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May 28, 2013

"Entitlement Reform" a Hoax (Robert Reich video) and US Mars-Neptune

Okay, all you sly "entitlement reformers" of America, listen to Professor Reich's realistic ideas which make a world of sense instead of wasting time propagandizing the public with your ideology-driven, not-my-brother's-keeper jackassery:

Several SO'W posts are Reich-inspired. Here is one of them:

What Do Rs Want for America? Social Darwinism. Nice crowd we got there.

And if you're up for it, check out America's Morning Natal Chart, the Zip Dobbyns version for July 4, 1776 set for 10:36 am LMT with America's Neptune in Virgo rising and natal Mars at the most visible point of the horoscope. Unfortunately, given our government's decades-long determination to create enemies at every turn (and considering current drone strikes, kill lists, and the military industrial complex ruling everything), a chart with Mars at MC--actually, our nation's problematic Mars-Neptune square of misguided action and misdirected motivation on two Angles--makes a lot more sense than I wish it does.

Why, if we listen to Robert Reich on GOP "entitlement reform" proposals which won't solve our problems, even there we find governmental misdirection and misguided action and motivation!

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