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Apr 30, 2013

On Apr 25, 2013 a Lunar Eclipse and Jupiter left his Rx Shadow

According to my Solar Fire software, it was on the day of a partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45, April 25, 2013, that investing Jupiter reached his retrograde shadow degree of October 5, 2012 (16Gem22:47) and has thankfully surpassed it. Will investment, growth, and development now be allowed by Washington DC politicians and their corporate patrons? Will those tiresome ideological gurus break through the barriers set purposely by Saturnian forces of austerity and obstructionism and water this plant we call America?

In fact, will the baby be allowed to drown in the bathtub or, will more balanced thinking prevail and the needs of the people be addressed even with war on the horizon once again? Will Jupiter's role as The General take precedence over all other collective imperatives? Heads up: West Coast astrologer Julie Demboski has published a very interesting piece on April 25th's Lunar Eclipse titled Eclipse Effect: Seeing a Splinter of the Shadow, and of course, publishing and broadcasting are provinces of expansive Jupiter as well.

Vista-Broadening Jupiter Breaks Free in Friendly Geminian Skies

And of course the most obvious and sudden use of Jupiter's change of direction occurred the very day after April 25, 2013 when Congress rushed with what has become their unaccustomed speed to 'fix the sequester cuts' for the FAA so that the flying public (especially air traveling congress members themselves about to leave DC for a break) would not be inconvenienced by long lines at airports. Seniors depending on Meals On Wheels for basic sustenance are still waiting for lunches which barely get them by even when Congress doesn't have it in for them so blatantly. And of course, Head Start kids unlucky in lotteries aren't on the GOP's flight schedule at all--so far. Repeal of the self-inflicted sequestration damage to the economy would do much to lift our Jupiterian concerns off the ground--at least for those of us who wish for America to succeed rather than fail.

Yet in spite of Congress' self-serving action on Friday, Jupiter may not function at his best when traversing Airy, Mercurial Gemini which can be capriciously unstable and full of woe at times; moneybags Jupiter will seem more, shall we say, amenable, once 'he' enters Moon-ruled Cancer, sign of America's natal Venus (3Can+), Jupiter (5Can56), and Sun (13Can19), and will eventually reach our national Mercury Rx (24Can11 in monied 8th house and opposing natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 in 2nd house of the National Treasury.) Pleasantly, Jupiter tends to relate to others better from Cancer, sign of the self-protective, shrewd Crab yet Cancer is a very creative and business-oriented sign. With Jupiter in Cancer, it may be profitable to invest in ocean or water-related industries, plus, home-centered projects, domestic products and food supplies.

Hopefully (a Jupiterian word!), our nation will now be able to get some things situated so that enthusiastic improvements may be made toward prosperity, not austerity (which does not lead to prosperity except for the toffs and crooks who force it upon others in their plutocratic, mercantilistic, thieving kind of way.) Then, if all goes as planned, I'll soon be posting here on SO'W or at Jude's Threshold the Summer Solstice 2013 horoscope set for DC, America's Solar Return 2013 chart, President Obama's Solar Return 2013 map, and the US Jupiter Return 2013 horoscope, so stay tuned if you may!

Update 4.30.13 4:47 pm: I just noticed an interesting Jupiter-moves-forward development relating to the planet's freedom function--President Obama has again vowed to close Gitmo so one assumes that the prison populace, many of whom are on hunger strike, will gain their freedom from the promised closing of that sorry abomination if this is that Jupiter freely moves forward in the Zodiac.

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