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May 3, 2013

Can Astrology Describe Senator Ted Cruz?

An Astrological Investigation of Senator Ted Cruz

by Jude Cowell

In August 2012, NPR called Ted Cruz a Rising GOP Star (click for text or audio) but his star may be twinkling a bit off-and-on these days, a condition which is quite appropriate for a man born with Saturn Rx in stubborn Taurus opposite Mars, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio!

(Mars-Saturn combinations can give off-again-on-again energy to the demeanor like one who tends to 'blow hot and cold'. And he does seem to blow and bluster...)

Well, here's the wiki page of Senator Ted Cruz if you want the brief details of his rise to senatorial power (since January 2013!) As you've heard, the old boys club of the US Senator seems en masse to be somewhat taken aback by Cruz's McCarthy-ite style of interrogation and innuendo and who can blame them? If the off-the-rails GOP is being honest about Cruz's arrogant boat-rocking, that is. Yet, is it actually possible for one mere fellow to out-arrogant the GOP?

Let's consider the main planetary aspects of Mr. Cruz and see what we can glean:

Born December 22, 1970 in *Calgary Alberta, Canada (hour unknown), Cruz has one of the Cardinal Points of Fame and Prominence for his natal Sun position, 00Cap and some minutes. Look to his Sun-ruler Saturn and you see it's retrograde which means father tended to be weak when strength was needed, and domineering when gentleness was called for, plus, dad may not have been available physically (ex: long work hours) and/or emotionally. So Ted had to find his own inner authority and from his current demeanor and the drive it took to reach Capitol Hill, I'd say he found some semblance of it in abundance. One thing we know from his actions: he takes himself very very seriously which is not uncommon with a Capricorn Sun (Sun = ego.)

Also, with Mercury around 12Cap48 and Rx, Cruz thinks like the Capricorn Sun he is, and Cap-ruler Saturn, in Taurus as noted, is in a helpful, opportunistic trine (120 degrees) with Mercury giving structure and a conservative bent to his thinking.

As for his difficult temperament, we find that natal Moon in airy Libra is intellectual and somewhat detached emotionally, and denotes vividness in expression with perhaps a streak of self-indulgence. By sign, Sun and Moon are square (90 degr) which may indicate confusion in parenting what must certainly have been a willful child for Sun and controlling Pluto are squared. Factor in Chiron in Mars-ruled Aries and we see a portrait of one with a wounded sense of self which affects the actions he takes, or chooses not to take. Father issues are authority and control issues so please read on...

Those born with Sun-Pluto squares can be destructively willful, as you know. Frustration may easily lead to explosions (temper tantrums) and moderation is difficult to find or keep in relationships. This square tags Sen. Cruz as a might makes right kind of guy--rather a perfect fit for the Republican Party, imho.

A 'chip on the shoulder' might also describe the junior senator from Texas for his usual tendency is to be eagerly at-the-ready for adversaries, an attitude that arouses the worst in others. Yes, right out of the gate, we find that abuse of authority is about all the American people will be getting from Senator Ted Cruz who is actually his own worst enemy with a Sun-Pluto square that's separating (waning) and so therefore, unconscious. He may not be consciously aware of his self-defeating tendencies! Learning to compromise with others would go a long way toward lessening the ill effects of his overbearing ego and ruthless drive yet at the tender age of 42, he doesn't seem to realize this and perhaps never will.

Well, there are no major applying aspects to his Sun in Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) which makes his personality a bit harder to fathom astrologically. Actually, he's quite an enigma to those who know him, too. Thinking, communicating Mercury is sextile (60 degr) Mars in Scorpio, an aspect which completely supports his Sun-Pluto implications.

Mercury sextile Mars gives Cruz self-assertion issues and an insatiable curiosity to know more. Apparently at some point in his life, he was browbeaten and his sense of fairness was violated (see Chiron in Aries, above) which sounds much like the behavior he exhibits toward others now. This sextile makes him always ready to quarrel yet patience and discipline are needed when developing ideas before he unleashes them upon the world.

His gruff, forceful way of speaking comes across as harshly aggressive to others, and he should double-check his facts before speaking since he often makes mistakes (Epstein.)

Yes, Cruz likes to take the opposite position in most debates, plus, his planet of debate, Mercury, is engaged in a separating (unconscious) square with quirky Uranus (13Lib14) so there is a definite genius to his thinking yet an off-putting eccentricity, too. This square gives much mental alertness and opinions that are often at odds with prevailing societal trends and beliefs. Obnoxious and belligerent is how many people find him, and when he's speaking, logic may be skipped to make the more dramatic effect. My suspicion is that he loves the sound of his own voice--so what if the facts are skewed or entirely missing, and the hackles of others are standing on end as he pontificates?

Of course, the mature stance is that it is foolish to present oneself prematurely at the risk of being totally discredited. Again, it's moderation and compromise which Senator Ted Cruz so sorely needs.

Yet his Mercury-Uranus square provide him with a know-it-all attitude and a preference for ignoring rules. Of course, the US Senate had rules long before this sassy whippersnapper was born and will continue to have them after he's gone, we may hope.

In addition, there's an out-of-sign conjunction between Jupiter (25Scorpio) and Neptune (1Sag) but I'll leave you to consider what this excessive, grand-scheming pair of energies mean to an ambitious, fanatic fellow like Ted Cruz...because a little Cruz goes a long way with me!

Venus-Mars Passion; Pluto at Critical Degree

With Scorpio being a sign of great passion (and Big Business), we must consider the wide conjunction of Venus (17Sco) and Mars (10Sco) which can give a lack of discrimination within relationships due to an eagerness for contacts. Ruthlessness and pushiness may be traits his colleagues on The Hill have quickly noticed about him, plus, he does not like or accept anyone having control over him (tell that to the GOP, right?)

Then there's power-grabbing, manipulative Pluto at an overly eager, critical-crisis 29th degree in Virgo, sign of The Critic. Pluto in Virgo indicates one with an inquisitive mind, a desire to collect, a scientific leaning, and a fanatical zeal for investigation (Ebertin.) We've already seen his 'zeal' and jackassian arrogance demonstrated such as in the following exchange in the Senate where he 'schools' Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Constitution--so I can't resist closing with the video of his performance which is sure to become a Cruz Classic:

Recommended: for astro-notes concerning the Sun-Moon personality blend of Ted Cruz, you may wish to mosey over to my tapestry blog of Astrology, Art, and Politics where you'll find him described as "a crusader dueling with shadows".


Yes, m'peops, though born in Canada, Mr. Cruz can indeed run for US president because of his mother's American citizenship. Drat.

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