships; blockages and frustrations; relationships suddenly ended; a sense of fated events beyond personal control' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). Hopefully, the former guy's belly-aching and malicious schemes concerning his 2020 Election loss will continue to fade away or perhaps come to a screeching halt under the milder influences of the June 10, 2021 Solar Eclipse @20Gemini as it bestows the better themes of 5 North ('prophetic dreams and visions').

Someone's Mars Is Rising

Now President Biden's first natal planet to rise in this chart is his unaspected Mars @12Sco35 ("13Scorpio" = " An Inventor Inventing") which can act directly, free of interference or influence; by 9:00 pm edt, ASC = 22Sco08 along with Mr. Biden's natal Mercury (21:32), the messenger. Meanwhile, 8th house Mars @3Can20 is out-of-bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane and off attending to who-knows-what - perhaps additional plans to undermine the Biden administration and delay improvements for the American people? Well, as you know, activist Mars when in Moon-ruled Cancer is impulsive, moody, resentful, and subject to angry outbursts, even arson. Add to this an inconjunct from Mars to the public's Moon (@5Sag12 and rising in 1st house: happy mood) and a cosmic picture forms of hotheads (Mars) who lack self-control, tend to misjudge others, and form alliances with, and allegiances to, the very people who exploit them. In general, a Moon-Mars inconjunct is an aspect of nervous irritation and emotional anxiety which describes most of us these days. Yet Mars @3Can20 conjuncts US natal Venus so cooperation is needed for best results. But that would favor Joe Biden, whine the Republicans! As would wearing masks (see the IC's Sabian Symbol conjunct the HOW? Point) and the WHY? Point with "A Chemist Conducts an Experiment" upon it suggesting vaccines created to fight against the Covid-19 contagion and President Biden's inventive plans to rescue the US economy, with a tip of his hat to FDR's New Deal programs.

Also notable are the Sabian Symbols for the North Node ("12Gemini" = "A Black Slave Girl Demands Her Rights From Her Mistress" - will he mention America's killer cop trials? And perhaps reparations?). Then there's orating Mercury @"21Taurus" = "Moving Finger Points to Significant Passages in a Book", possibly a reference to the Bible, or to the secret book all presidents are said to follow. Or, it's simply an echo of the YOD pattern noted, above. Thing is, orating Mercury in Taurus opposes Mr. Biden's natal Mercury in Scorpio, a perfect cosmic picture of the disagreements and diverse opinions his pseudo-SOTU 2021 will activate, or aggravate.

Now in closing, we may wish to consider the cosmic weather of the evening via its Sun Taurus-Moon Sagittarius pairing, an Earth-Fire blend of conscious and unconscious energies ruled by the popular Venus-Jupiter combination. This 'dynamic duo' wants to make a contribution to the world via a stable economy and suggests common sense, inventiveness, and doing things on a grand scale which may refer to President Biden's visionary plans which must be large enough to make a difference in spite of opponents who, by harming Joe Biden, also harm the American people.

Well, there are many more factors of interest in this speculative horoscope of Biden's pseudo-SOTU Address 2021 so check them out if you wish. And if inspired, leave an on-topic comment! jc

(For more details see Sun Sign Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey #ad)

Feb 5, 2019

SOTU 2019: Trump Cries Wolf!

February 5, 2019: Tonight at 9:00 pm est the 2019 State of the Union address is scheduled after a week's delay due to the Trump Shutdown and Speaker Nancy Pelosi's insistence that 'no SOTU in the House chamber until the government is re-opened'. So Trump cooled his SOTU heels, bone spurs and all, and tonight's the night.

With my astrology software in mothballs due to a recent computer crash, no SOTU 2019 horoscope is possible for this post so here's a bit on the curious fact that at 9:01 pm tonight, the Moon enters Pisces just as the propagandist is set to begin his speech and hours after the February 4th New Moon @15AQ45 has passed. Naturally the sign of the Moon signifies the mood of the public and in sensitive, watery Pisces, Trump may find that the number of folks who show up to witness his diatribe in real time is rather low.

Actually, the Democrats' SOTU rebuttal just after, to be delivered by Georgia's Stacey Abrams, promises to be the more interesting of the two speeches especially since the rhetoric of Trump the Uranian has become quite predictable like a scratchy old record played many times too often. "National emergency at the border!!," cries the wolf once again, this time with the megaphone of the bully pulpit in hand. Do you believe?

Cosmic Influences

A flavor of the evening may be seen by its Sun Aquarius-Moon Pisces blend with the detached, futuristic Aquarian played by Trump and, on one level, the softer more compassionate Piscean played by Stacey Abrams. From the misty, unsubstantial Air-Water combo itself, we may expect Trump to reach out to the public and his 'backers' with the expectancy of having his fragile ego boosted by their positive responses, his 'independent thinking' on display for the world to see and marvel at. His 'mark on the world' just has to be a 'Trump Wall' for he's determined although yours truly continues to wonder if 5.7 billion dollars is the amount of some loan payment Trump has due and he'd prefer to keep all his fingers if you know what I mean. Why won't someone offer him a statue to his 'honor' instead? The pigeons would appreciate it!

Anyway, tonight's address promises a mixture of mind (AQ) and heart (Pisces) although impracticality and Trump's usual evasiveness will be evident as well. His apparent idealism may shine through but so will his tendencies toward gullibility and skimming the surface of things and childishly assuming that he's an expert on any topic you can name. How much 'sway' his words can conjure is unlikely to break any records and an uptick in Trump's approval ratings after tonight's performance may be as elusive a prey as 'The Wall' Nancy says he can't have billions for. A Normandy wall (fence) with upgraded tech surveillance equipment and more manpower and judges on the border, probably. But no bottomless money pit for a 'Wall' as Speaker Pelosi's Aries Jupiter continues going up against Trump's Libran the background a role reversal Mars vs Venus conflict!

As for tonight...

A sensitive soul with a grandiose imagination, Mr. Trump will likely escape for the comfort of his private cocoon once he's done making his case tonight, all hamberders beware! And which mysterious advisers will he phone into the wee hours, hoping for positive encouragement? Drifting off-subject is a distinct possibility with Sun AQ-Moon Pisces, something off-teleprompter Trump tends toward so we'll watch for that if we watch at all.

Now Trump's SOTU 2019 may not qualify as "grand opera" but perhaps it's telling that tonight's cosmic vibes of Aquarius and Pisces are shared natally by two famous film producers, King Vidor and Roger Vadim and will be delivered by circus barker and reality TV 'star' Donald Trump in the leading role of America's current POTUS in the February 5th performance of Washington DC's Political Theater of the Absurd.

Appearing in this post: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; above image, The Orator, a pencil drawing by yours truly.

Dec 27, 2017

January 30, 2018 Horoscope: Trump SOTU Address

January 19, 2018 UPDATE: just adding a link to the Lunar Eclipse in Leo which perfects near Trump's natal Pluto at 8:26 am est January 31st--the morning after Mr. Trump's SOTU Address.

Original post begins here:

On November 30, 2017, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sent Mr. Trump the traditional invitation to address a Joint Session of Congress on January 30, 2018 which technically will be Mr. Trump's first State of the Union Address, or, SOTU.

Most SOTU Addresses have begun at 9:00 pm est in the House Chamber of the Capitol Building so if the unconventional Uranian Donald Trump follows suit (and for broadcasting purposes, why wouldn't the limelight hog?), we can set up a horoscope for January 30, 2018 9:00 pm est Capitol Hill and see what we see. Just such a horoscope is pictured here, plus, a dual chart of SOTUS 2015 and 2016 is shown below for the sake of comparison:

Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Mercury (planet of speeches and SOTUs) makes no applying aspects and is at a critical 29th degree (Capricorn) in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, and Creative Pursuits. On this day, Mercury rises with a difficult fixed star, Scheat, which usually acts as a malefic so if I were you, I wouldn't expect a sunny SOTU from Mr. Trump whose Inaugural 2017 Address described a bleak America. Under one year of his administration, bleakness has certainly arrived if it wasn't here before.

Now the SOTU 2018 Sun AQ-Moon Leo blend is penned on the chart, upper right, and imho closely fits Mr. Trump's personality. This blend is shared by astrologer Evangeline Adams and by despot Frederick the Great (see a quote from Freddy, lower left, which quite describes the state of the union under Donald Trump.

As you see, the recent Solar Eclipse influences remain in force and for SOTU 2018 at 9:00 pm est conjoins the cusp of the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. This is the 1 North (aka, 'the Mother of all Eclipses') Total Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @29Leo conjunct royal Regulus and Donald Trump's natal Ascendant--The Great American Eclipse, so-called. Have you felt Mr. Trump and his minions eclipsing America yet? Why not?

Below: SOTU 2015 (lower left, with cyber issues) and SOTU 2016 (upper right, realism, tackling the truth):

Feb 27, 2017

Feb 28, 2017 Trump Addresses Congress as Jupiter Rises

Here's What to Watch For When Trump Addresses Congress Tuesday night, February 28, 2017. Too soon for a State of the Union Address, Mr. Trump has a lot to say and will likely use his air time to bypass Washington and speak directly to the American people. Will American Rhetoric ever have it so good?

Meanwhile, Democrats in 30 states are rebutting Trump's efforts.

And CBS gives 9:00 to 10:30 pm ET as the time frame during which we may be treated to a second speech written by Stephen "the president will not be questioned" Miller, the first being his dystopian 'inaugural address' dumped upon us by Mr. Trump in January. Miller's second speech is said to be more...light, and perhaps so with jolly Jupiter Rx but rising at 9:00 pm and Mr. Trump's natal 2nd house trio of Neptune Rx, Chiron, and Jupiter stationary direct in Libra having just risen as of 8:00 pm.

If we hear the word "fair" as in, "it's not fair!," or hear calls for fairness from Mr. Trump we'll have heard his Jupiter in Libra. Thing is, Mars and Uranus, a combustible and activist pair, met in conjunction on Sunday evening (2/26) and still oppose transit Jupiter (Democrats?) while Venus and the Moon (the public) are conjoined at a critical degree (12 Aries) and will oppose Jupiter shortly. Safe to say that the concept of 'moderation' may not be in evidence during Mr. Trump's non-SOTU address although it will be received quite favorably by the public (Moon-Venus) who voted for him. (Received favorably at least until Jupiter is opposed by Venus but this won't occur until May, thanks to a Venus Rx period when begins March 4th @13Aries).

Manipulatively, there's wealthy stealthy Pluto @18 Capricorn, the POLITICAL POWER degree in the Sabian Symbols with its "smug or strong-armed paternalism' expression (Jones) sitting directly upon the Uranus-Neptune (global government) conjunction/s of 1993. Has Mr. Trump yet received Pluto's 'command' about the only course of action available to a US president, a command that 'must be followed' for the sake of 'the big picture' of world domination?

Well, transit Pluto conjoins a critical-degreed IC (20Cap) (The Foundation; the HOW? Point) and squares (blocks) the Moon, Venus, Mars, Uranus...and Jupiter, the broadcaster, General, corporatist, religious leader or guru, politician, and the promoter of hugeness that now inhabits the Oval Office. Which voices will we hear from Mr. Trump in his first address to a Joint Session of Congress? All of them? Possibly since astrological Jupiter can play many roles including The Actor. One thing is for certain: whatever words we hear, we can count on the Jupiterian Mr. Trump to again review (Rx) his overblown, over-promising, gilt-edged qualities and ring them forth across America's airwaves.

But with the Sun (leader) conjoining nebulous Neptune in shady Pisces (a sign ruled by Jupiter) his usual bluster will be necessary in order to blast his wonderfulness through the Neptunian veil and project self-confidence and a much needed sense of authenticity which the Sun-Neptune conjunction reveals is lacking.

Communicating Mercury (speakers and speeches, speech writers, reporters) is also in secretive Pisces and at an interesting degree so let's close with its symbol from Dane Rudhyar, rounded up:

Mercury '6Pisces': "A Parade of Army Officers In Full Dress." Is this a secret message from Stephen Miller, speech writer extraordinaire?


Pluto in Capricorn = the dictator (Ebertin).

Jan 12, 2016

SOTU 2016: Achievements plus Realism

January 12, 2016: Tonight as President Obama delivers the final State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress (9:00 pm est Capitol Building) the degree of the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the November 8, 2016 Election/s rises @9Virgo (September 1, 2016). This denotes a speech that in some way will touch on the themes of the eclipse in the 19 North Saros Series which are: 'realism, coming down to earth, and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it truly is' (B. Brady). Refreshing for Washington Politics? Yes, yet this could include critiques of Republican ideas especially with Virgo being the sign of The Critic. Of course, the 19 North is also the PE of Inauguration 2017 so these themes will continue to be on most people's menus.

And naturally the current Mercury (speech; messages) retrograde period is perfect for a president on his way out the White House door--perfect for delivering a litany of his achievements while in office and regrets over what didn't get done. And with Mercury as chart-ruler (Rx) we may expect grandiose ideas, boasts about economic improvements and foreign affairs, and fairly good reception of the speech from the press and from the public (Mercury trines the Jupiter-North Node conjunction in Virgo: broad overview!).

As for 19 North, its initial eclipse occurred on July 5, 1331 (OS) @20Cancer so current themes are filtered through Cancerian concerns such as security, home, and business. For comparison of similar events, 19 North also manifested in the years: 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980. 1998, (September 1, 2016 @9Virgo), and will next occur in 2034.

Jan 18, 2015

SOTU 2015: Cyber Uranus and Mercury-Jupiter's "political games"

A SOTU 2015 Address, Mercury Stations Rx, and Two More Years

by Jude Cowell

For President Obama's annual State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress, I'm looking at the 9:00 pm est horoscope set for January 20, 2015 Capitol Building Washington. My focus is on planets Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, Sun, Saturn, a few midpoint pictures, and on the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square (social unrest, violence, revolution, Civil Rights, major reforms, old v new) in contact with the undulating Nodal axis of the Moon, a past-future destiny indicator often called the Dragon with the North Node as the head (future direction) and South Node the tail (of past behaviors, the unconscious, and inherited or well developed talents).

(You will, of course, spy other chart factors of note but this post has to end sometime!)

One good place to watch is

In the 9:00 pm horoscope pictured below, the transiting combo of disruptive Uranus @12Ari57 conjunct South Node is poised upon the cusp of the monied 8th house (Corporations, Transformation, Insurance, Credit, Debt, the Occult, Surveillance, etc) and the 2nd house of the National Treasury is favored by the NN. The president will tout the economic progress of the last 6 years. Yet with astrological Uranus, technological and surveillance matters such as cyber attacks, a Mars influence via Aries are brought to mind (Saturn-Neptune = Uranus). This midpoint picture also applies to President Obama's speech in Iowa on Wednesday January 14 on his plan to "challenge state laws that limit the expansion of high-speed broadband access" in rural areas. (Saturn-Neptune = socio-economically challenged people). Additionally, lightening fast micro trades and the current ups and downs of the NYSE are spotlighted plus the potential for sudden changes of fortune for some.

And on January 15th it was reported that there are major losses and shock at the Swiss National Bank.

Hacker Genius Uranus, God of Technological Progress!

Now tell the White House's progressive techno access plan to facilitate better spying on small town folk whose lack of internet access allows them to 'slip through the net' of the government? Hmm-m-m...please pardon suspicious of the suspicious me!

Meanwhile, perhaps you heard this tech news concerning a lawsuit against large players Google and Apple for colluding against their employees. Has the Saturnian tail of the Dragon swiped a few tech giants and high flying brokers? Astrological Uranus can act early, on time, late, or never, after all and there may be more to come though they'll recover well enough.

If you wish, read a few previous unedited thoughts of a predictive nature concerning the critical-degreed (12 Aries) January 20th Uranus-South Node meeting and SOTU 2015 posted just as the January 20th date was announced. Earlier a pundit or two had even suggested that the Republican-led 114th Congress would fail to send the president the annual invitation to address them as a sign of their usual disrespect, however, Speaker Boehner came through in spite of the desires of certain factions of the party.

As you know, difficult energies of the ongoing Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto have been seriously affecting people of every nation and not the least, triggering America's natal chart via our national Saturn in mid-Libra opposed by tr Uranus = old order v new order), tr Pluto opposing US natal Sun (power challenges for the president--and vice versa to some degree), and tr Uranus squaring US natal Sun (others control issues, will power to succeed is tested or challenged). Basically, this cosmic circumstance activates our natal Sun-Saturn square with natal Sun @13Can19 conjunct Egyptian star Sirius, the goddess star of Venus-Isis, aka, the dog star (keywords: the mundane becomes sacred; the scorcher).

So with progressive futurist Uranus conjoining tr SN (a Saturnian point of separation), tr NN @12Lib48 is precisely 2 degrees past conjunction with US natal Saturn (14Lib48) which gives the above indicator of Uranus opposite US natal Saturn a 'contact with the masses' flavor and a sense of fatedness attached, thanks to both the Nodal axis and karmic Saturn. On the level of the Collective Unconscious, this sense of fatedness comes in part from decades of propaganda by politicians, authors, film makers, financiers, and the complicit media touting a 'new world order' and 'global government' said to be inevitable. Perhaps so, yet the Uranus-SN--US-Saturn trio is merely a signpost along the way to their Utopian goal, not its destination--though the sign may be painted in ALL CAPs when worrywarts like yours truly read it.

Now let's have a brief look at basic factors in the SOTU 2015 horoscope with emphasis on the chart-ruler's applying Ptolemaic aspects, if any, for clues on how the president's address, proposals, and announcements ('shocking' as they may be!) will proceed:

Please tap or click to enlarge image for notes that may not be included in this text for the sake of brevity. Note: the horoscope is mistakenly set for the White House but should be set for the Capitol Building therefore, each cusp shows here a difference of 1 to 2 minutes of arc and all degrees and planetary positions remain as you see due to the close locations of the buildings.

Hour of the Sun (goals); a new cycle of activity has begun with the New (Syzygy) Moon @00AQ08 which perfects on January 20th at 8:14 am est and conjoins not only the US Inaugural Sun (POTUS) (suggesting a culmination of some sort)--but means that SOTU 2015 will be delivered on Inauguration 2009's 6th Solar Return and conjoins 2009's Mercury Rx. You'll remember that Mr. Obama took the oath twice in 2009 because of Justice Roberts' flub (alleged flub!). Plus, Sun @00AQ41 is a solar transit to Barack Obama's natal Jupiter Rx in his 12th house of Politics defining a time of expansive plans, extended horizons, favored judicial actions or decisions, courage, pride, and confidence--just as both his presidential terms have been. Yet Inaugural 2009 Mercury shouted that his opponents would challenge his ideas and plans and be impossible to 'corral' (tr Mercury oppo natal Mercury in Leo).

Yet on an outer level, the Sun to natal Jupiter transit may likely inspire overconfidence and misguided expansion since dramatic Leo is involved and his natal Jupiter is Rx. As 2015 Jupiter moves backward in Zodiacal degrees, Mr. Obama's natal Sun @12Leo will again be conjoined (see below). Jupiter to natal Sun is the 12-year indicator when something begun 12 years before must be increased or discontinued all together--he was compelled by higher-ups to continue US occupation and other military actions in the Middle East (while pretending to end them) though Gitmo prison is in process of being emptied at last--and of course, Republicans disagree.

As for matters of war and conflicts, the SOTU 2015 chart does show Mr. Obama's natal Mars @22Virgo rising and, as always, obscured by US natal Neptune--with America's natal Mars in the very visible 10th house (US military used as global cop).

Jupiter Carries a Big Bucket

Leonine Jupiter Rx, here isolated in the hidden 12th house of Politics, remains the handle planet of a Bucket pattern and as such reveals where primary Jupiterian interests and future direction lie while linking together the two halves of the chart.

Another chart consideration involves Jupiter's broadcasting function for the rising midpoint of Jupiter-NN signifies the address itself and denotes responses made to others who are separate--such as public contact with ivory-towered politicians, or the 'Grand Old Party' rebuttal that comes in response. Plus, when Jupiter-NN energies combine we find such things as closed legal societies and/or a legal system hampered by erroneous decisions about the status of groups or parties! Religious leaders involved in Politics, imports that disrupt trade or business (TPP?), and consequences from treaties with allies are potentials. (Munkasey).

Mars-Neptune's 'Fog of War'...again

Now the final dispositor of all the planets ('actors') is mystical, foggy Neptune @5Pis57, planet of Islam, in its own sign of Pisces and posited in the 6th house of Military, Police, Health, Work, Civil Service, and Daily Tasks denoting that something is hidden, mysterious, fraudulent, and/or non-transparent in one or more of these areas--and in the SOTU address. Perhaps this is only a 'lack of, or inattention to, details' circumstance (see below) but in Politics (that 'organized system of hatreds') actions and omissions are usually much more purposeful than that.

One clue is that warrior Mars @6Pis46 has just left his meeting with insinuating Neptune and this suggests a charismatic male or groups (exs: ISIS/ISIL, military or entertainment figures, crooks) with tendencies toward hidden attacks, deception, lack of trustworthiness, dissolution, or misguided or inspired actions. However, rashness is cautioned against since hastiness will be certain to lead to disappointment in any or all 6th house matters as a new Mars-Neptune cycle begins--and this includes deceptive or misguided attacks on Obamacare.

Plus, we may wish to note that this position of transit Neptune conjoins President Obama's natal 1st house Chiron Rx (5:19), the guru, priest, seeker, healer centaur. Actually, a Neptune-Chiron melding may also show a double emphasis on a particular blind spot. Is the identity of a presidential mentor veiled? Is the president the mentor? Perhaps someone is providing inspiration from 'on high' as the White House acts under orders from afar and an out-of-touch character to the president's activities may continue to be noticed.

As you see, transit Saturn @2Sag42 in 3rd house of Communications conjoins the 'Sequestration--Super Congress' Solar Eclipse (2Sag37) of November 25, 2011 (chart shown) so the karmic planet of delay, loss, and well-deserved rewards triggers the eclipse with its 'peculiar turn of events' flavor which continues to affect both financial projects and relationships. (Brady).

Another financial indicator for SOTU 2015 is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series it falls into which you see marked @00Sco24 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury (17 New North) for the Series has 'hectic activities; financial projects' vibes with a Scorpionic emphasis on such areas as Big Business, intense force (Mars-Pluto), hidden matters, research, operations (medical and military), and opportunities for Regeneration.

Then there's the Uranus-NN midpoint of radical politics, here activated by tr Pluto (novel solutions update old thinking) and by US natal Sun (impressions left by implementing reforms) which combine to form an intense Cardinal Cross if we include the Nodal axis. Yet there are those who endeavor to protect traditional procedures from radical reforms and we may think of Republicans' renewed **attacks on America's social safety net programs for the aged, poor, ill, and disabled.

Challenges of Mercury opposite Jupiter: GOP v POTUS

As for chart and MC ruler Mercury in its Station Rx condition (turning Rx Jan 21 @10:54 am est), Mercury the Orator 'applies' to only one aspect: an opposition to Jupiter Rx which conjoins the 12th cusp, the house of Secret Deals and Hidden Enemies (as well as Politics and Karma already mentioned above). So does Mercury on the verge of seemingly changing direction actually apply? The proceedings spotlighted by SOTU 2015 are more complex than that for Mercury and Jupiter will engage in a dance opposite one another for a while--we could say they'll 'circle' one another--so that their relationship is the pertinent aspect determining the results of SOTU 2015 and the proposals announced therein.

Mercury-Jupiter: August 2014--July 2015

Now the current Mercury-Jupiter cycle began when they conjoined in early Leo during the first week of August 2014, a Mercury Return for President Obama and a time of expanded plans for him (Jupiter to natal Mercury). In *Politics and Business we find that a combination of Mercury and Jupiter leans toward communicating about such areas as: growth and expansion plans, business matters or legal affairs that affect commerce and transport, religious and philosophical ideals, and/or scholarship that is censored by religious leaders who have political aspirations. Probably not up for public airing by the president (yet perhaps will be mentioned in the Republican rebuttal to SOTU 2015 performed by Sen. Joni Ernst, the hog castrator) will be a strained budget due to over expansion, a constant soapbox of the GOP when expansion threatens to benefit the common good of our nation.

So with their SOTU 2015 opposition issuing from their August 2014 conjunction and showing a 'Full Moon' phasal relationship, here are the directional changes and degrees of planning Mercury the trader and investing Jupiter the politician and banker as their challenging dance of stalemate/awareness is performed:

January 20, 2015: SOTU 2015 is delivered and marks the beginning of the last two years of the Obama presidency; Inauguration 2009's Solar Return exact at 11:02:39 pm est with Jupiter-Saturn on Ascendant revealing 'the tactician'.

Morning of Jan 21, 2015: SOTU Mercury turns Rx @17AQ05 opposing Jupiter Rx @19Leo46 (affecting SOTU 2015 and the Obama Presidency's 6th Solar Return; this echoes Mr. Obama's natal Mercury-Jupiter opposition across the early Leo-AQ axis). Potentials during this opposition include: harboring fantastical plans, a lack of attention to details hidden in the 'small print' which may lead to loss, making irresponsible remarks or unrealistic proposals, someone 'backing out', a search for easy solutions or methods, following a myriad of interests which scatters one's energies, and reviewing, retracting, or redefining and clarifying goals. Plus, others may be insincere in their declarations and/or legal entanglements may not go as well as hoped.

Note that in regard to SOTU 2015, Republicans in Congress have stated that the president is the one "stopping progress" and playing "political games"---well, it 'takes two to tango' doesn't it? And here we see the R v D game played out in the Cosmos by a Mercury-Jupiter tango! Yet we must look at the results and ultimate consequences of political actions and not what they say or don't say if we wish to see what was really intended. Meanwhile, the titanic power struggle continues (tr Pluto oppo US natal Sun) though it's true nature is seldom if ever revealed to the public.

On February 11, 2015, Mercury Stations Direct @1AQ19 showing that a Mercury Return to the 114th Congress' January 6, 2015 chart has just occurred--US Congress' Mercury @2AQ31 and this transit emphasizes the president's proposals and the GOP response to SOTU 2015. At SOTU Mercury's Station Direct, tr Jupiter remains Rx @16Leo55 so the phase of Mercury-Jupiter is at an obsessive-compulsive quindecile stage (165 degrees) denoting tendencies for grandiose thinking, bias, idealism and ideology to drive motivations including religious fervor (Reeves). For the president, Mercury opposes natal Mercury, a time when minds may be changed, schedules are difficult to maintain, and more challenges are revealed as testy disagreements are expressed.

Then on March 12, 2015, a general shift in thinking and planning occurs as Mercury leaves Aquarius and enters murky Pisces at the "A Public Market" degree in the Sabian Symbols. However, this won't end Washington's grandiose thinking with the speculator-wastrel pair of Jupiter and Neptune associated with Pisces but may make them more confusing or subtly hidden. The Jupiter-Neptune pair also relates to political conflicts so the political games and challenges continue on both sides of the aisle.

Another shift occurs on April 8, 2015 as giant Jupiter turns Direct @12Leo35 and this is another instance of the Jupiter to natal Sun transit mentioned above for President Obama. At this time, tr Mercury @16Ari57 conjoins techno genius and cyber hacker Uranus and this pair relates to several levels of experience, of course, including air and space travel. 12Leo to 16Aries suggests their recent Fire Trine of creativity and technological advances which may aid the acceptance and implementation of President Obama's SOTU 2015 proposals, grandly inspired as they may be.

If not by April, then growth, investment, and development may occur once Jupiter passes the shadow degree of his December 8, 2014 Rx Station (22Leo37) in July 2015 and begins to move ahead into the future.

Related: Jupiter's Rx Station of Dec 8, 2014.


*For more info see Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets; also see Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar influences.

**That's it, GOP, weed out 'useless eaters' from the herd a la Charles Darwin and your freaky idol Ayn Rand! For apparently your nonexistent consciences won't keep you awake at night and you can always run to The Grove this summer to 'cremate care' under the owl of Moloch's watchful eye. And say hello to the Democrats in attendance while you're partying like frat boys and making secret plans, scoundrels that you are.

Weekly Address: State of the Union Is this Tuesday

Today President Obama touted his upcoming SOTU 2015 which he thinks will pressure Republicans to end their "political games":

As if members of both parties don't follow the political script written for them and enable one another toward distracting behavior intended to keep We the People divided!

Coming soon: the horoscope of SOTU 2015 with details such as Mercury-Pluto = Sun (POTUS): a persuasive speaker so please stay tuned!

Dec 28, 2014

Jan 20, 2015: The President's SOTU Address under Uranus-SN vibes

SOTU 2015 as the Tail of the Dragon (SN) Swipes Radical Uranus in Aries

by Jude Cowell

Today (12.28.14) in Kabul, the official NATO-US combat mission in Afghanistan ended with an hour's ceremony to mark the 13-year war of tragedy and loss. And though such a ceremony makes for a good public relations image (propaganda) there are those of us who think of the 'ending' more as stagecraft meant to deceive than reality--Neptune rather than Saturn. Perhaps the Pentagon and the CIA have simply lied to the American public too often and fought too many secret wars to expect to be believed now.

Be that as it may, America's 'totem planet', Uranus, meets the Saturnian South Node (SN) of the Moon (aka, the 'tail of the dragon') on January 20, 2015, the same day that President Obama delivers the 2015 State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress that evening. You'll find a few Astro-Notes on the pair's cosmic encounter here. And of course, their conjunction at a critical Cardinal degree (12) means that zealous anarchist Uranus will also be in Nodal Degree which adds to the karmic, fated reaping-what-was-sown quality of their problematic meeting.

Yes, the ongoing, dynamic, challenging Uranus-Pluto Cardinal Square of rebellion and generational clashes just keeps on giving, doesn't it? And now the Nodal axis of The Dragon joins in bringing with it an indication of public contact. Is separation from the public indicated for the president? How about the threatened time and money wasting impeachment efforts by the GOP?

Well, hopefully my frets are unfounded yet something tells me the US government's past behavior (SN) of secretly committing and then lying (Neptune) us into wars (Mars-Uranus with a huge dose of the US natal Mars-Neptune square of foggy deception and misguided motivation), betrayals, coups, government topplings, assassinations, and other underhanded mayhem will be part of the January 20th cosmic picture so it will be interesting to hear what the president includes in his remarks concerning wars in the Middle East (Saturn-Uranus), and in other regions of the world including Russia, China, and the proxy kingdom of North Korea.

Recent technology (Uranus) disruptions such as hacking may well be mentioned by POTUS in SOTU 2015 and it's certainly possible that a new internet attack or two will have been perpetrated by then. The Uranus-SN duo is a marker for wars and revolution along with changing, unsettling social conditions that can very well include financial loss. Perhaps the current Republican coup of Congress with its GOP agenda of drastic cuts to social safety net programs is indicated here with Uranus-SN imprinted upon the whole of 2015 and beyond. Will it be soup lines across America? Depopulation certainly will be the outcome of such politically based stinginess toward what Ayn Randers may term 'useless eaters'--as if all life isn't sacred!

Complicating things during SOTU 2015, we may find the president under a spiteful 'rudeness siege' imposed by the separatists of Congress during his speech though interrupting him with "You lie!" has lost its original sheen of Republican glory. Well, astrological Uranus does represent things new, novel, and original and sudden events are right up the electrical planet's alley. Even a bad storm or a power outage cannot be discounted for whenever Uranus is active, sudden, unexpected conditions often appear unannounced in a disruptive fashion. Transit Saturn, the practical container for the ideals of Uranus, has recently left Scorpio for a while so it will be quite a while (late 2016 and affecting the 2016 Election) before radical Uranus in fiery Aries and status quo Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius trine one another from within Fire the element of creativity and vision.

And on another level, the Uranus-SN planetary energies of January 20th may relate to an announcement by President Obama which will come as a big surprise or even a shock to his audience and will lead to some sort of upheaval. It's even possible that something involving Uranian people is on the Uranus-SN calendar for January 2015 and beyond--and one such example is the one and only Senator Elizabeth Warren born under a Sun-Uranus conjunction!

Jan 26, 2014

Jan 28 2014: SOTU 2014 w US natal Neptune rising

Our 2014 State of the Union Is...Nebulous and Deluded?

by Jude Cowell

On the evening of Tuesday January 28, 2014, President Obama is scheduled to give his 2014 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation. At the scheduled hour of 9:00 pm est--though he won't begin speaking until a few minutes afterwards--America's natal Neptune rises in Washington DC and since our nation was *founded with a problematic square (90 degrees = obstacles, blockages, yet dynamic energy) in effect between warrior Mars in Gemini and veiling (if inspired) Neptune in Virgo, we may expect many of the same related topics to be broached which are described by our nation's typically 'misguided or misdirected actions and motivations'.

Yet since it's deluded, often fraudulent, Neptune rising, can we expect clear explanations of our problems and what's needed to solve them? Neptune-inspired words are nice, of course, but we've had plenty of them and little improvement, haven't we? Or, perhaps we'll hear a spiritual or sacred tone used!

At an Hour of the Sun on January 28, 2014 9:00 pm est Capitol Building: Ascendant 22Vir55 brings up US natal Neptune, as stated, along with President Obama's natal Mars, our 'rock star' pairing of Mars-Neptune that seems seldom as glamorous these days after his years in office and the disappointments (Neptune) the American people (Neptune, the masses) have felt with some of his actions (Mars) that remain, for the most part, veiled by our Neptune which can delude us on many levels. Well, all agree that second presidential terms are problematic and always fraught with difficulties, scandals, and such.

And with Virgo being the sign of Work, US jobs are lacking even as their creation is promoted--yet secret trade deals are being signed which will export more jobs away from our workers. Perhaps SOTU 2014 Sun @9AQ04, which is now traversing President Obama's natal 12th house of Behind-the-Scenes deals, is denoted here. Will he mention the #TPP or the two other trade pacts in progress of implementation which will dissolve not just US jobs--but US sovereignty?

Naturally the Mars-Neptune link, plus our national Neptune rising places US natal Mars (males between 25 and 35, give or take, and the military and police, plus, activists, etc) at Midheaven, The Goal, or WHY? Point of any chart. On one level, what actions (Mars) are needed will be a focus of SOTU 2014 along with the usual mentions of the economy and investment although moneybags Jupiter remains retrograde until March 6, Mars in late Libra turns Rx on March 1, and we're all waiting for Venus (evaluations; small amounts of money; diplomacy; relationships) to turn Direct which she soon will do on January 31, 2014--@13Cap33 and still conjunct Pluto, as she is here.

Chart-ruler and thus SOTU 2014 ruler is Mercury which is appropriate for speeches and announcements. Mercury the Orator is positioned @27AQ09 conjunct US natal Moon so my guess is that the public (Moon) will be attentive to this particular SOTU Address. Mercury is in 6th house of Daily Affairs, Work, Health, Police/Military Service so we'll be listening for information on those topics in particular, plus, a transit of Mercury to natal Moon brings concerns about domestic matters, travel, and education.

Pluto Opposes US Natal Sun

Now I've typed a lot in the past on SO'W about the current power struggles and stalemates reflected by tr Pluto, the wealthy manipulator and saboteur, opposing US natal Sun (the leader). Plus, as you know, the current Jupiter Rx @12Can32 conjoins US natal Sun (when something begun 12 years ago must be wound down or upped to a new level--war.) To me, the stand-off between these major power players seems to behave as a bit of a vise--a big squeeze, you might say, concerning matters the president is dealing with. And I believe this squeeze relates in part to efforts of those who would dissolve America's social safety net programs instituted under Franklin Roosevelt since tr Pluto conjoined our natal planets in Cancer during the 1930s. Now Pluto, planet of Plutocracy, opposes the president, and by extension, Plutocracy opposes the US government and We the People. Wealthy Pluto wants all the money and he almost has it, too!

Meanwhile, we hear the echoes of this argument in the form of 'income inequality' and other related topics. I believe that SOTU 2014 will be received quite well by the American public (Mercury trine North Node 5A19), however, chart-ruler Mercury makes first a complex sesqui-square (135 degrees) to banker/politician Jupiter Rx and though the aspect is not Ptolemaic (major), it suffices to describe the difficult square-within-a-square conditions of unbalance which a single SOTU Address will attempt to deal with. And of course you've heard that there will be three Republican responses this year including the Tea Party challenge to the president's presentation. My joy can hardly be contained.

So What Does Mercury the Messenger Say?

As for an applying Ptolemaic aspect by chart-ruler Mercury which can tell us something about how things will proceed, that is a conjunction with Neptune (6A55) which is posited @4Pis05, conjunct star Fomalhaut (crisis; risk of rapid endings, in the 6th house between Mercury/US natal Moon and Chiron @11Pis19. This aspect makes it difficult to ascertain accuracy of information and the facts. Actions taken may be misunderstood--and more questions are raised than are answered.

A Cardinal T-Square is formed with radical Uranus @9Ari20 in 7th house as apex planet, the catalyst and reformer. A progressive Uranian vision is certain to be promoted yet too much aggression will alienate or intimidate others. Any sudden moves by the president may seem contrary, illogical, or inconsistent to plans he has already set in motion and even lawlessness may be prominent. (One example: I refuse to believe that the secret provisions of the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are consistent with the US Constitution!)

Yet in spite of any negatives--or saboteurs who work to undermine a Democratic president's message--let's not rule out the positive benefits of the current Solar Eclipse (@11Sco15 on November 3, 2013) with its helpful Uranus-Neptune-trine vibes indicating 'bright ideas and brilliant solutions' which are desperately needed if we hope to improve upon the State of Our Union in 2014.


US horoscope used in this post: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.

Feb 7, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio to give SOTU 2013 response

Senator Marco Rubio: Sun trine Uranus

by Jude Cowell

Marco Rubio was born in Miami, Florida on May 28, 1971 with Sun in early Gemini--6Gem40 at noon. His opportunity to deliver the Republican response to President Obama's SOTU Address on February 12, 2013 is denoted by transit Jupiter, planet of grand opportunities, and the Great Benefic's Direct Station at 6Gem19 which was exact on January 30th--and occurred precisely upon his natal Sun.

Excitement grows and Rubio's political future seems bright plus, he's made the current cover of TIME magazine as "The Republican Savior," a compliment which he himself smartly denies.

Yet astrologically this seems feasible with his natal Sun trining Uranus, the planet of bright ideas that save the day and an engaging way of expressing his many ideas. Plus, his chart also contains a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in very early Sagittarius (00Sag55 Rx and 1Sag33 Rx) which gives him idealism to serve but which can be over-exploited by others. The conjunction may also give him a tendency to misplace his trust. ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"--Jones.)

His SOTU 2013 response will be delivered bilingually, in English and in Spanish, an astrological nod to his Sun trine Uranus. Natal Mercury conjunct Venus should make it a pleasant if critical speech (Mercury-Venus square Mars in Aquarius with contentious Mars in wide conjunction with natal NN 17AQ02...public encounters.)

And of course, as Jupiter moves forward in the Zodiac, it will again trine natal Uranus (9Lib36 Rx), a time when politics, finances, and social issues are favorable for him and new methods and technologies are successful.

So Senator Rubio's grand opportunity and the publicity he will receive for his SOTU response will resound well for his career though caution is advised when expansive Jupiter transits natal Sun (ego) and this is a strong influence since Jupiter stationed there. It describes a period when one must either move forward to a higher level of influence (as he will) or go on to something else. Projects or endeavors begun twelve years ago are particularly on the menu during this transit due to Jupiter's 12-year cycle, though getting carried away by ego satisfaction and over-optimism should be avoided for best use of this expansive energy.

(He began serving in the Florida House of Representatives in 2000.)

Now there are several other horoscope factors suitable for discussion concerning this complex man so I urge you to view Marco Rubio's natal chart if you haven't already. Other transits to his natal planets have recently been and will be in play as 2013 goes on so we may find ourselves remarking more in depth upon his natal chart and prospects in the near future.

Jan 24, 2012

Astrology of SOTU 2012: Mars Rx Rising

The State of the Union Address 2012 will be delivered before a Joint Session of Congress by President Obama tonight, January 24, 2012 at 9:00 pm est.

Yesterday's New Moon @ '3AQ" has a 'new cycle of activity' effect for the president's agenda to put unemployed Americans back to work (Virgo rising = work, health, service including military, police, and firefighters) and allow investment possibilities to further flower (8th house Jupiter in monied, practical Taurus.)

SOTU 2012 @ 9:00 pm est; Capitol Building, Washington DC: ASC 19Vir20 with Mars 23Vir05 Rx Rising, conjunct President Obama's natal Mars 22Vir35 so he is in the midst of his Mars Return 2012, a three-fer due to the retrogradation of Mars. The red planet's Rx condition for SOTU 2012 gives minor support for House Speaker John Boehner's remark that a "pathetic rehash' is about to be presented by Barack Obama.

Still, I wouldn't want to bully or provoke any president who's just begun a drawn-out Mars Return (January 14, February 1 which includes Mr. Obama's Moon Return spotlighting that date, and June 18, 2012.) As you know, a Mars Return is a period when the natal condition of one's Mars is stimulated and highlighted as well--here's an excerpt of what I wrote in my post on Mr. Obama's Mars Return concerning the god of war's natal condition in his chart since sign, house, aspects, and houses ruled are stimulated by SOTU 2012 and the president's Mars on the rise tonight at 9:00 pm:

The Condition of Mr. Obama's Natal Mars

The natal horoscope of Barack Obama (August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii; ASC 18AQ03; MC 28Sco58) shows 10th-house-ruler Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H (Open Enemies; Partnerships) near 8th cusp 25Vir55 (Corporations; Shared Resources; Debt, Credit, etc); Aries is intercepted in 2nd H showing a potential for karmic conditions relating to money and values; natal Mars applies to two planets:

1. semisquare Neptune 8Scorpio (1A02) showing minor irritation between actions and ideals; Mars and Pluto share rulership of Neptune bwo Scorpio, and n Pluto is also posited in fussy Virgo.

2. trine Saturn Rx 25Cap20 in 12th H of Politics and Karma; a Mars/Saturn trine indicates self-discipline, talent with military and police work (inform the GOP!), and improves all the favorable qualities of Capricorn such as a sense of responsibility, duty, accountability, control, prudence, caution, and stability.

So for tonight's SOTU 2012, Mr. Obama's natal 8th house also rises with activist Mars which tallies with what is said to be tonight's main topic, the US economy, as reported by NPR in an interview with White House senior adviser, David Plouffe (text/audio.)

Mr. Obama promises to mention "themes he's raised before like the middle class can't afford 'on your own' economics" = Mars Rx rising! Or perhaps America's State of the Union Address has become obsolete?

Here are more SOTU 2012 horoscope details:

Hour of the Sun; Sun 4AQ29 in the Sun's natural 5th house (leadership) conjoins US natal South Node (Sun/SN = thwarted by actions of others); Moon 26AQ07 in 6th H (the people, or, the public--US Moon Return occurs at 10:55:54 pm this very night with undermining Neptune still within orb and causing home foreclosures, floods, and other losses--such as the much-touted "American Dream".)

The planet of oration, chart-ruler Mercury 25Cap40 in 5th H, conjoins BHO's natal Saturn indicating serious, sober communications; Sun 4AQ29 conjoins the Pluto/Chiron midpoint 5AQ41 (plutocrats); the Robber Barons' oily-gassy Neptune/Pluto midpoint also conjoins the Sun = succumbing to strange influences; prone to external influence. (To me, this shows that the Keystone XL Pipeline decision has been put off but remains lurking within the In Box on the president's desk. Stalling may divert the issue until a better time politically but I believe BHO is under the oil-gas barons' instructions to implement the Canadian pipeline though perhaps its ultimate route will be improved upon to protect a little thing we like to call Water.)

This position of Mercury also conjoins the Inauguration 2009 Midheaven of Goals and Aspirations (and that of all recent Inaugural MCs) so this may turn out to be a major speech of the Obama presidency--we'll see. It certainly shows signs of being broadly seen and heard with Mercury at MC and NN 13Sag01 (public contact) in 3rd H of Communications.

BHO natal ASC 18AQ03 is in the 5th H of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creative Pursuits, and Children which is ruled by restrictive, austerity-promoting Saturn (21Cap19) and the weight of this chart emphasizes the Leo/AQ~~5/11 Will (Self-Will) axis.

When we look to the house with Aries on the cusp--where things are begun--we find the 8th cusp 14Ari49 which places US natal Chiron in Aries within the 8th H of Corporatism, Big Business, Taxes, Debt, Credit, and Transformation--our 'sense of self' is wounded (Aries Chiron) concerning these matters. With Mars, the planet of action and energy Rx, delays and interferences continue to be on the GOP agenda once Congress gets heated up for the current session of undermining the president, the Democrats, and, by extension, the entire country.

Plus, a frustrated-in-Virgo Mars Rx rising shows inverted social conditions, stalled projects, soldiers returning home, veterans' medical issues, potential military actions which may be ill-advised, and police state actions against protesters and others. Neptune's fraud and corruption are at a critical-crisis 29th degree (29AQ39) in 6th house and snugged between the Moon 26AQ07 and Chiron 3Pis07; Venus is exalted in Pisces (as is Saturn in Libra, 2nd house) with Venus 13Pis07 in 6th H as well.

Also rising are two asteroids, Arachne (the Internet or 'Interwebs', says Craig Ferguson) Rx and Psyche Rx rising as well showing some psychological analysis going on: will this speech 'psyche out' the public concerning the draconian SOPA act or GPS considerations which SCOTUS has recently addressed? If so, it should occur early on in the president's address along with other martian concerns, some of which are already noted.

Perhaps the three main midpoint pictures tonight are: Sun/NN (leader contacts the public) which points to powerful Pluto 8Cap10 in 4th H (Home; Homeland; Domestic Security); Real Estate), the Foundation of the horoscope and of SOTU 2012. Sun/NN = Pluto: influencing the masses; using compulsion with others. (Ebertin.)

Of course, '8Cap10' shows Pluto in opposition to US natal planets in Cancer: Venus (just out of orb), Jupiter, and the Sun, showing our ongoing stand-off with secretive forces which may represent through Pluto many entities such as the global Federal Reserve System, the World Bank, the IMF, monarchies, the Pope, and other actors who don't like to show their faces very often while monkeying around in everyone else's business.

The second midpoint picture is one we've experienced off and on for months: Jupiter/Neptune (grand schemers and speculators) contacting radical rebel Uranus again at Aries Point...Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: real v imagined; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation. That the midpoint picture falls in 7th H at 9:00 pm may show a triggering of Open Enemies (7th H) but I hope the Republicans in attendance and the members of SCOTUS can contain their sophomoric outbursts and facial contortions while the president is speaking.

The third and perhaps most important midpoint picture involves the opposition between societal planets Jupiter 1Tau54 (expansion; growth; investment) and Saturn (restriction; delay; loss; austerity) across the 2/8 Money axis with Saturn 29Lib21 (crisis for lawmakers?) Jupiter and Saturn both square the Sun (president) which is, as noted above, conjoining Us n SN, a separative point said to be ruled by Saturn. Therefore, a dynamic T-Square pattern is formed and creates this picture:

Jupiter/Saturn = Sun: taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan, or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things (Tyl); gaining experience; inconstancy; moodiness (Ebertin.)

How Things Will Proceed from SOTU 2012

Looking at the applying aspects of the SOTU 2012 horoscope's ruler, Mercury, we see that Sun and Mercury will conjoin soon (8A49; Sun conj Mercury 17AQ59 on February 7 which stimulates the "A Man Unmasked Solar Eclipse of February 7, 2008 in the 10 North Series: 'communications emphasized; frustrations from events stemming from paperwork, news received, or young people'--Brady. Perhaps the 'young people' are Occupiers.)

But even closer is Mercury's square with critical-degreed Saturn in 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values, ruled by a well-meaning Venus in compassionate Pisces, as noted above, in Cadent 6th H (preparation stage.) Mercury SQ Saturn (3A41) shows blockages in financial matters and from or for lawmakers (Saturn in Libra, exalted yet straining to reach Scorpio), inhibitions when attempting to exploit potentials, and traditional thinking which stifles new ideas. Yes, the 2/8 Jupiter/Saturn opposition pits investment and growth against austerity measures which shrink economies--just ask the good people of Europe.

So with President Obama returning to his previous themes (Mars Rx rising) and other indications as mentioned, we may expect serious yet uplifting rhetoric this evening but with a continuation of GOP blockages to any or all of the president's old--or new--ideas for improving the social conditions in America circa 2012.

Personally, I see no other course than to be on President Obama's side against an austerity-promoting GOP especially when FDR's famous Test of Our Progress is applied to our nation in 2012. Franklin Roosevelt, with his natal Uranus in Gemini rising, said,

"The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little."


Shall America give up her traditional Jupiterian character for the austerity and dearth of the GOP's Saturnian model? Now that's something which may become much clearer to us after the November 2012 elections.


SOTU 2012's Republican response will be delivered--not by former candidate Herman Cain, as rumored--but by Indiana's Mitch Daniels, an interesting choice since this particular common gooder agrees with Robert Parry concerning Mr. Daniels as the Architect of the US Debt Crisis (he was Bush's original "budget director'--he directed, all right.) And especially since Daniels' "right to work" effort in Indiana is actually a "right to work for less" bar-lowering of wages for American workers who fall prey to its Saturnian influence.

Good if belated astro-news! Mundane astrologer Theodore White has published the January 2012 edition of Global Astrology which includes a review of 2011 events and planetary patterns, plus forecasts for 2012.

Then if you haven't, you may want to check out Professor Robert Reich's always informative views as he considers tonight's SOTU 2012.

Jan 26, 2011

Paul Ryan's Sun-Moon blend and his response to SOTU 2011

Transcript and audio of SOTU 2011 @ NPR.

Are you trying to remember who Paul Ryan (R-WI) is and where he came from? So was I until my friend Alex D'Atria sent me this excerpt from Katrina vanden Heuvel's article in The Washington Post explaining Ryan's past connections and where he got that little ole insulated viewpoint of his.


Ryan is an Ayn Rand-quoting zealot, one of the Republican Party's self-styled "Young Guns." He's spent his adult life inside the Beltway, on the political right, with no experience in the world of business, labor, the executive branch or the private sector. Incubated in a right-wing think tank, writing speeches for Jack Kemp and William Bennett, he was elected to Congress at age 28. Ryan became the most loyal of loyal foot soldiers in the Congress presided over by Tom Delay and Denny Hastert, a fact Ryan now glosses over as he describes those Congresses as "corrupt."

Click above to read the WaPo article.

And you may be interested in the Wikipedia bio on Rep. Ryan with a list of the bills he has proposed, and been used by his zealot bosses to propose. Like other politicians of our day, Ryan's Saturn in money-loving Taurus is all about austerity as long as its piled on the backs of the classes beneath his pay grade.

An Astro-Peek at Rep. Paul Ryan

Born on January 29, 1970 in Janesville, Wisconsin, Mr. Ryan's Sun is in the range of 8AQ55 to 9AQ56. His natal Moon ranges from 22Lib49 to 5Sco36, making him either a Sun AQ-Moon Lib, or a Sun AQ-Moon Sco. Both personality combos are detailed below.

Using a noon chart for reference, there's a compulsive-obsessive quindecile (QD, 165 degrees) between a powerful pair: Pluto and North Node (contacts, the public, destiny). Pluto QD NN indicates his being thrust into renown through his powerful perspectives, that he may be manipulative and controlling with others, and he can always connect with powerful people. The maternal influence may be dominant, and he may play a role in sharing perspectives that either empower or distemper others. (Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

I italicize 'play a role' because Ryan did so last evening when he delivered the Republican response to the president's SOTU Address 2011. Acting and pretending comes easily to those with Sun conjunct Venus, a self-satisfied placement that can be whatever current company wants or needs it to be. (I've seen actors' charts with Sun/Venus conjunctions though dramatic talent is shown by other planetary factors as well.)

Pluto QD NN is shared natally by two famous figures: Fred Astaire and Heinrich Himmler.

Since the SOTU began last evening at *9:11 pm est with Moon 29Lib57 and ended at 10:09 pm est with Moon 00Sco31, Rep. Ryan may have had a Lunar Return as the president spoke. Let's consider Ryan's two possible Sun-Moon blends for good measure:

The Air-Air combo of Sun AQ-Moon Lib indicates one who is highly idealistic, charming, and romantic; broad-minded and tolerant, this blend gives avant-garde tastes and a good intellect, but can suddenly turn rebellious if its "rights" or its sympathetic nature are taken advantage of. It is long on theory and ideals with an overly abstract approach to life; therefore, it is not very practical.

An emotional naivety invites disillusion and disappointment when others turn out to be merely mortal. (Delay? Hastert?)

Sun AQ-Moon Lib's Images for Integration (Sun = conscious mind; Moon = the unconscious): Anarchists form a committee to overthrow the tyranny of committees...Good friends fall in love and get married.

This blend was mentioned in a recent post as being that of Boris Pasternak, who wrote, "As for the men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth."

The Air-Water blend of Sun AQ-Moon Sco is a different story. It gives a powerful intellect, keen observation power, charisma, strong-willed, egotistical, and holds fierce principles. This charisma can have a hypnotic effect on others (those Aquarian blue eyes?) Here is an avid student of human nature.

A commanding haughtiness and the inner conviction that he is "it" draws people under his spell (I missed that part during his rebuttal if this blend describes Ryan); there's a self-important streak (which would support the above-mentioned Sun/Venus conjunction.)

One with Sun AQ-Moon Sco is capable of detached withdrawal and expressions of contempt especially if the ego has been wounded; there's a tendency to carry hidden resentments for years. Here are instincts of the reformer dedicated to principles, and a persevering investigator who can brood with the best of them - an all-or-nothing personality...a 'zealot'.

Images for Integration: "A scientist dissects a scorpion with great tenderness and absolute precision...A researcher presents his findings to colleagues at a 'Science for Humanity' Conference....Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Sun AQ-Moon Sco is the natal blend of Adams family member Henry B. Adams who helpfully explained to us that, "Politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organisation of hatreds."

No less so now even when you mix up congressional seating arrangements at SOTUs for a milder effect.

Well, I don't know enough personal info about Rep. Paul Ryan to hazard a guess as to which Sun-Moon blend is his own (though I lean toward a Scorpio Moon) but I do know which Solar Eclipse Series he was born into (7 South) and it's one infused with Mars/Pluto energies because its initial eclipse had a Mars/Pluto square involved; 7S's initial occurrence was on June 22, 1248 OS @ 8Can03 ( = US natal Sun/Jupiter.)

7S = the immense power, force, and anger of the Mars/Pluto square is channeled into this Series by way of a trine to Sun/Moon; huge obstacles will suddenly clear, or a pending potential crisis will manifest suddenly and move through the life very rapidly; things will seem to move at great speed (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

This hidden clue 'tags' Paul Ryan as a Mars/Pluto personality, perfect for the goose-stepping obedience required by string-pullers of the GOP (complete obedience, until the Tea Party crashed the party which still makes me smile a little.)

(Note: if you wish to understand your own Pre-Natal Eclipse Series and how it influences your life, study the initial eclipse in 'your' series for more clues, if you haven't!)

The last manifestation of 7S occurred Oct 3, 2005 @ '10Lib'; next occurrence will be Oct 14, 2023 @ '21Lib'. 7S has also occurred in the years 1915, 1933, 1951, 1969, and 1987. It is the PE Series of Leon Trotsky, the Dec 2005 elections in Iraq, and of 'Black Monday' Oct 19, 1987 when the DOW plummeted alarmingly.


*A potential which I had ruminated upon in my previous SOTU 2011 posts came to pass as President Obama began speaking at 9:11 pm est with US natal Neptune 22Vir25 precisely rising with Mr. Obama's natal Mars in tow.

Mars/Neptune = ASC: sharing grief and sorrow with others (Tucson); a strong mental focus on the subtle ways you use to compel or coerce others into adopting your ideas. (Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Our composite Mars/Neptune conjunction brought mixed responses, some a little confused, and which were bound to result, since our Neptune veils the president's actions and motives (and Mars/Neptune gives him that diverting 'rockstar' quality.)

The rising Virgo issues of Work (employment-unemployment, jobs creation), Health (health insurance reforms and repealing them), and Service (military concerns and withdrawal from Iraq beginning July 2011...really?) provide the misunderstandings, deceptions, and disillusions which he addressed - or didn't, as you may prefer. Predictably, some people are critiquing SOTU 2011's lack of details even though that's always the case with any SOTU.

If you have a mo, please answer the SOTU 2011 poll, upper right. Thanks, jc

And in case you missed it, here's a video of Rep. Paul Ryan's response to SOTU 2011:

Jan 25, 2011

Poll: How Do You Rate SOTU 2011?

February 1, 2011 seemed a good time to close the voting for SO'W's brand new poll spurred by President Obama's State of the Union Address this evening. That's six days which the talking heads, reporters, and bloggers can use up in a jiffy as they parse, dissect, and critique.

Why not weigh in with your early 'gut' reaction to SOTU 2011 while you're here?

The poll is located in the sidebar just below my personal Welcome to you for visiting Stars Over Washington.


Jude Cowell, your pollster @ the moment


Woolly Mammoth Chronicles

Jan 23, 2011

SOTU Address 1.25.11, then Saturn's Rx Station

Virgo, sign of Work, Service, and Health, will be rising on Wednesday night, Jan 25, 2011, when President Obama begins the second State of the Union Address of his presidency. We have President Woodrow Wilson to thank for returning us to the auspiciousness of giving the SOTU out loud for a joint session of Congress and the rest of us.

You may wish to read a few astro-details here. (Apparently, Mr. Obama will begin speaking at 9:00 pm, not 8:00 pm. This wasn't clear when I typed the previous post but both times are briefly covered.)

Then, about 4 hours later, on Thursday Jan 26, 2011 at 1:10 am est, staid Saturn, planet of the Democratic Party in US mundane charts, performs a Station Retrograde, a time when the Old Man will seem to stand still, muster all his strength, and concentrate on one degree - in this case, 17Lib14.

This Station Rx is within orb of US Secondary Progressed (Sec) Mars, Rx by progression since 2006 when Bush-Cheney and the Pentagon practically broke our military forces, and a police state began to be set up in earnest in the US. Circumventing rules, regulations, and laws is not advisable during this time and issues of lack or loss (Saturn) for police, military, and/or males in general may be in the news.

Saturn remains Rx until his Direct Station 10Lib27 on June 12, 2011 at 11:52 pm edt in Washington DC, with Sun 5AQ56 (the leader) conjunct US natal South Node (separation.) And Pluto will be Rx by then and at apex of the Saturn/Uranus midpoint again after taking a small break:

Sat/Uran = Pluto: a desire to overcome a difficult through extraordinary efforts; violence, brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure (war.)

As Saturn's Direct Station occurs on June 12, 2011, Moon 2Sco17 will conjoin US Sec Saturn Rx, and there's a Mercury/Saturn square in force, an aspect of inhibited imagination, traditional and conservative thinking, and narrow-mindedness. Moon/Saturn contacts represent health concerns, melancholy, and ambition, of course. Or perhaps, melancholy about ambition or health issues.

Saturn and Uranus are now lining up in opposition as on Nov 2, 2008 across the Vir/Pis axis (presidential election), but this time across the Cardinal Ari/Lib axis which always relates to relationships/partnerships. The last Great Conjunction/s of the brittle past (Sat)/future (Uran) combo of energies occurred 3 times in 1988: Feb 13, June 26, and Oct 18...all in the 28/30-degree range of Sagittarius.

The Saturn/Uranus duo is associated with the Middle East...with Palestine and Israel in particular.

The explosive Uranus/Pluto square lines up as well and points to their Great Conjunction/s of the mid-60s, a decade of social disorder, strikes, and protests.

Saturn, Guardian of the Threshold

After June 12, 2011, Saturn begins to move forward and re-cover his territory in the Zodiac until he passes his Jan 26th Station Rx degree (17Lib27) which plunks this week's Saturn Rx Station squarely within our nations' ongoing Saturn Return. The usual Saturnian issues and concerns are very much on the minds of most Americans now: accountability, responsibility, law, learning lessons - and recovery from losses which has been brought to us, in large part, by Saturnian institutions and the status quo of a greedy business community where corruption is ensconced as king.

One midpoint picture on June 12, 2011 is telling for it is a replay that was in force on January 20, 2009 and indicates that conditions for the people (Moon) are similar or worse now than they were in early January 2009: Saturn/NN = Moon: loneliness; inhibitions; using public assistance to find value in life; standing alone in life; widows and orphans. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Yes, public assistance is okay for mega-corporations, and for congressmembers with gold-plated health care provided them by US tax payers, but for the people perched on or near the lower rungs of society, it's a different story, according to Congress.

Now with Social Security said to be on the Democratic chopping block (and it better not be!), Saturn's Rx Station may help describe the Dems' about-face on one of their core principles: social help for the aged (Saturn.) Will Dems become flip-floppers extraordinaire? Will FDR be inspired to roll over in his grave? It would seem so.

The Sabian Symbol for '18Lib' may inform us:

"A Retired Sea Captain Watches Ships Entering and Leaving the Harbor"...Keynote: The capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experiences in which one was once deeply involved. CALM MIND.

And Saturn's change of direction at '10Lib' on June 12, 2011?

"Having Passed Safely Through Narrow Rapids, a Canoe Reaches Calm Waters"...Keynote: The self-control and poise necessary to reach a steady state of inner stability. RELIEF. (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Perhaps someone will 'rescue' Social Security.

That dedicated, humble Virgo rises for the president's SOTU Address 2011 tells us that we'll hear of jobs creation, trade, health insurance if not care, the tattered social contract between the generations, and basic necessities of life including food supplies; meanwhile, prudent Saturn adds steadiness and calm to the picture.

Whether President Obama's address (with its call for both parties to work together on the dire problems faced by the American people) leads to action which successfully improves employment and social conditions in and for our nation will be the next big question for Democrats and Republican alike.

Jan 14, 2011

SOTU Address Jan 25, 2011: Sun Aquarius-Moon Libra

It seems a bit early to locate the precise hour of President Obama's State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress scheduled for the evening of January 25, 2011 or perhaps the time isn't yet settled, but an early peek at two possible horoscopes for 8:00 pm est and 9:00 pm est on that evening in Washington DC shows Sun in Aquarius with a 29th-degree Moon in Libra in both charts.

Moon 29Libra in crisis or critical degree describes dire straits for the American people in similar fashion to US Inaugural Moon 2009 (29Sco45) as the Moon strains toward the next sign (Scorpio) but with Moon (we-the-people; the public; our daily lives) ruled by Venus (mental Libra) here rather than by Mars-Pluto (emotional Scorpio) on Jan 20, 2009, the State of the Union in January 2011 may be Aquarian from a leader's standpoint, but the people remain in crisis mode, Mr. President.

So if the Jan 25th date holds firm, we may preview SOTU 2011's energies by considering a few planetary factors along with Jan 25's Sun-Moon blend of the address for it doesn't depend on an exact hour since the Moon remains in Libra.

If the address begins at 8:00 pm, 8Vir13 rises along with Mr. Obama's natal Pluto in Virgo (6:59) which actually brings up his natal Pluto/Chiron opposition: a Seeker whose Quest is to embody, express, and struggle on behalf of archetypal energies seeking to force their way into mass awareness (R. Nolle. ) Also rising is Fixed Star Thuban (Alpha Draco, The Dragon: protecting or making material or spiritual treasures; issues of giving and sharing. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

If SOTU 2011 starts at 9:00 pm, 20Vir18 rises with Fixed Star Denebola (to go against society; out of the mainstream) along with VP Biden's natal Midheaven; if the affair begins at 8:00 pm or so and lasts until 9:00 pm, Denebola's influence will be applicable.

Sun AQ-Moon Libra is an Air-Air combo indicating graciousness and reasonableness, culture and elegance. Air-Air assumes independence as a right (a typically American theme.) This is the combination of the natural communicator who likes to soar into ideal realms where political, social, and philosophical schemes are invented to improve life (at least in theory.) Yet human feelings tend to be avoided and a keyword for double Air is cerebral.

Therefore, we may expect broad and intelligent viewpoints to be uplifted in SOTU 2011 with clever arguments woven together lacily, and though pundits will say what pundits will say, we the American people may find ourselves hungry again an hour later.

Sun AQ-Moon Libra is a highly idealistic combo with a noticeable humanitarian streak, high intelligence, and tolerance giving a gentle dignity. It 'keeps the faith' (as Tavis Smiley would say) and expresses ideas with conviction and sincerity; this blend is long on theory, but short on practicality. Socially aware, Sun AQ-Moon Libra is concerned with promoting ideas (or, propaganda) and systems that produce a brighter outlook for humanity. (8:00 pm's ASC '9Vir' = "A Man Making a Futuristic Drawing"; 9:00 pm's ASC '21Vir' = "A Girl's Basketball Team" and you know how a certain someone likes playing basketball.)

(Note: if the 'system' promoted is a 'New World Order', I am not impressed. That's the NWO crowd that invaded and occupies Afghanistan and Iraq, you know, and you see where it's gotten us. By 'us' I refer to we-the-people, not the warmongering power elites who wish to rule the world under a fascist Zionist Imperialism. But I digress. Or do I?)

In the end, President Obama's approach as touted in SOTU 2011 may be considered too abstract to do our crisis-ridden populace much practical good, though most people agree that even when pragmatic and useful, the president's initiatives are tiresomely opposed if only because they issue from a Democratic administration. Plus, a SOTU Address isn't meant to be a laundry list of to-dos and already-dids as George Bush seemed to use it but a presidential report on how the nation is doing at this point and as a whole.

Given the times we live in, this may be a tough sell no matter how he approaches it and personally, I wouldn't want the job, would you?

Interestingly, Sun AQ-Moon Libra's Images for Integration are: Anarchists form a committee to overthrow the tyranny of committees...Good friends fall in love and get married. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

A Mercury-Saturn Signature

Since addresses, speeches, messages, and orators are ruled by Mercury, I should note that Mercury is chart-ruler (Virgo) and makes only one applying aspect to a planet: a square to Saturn. Mercury/Saturn squares tend toward traditional thinking which finds it difficult to stay in the mainstream (see Denebola) of progressive or current ideas; change can represent insecurity and perhaps it is our feelings of insecurity which will be expressed by our Orator-in-Chief.

Making plans to see that ideas are implemented is possible and success follows in politics, education, ecology, and science since determination is what is needed. Noel Tyl has called Mercury/Saturn the "signature of the professional writer" and squares (90 degrees) indicate that much effort and hard work has gone into SOTU 2011.

At 16Cap41/45, Mercury is in 5th house at 8:00 pm but in 4th house by 9:00 pm, and conjoins Fixed Star Rukbat (steadiness and strength.)

Sun 5AQ42/45 conjoins US natal South Node (not the best portent for the Sun,
the leader in a Mundane chart for it has a Saturnian separative tone yet underscores the serious vibes of the occasion; perhaps a separation motif will enter by way of the tragedy in Tucson.)

Jupiter @ 00Ari37, the Aries Point of World Manifestation, has left quirky Uranus 27Pis45 behind; disturbingly, expanding Jupiter rises with Algol, a difficult star of rage and fury.

Now let's close this speculative post (speculative for lack of a definite hour which will be announced soon) with a topically apt quote from one who shares the Sun AQ-Moon Libra blend, Nobel Prize winning novelist Boris Pasternak:

"As for men in power, they are so anxious to establish the myth of infallibility that they do their utmost to ignore truth."

Well-said. And so true.


Text of President Obama's remarks at January 12, 2011's Tucson Memorial Service.

Natal charts: Barack Obama August 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii (from BC); Joseph Biden November 20, 1942 8:30 pm EWT Scranton, PA (from memory, Rodden Rating A.)

Jan 28, 2008

State of the Union address 1.28.08

Here's the horoscope of George Bush's final SOTU address tonight 9:00 pm EST, with US natal Neptune (planet of idealism, illusions, surveillance, deception, and 'nets') rising--and *US n Mars at MC, the WHY? Point/Goal/Aspiration angle of the chart and of the speech itself.

WHAT? = the Ascendant 22Vir28 (US n Neptune 22Vir25--a close conjunction signifying an acting job infused with deception, and the US n Mars/Neptune square being angular suggests that our nation's tendency toward secret actions and confused motivations is about to be touted and exploited. Secret surveillance, bloggers?)

Plus, transiting asteroid Arachne, linked with the internet, webs, and entanglements--and thus spying, esp online--is conj US n Saturn, planet of control and authority. This conj is in first house and will rise as Bush speaks.

So? the extension of the surveillance act which is set to expire Friday, Feb 1, is a major part of Bush's propaganda catapultin' tonight--major in spite of whether or not he emphasizes it--and he certainly won't mention its real purposes.

But we know that terroism and fear will be on the menu, of course, for Saturn is a planet of restriction--and fear.

If you click to enlarge the SOTU chart, you'll notice a few scribbled midpoints--the usual heavy-hitting suspects like Pluto/Chiron, Saturn/Uranus, etc. Ignore these if you wish, but notice the high flying KITE pattern which has Rx Mars as the tail and keeping it afloat at the MC of Goals and Aspirations.

Pluto 00Cap06 is the front of the KITE--where's it's going; NN 27AQ53 (conj US n Moon, the people or the public --Sibly chart) and the SOTU's Moon 26Lib13 is in 2nd house of Money/Values indicating our fluctuating (Moon) financial condition (2nd house.) Moon and NN relate to PR and publicity, too, so he'll be promoting the financial band-aid he's proposing rather stingily.

Bush's natal Uranus/NN conjunction is just past MC at 9:00 pm (a few of his natal placements are marked in green, US' are marked in red.)

Uranus/NN = radical political groups; reformers. Yeah, we see where that's led America--to overextension financially and militarily, bankrupcty, fraud, and homelessness. Thanks, neocons and your globalist compadres.

The self-controlled or depressive Moon/Saturn midpoint is conj US n MC and rising--and will be at SOTU's MC by 9:45 pm tonight, the approximate time Bush's last SOTU mercifully ends.

Moon/Saturn = MC: structuring ambition; making things happen carefully; a sense of duty and prudence (Poppy's word); feeling deserted, abandoned, sad.

When Moon/Saturn rises in the SOTU chart, shortly after he begins talking, we have:

Moon/Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation.

And with tr Moon conj tr asteroid Demeter (spiritual nurturance in avocational work) don't be surprised if Bush uses his theatrically reverent tone and gives some shout-outs (code words) to the evangelical community.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx, so a good an outcome may not be expected for Mercury's communicating abilities with this, Bush's "Last SOTU Standing." Shall he leave no SOTU behind?

Now for chart-ruler Mercury's applying aspects in order of closest orb (to see how tonight's Catapult from the White House will be received):

1. inconjunct ASC/US n Neptune (1A24): reasoning not in keeping with the facts.

Maybe we should listen for a whopper in the first two minutes!Plus, an inconj (150 degrees) between Mercury and Neptune also indicates misunderstandings and disappointments.

2. trine MC/US n Mars and SOTU Mars Rx: lots of mental energy and endurance but restless; dramatic, forceful speech (for sure, but with a content of flufferies and veils); good for reporters and commentators; seeking to mold public opinion (the State of the Union is...strong? Well, what else can he say? economically it may not help to be honest tonight yet foreign markets are already on to him, Paulson, and Bernanke.)

Mercury trine Mars is also good at promoting causes, but with both planets Rx (Mars until Jan 30) the outcome will be delayed even though Bush will be admonishing the Senate not to delay the (inadequate) financial rebate proposal or load up the legislation with additions that would actually help those who need them most.

Yet their Rx conditions indicate critical issues, and perhaps after Mars goes Direct--and Stationing Direct is a very strong position--we shall see some movement in the Senate or otherwise. (Mukasey is set to testify about the erased CIA torture tapes, the Hatch Act, etc, on the 30th as well.)

Back to Mercury's applying aspects:

3. conj Neptune: thinking about what to feel; feeling what to think; special awareness; mysticism; dreaming; deception; illusions; good for creative literary pursuits. How will the media spin this SOTU? Or for that matter, how will the Dems and the GOP spin it? Like Arachne, one imagines--it will need it.

This address is to be "forward-looking" you know--after all, how could he look back at his trainwreck of a presidency? With a straight face and in public, I mean.

And "forward-looking" goes along with idealistic Neptune rising--Bush's natal Neptune 5Lib56 is his first natal planet to rise once he begins pontificating--another indication of Neptunian things already mentioned. Bush's thespian abilities will be heavily relied upon tonight.

Also rising: n Chiron (the wound), Moon, and Jupiter 18Lib09--Jupiter conj US sec progressed Mars--will rise bringing the 9 pm 2nd cusp of Money/Values with them, but don't be listening for a mea culpa on overspending on the war causing hardships back home. Ahh, the war--Cheney's and Bush's cash cow--that US taxpayers pay for obscenely so that warhawks may profit.

4. The last aspect for Mercury is its conjunction with Chiron 15AQ16, which is just past "14AQ"..."A train entering a tunnel"...neg: uninspired conformity to limitation. This makes me think that the Senate, which has been warned by Bush not to "delay or derail" the legislation for paltry rebates--and which ignores the poorer among us--may add more helpful salves to the legislation after all. We'll see in a few days--Senate may do this as early as this Wednesday.

So--if you've enlarged this chart, you've seen mention of Sen Ted Kennedy and of JFK's daughter, Caroline, near Jupiter 9Cap17 and asteroid Nemesis (the unbeatable foe.) Sen Kennedy endorsed Sen Obama this very day, and Caroline has seen how her father affected the American people in his speeches bwo Barack Obama's uplifting message.

The "10Cap" region of the zodiac is Ted Kennedy's natal Ascendant (his physical self, so he's having a Jupiter-to-ASC transit now... = harmony) and is also conj Caroline's n Sun/Moon midpoint--10Cap29.

Jupiter does love to inspire, but with Nemesis there, this could be an indication of the Kennedy endorsements beating the Rs for the White House--or of something more sinister in the other direction. I'll have to keep a squinty eye on the combination in future months while hoping that there will be no need to.

And I do want to add the Sabian Symbol for the IC--the HOW? Point of the chart/ will Bush's proposals become reality in his bubble-filled world?

"22Sag"..."A Chinese laundry."

Yeah, borrowing more laundered millions from China--that's just what I thought.

*our current US Mars Return occurred on Sept 11, 2007, day of the Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Series--responsibilities with paperwork or communications come home to roost; long term worries are brought to the surface about these in "deleted or mysteriously missing White House emails" and taped over back-up tapes for key time periods relating to the Bush-Cheney war. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

>You may read the 2008 SOTU's Sun AQ-Moon Libra blend's Image for Integration at Jude's Threshold if you wish.