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May 1, 2013

April 30, 1803: Louisiana Purchase a done deal w Jupiter Rx in Virgo

Empiric Sorrows Developing Since 1803

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday April 30, 2013 marked the 210th anniversary of the signing of America's Louisiana Purchase, a Treaty signed in Paris, France, which doubled the size of the US and made us in 1803 the largest country in the world. Setting a bad precedent for future empire builders, President Thomas Jefferson put aside his doubts about the constitutionality of such an expansion (it wasn't and still isn't), aka, a land grab, in order to take advantage of what remains so far the greatest real estate bargain in history!

Subsequently, America's Jupiterian expansionist tendency was made irresistible by none other than Mr. Jefferson and became known as Manifest Destiny and has presented our nation with many difficulties through the years. Perhaps the ultimate problem we've encountered is Washington's unfortunate, over-reaching habit of playing the role of global cop, our domestic economy be dratted (though we're still expected to do our part and pay taxes to the IRS, our war-fund collector.)

As for the often-praised Louisiana Purchase, American Originals has the scoop, images, and a link to the Treaty's text if you wish to check out more details.

And because the whole endeavor is such a Jupiterian one, and since Jupiter left his shadow (of his Rx Station degree 16Gem22, of Oct 5, 2012) on April 25, 2013, you know I had to peek to discover where expansionist Jupiter was located on April 30, 1803--@26Vir46 and Rx, using the noon hour, Paris, FR.

Virgo is Jefferson's natal Jupiter sign though earlier by degree--still, it's a placement denoting a scientist, which he was. Being in the last decanate of Virgo, 1803 Jupiter had recently moved beyond US natal Neptune 22Vir25 but in Rx condition was headed back that way, so we may naturally consider the transit since the combination of Jupiter-Neptune is the speculator-spendthrift-wastrel-grand-schemer duo of energies, and this massive land deal of 828,000 square acres for $15 million falls neatly into such a category. Oui?

Transit Jupiter conjunct natal Neptune indicates a time of unprecedented development yet losing touch with reality is a possibility; actions may be grandly inspired or inspirational, and that it has been, but it can also lead to illusions, delusions, and fanaticism (which I also think it has.) Additionally, our representatives' journey across the ocean to France is also described by adventurous Jupiter conjoining urge-to-merge Neptune, ruler of The Seas.

And the subsequent problems created in 1803 by our imperial expansion? Why, there's a problematic YOD pattern of crisis, turning points, special tasks, and/or crossroads between the Sun (9Tau08, an Earth sign that can be rather greedy for more--in this case, land) and powerful hidden hand Pluto @8Pis04, the natal position on July 4, 1776 of US natal Ceres ("amber waves of grain") and of our natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint of take-what-you-want Plutocracy.

In Closing, a Powerful Midpoint Picture

Now the Sun-Pluto sextile at the base of the YOD points its two quincunxes (150 degrees) toward catalyst Uranus Rx @8Lib11 (in 3rd house at noon of April 30, 1803, Paris) so we have potential expressions of the trio's midpoint picture--any, all, or none may apply. Plus, 'Sun-Pluto' = 'striving for power; craving rulership; power of attainment; establishing and consolidating one's position as a leader'--Ebertin.) With this Purchase, I'm thinking of President Jefferson's opportunistic disregard for the US Constitution as I type, a bad habit, now ingrained, which Washington politicians can't seem to get enough of these days in their Quest:

Sun-Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (Ebertin); sudden changes; rebellion; new individual perspectives (Tyl.)

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