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May 16, 2013

May 2013 Scandals Infuse Tea Party with new steam

Bubbling on the Hob: Reheat and Serve

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps current scandals and pseudo-scandals now plaguing the White House will keep boiling long enough to add steam to the near-deflated Tea Party movement, perhaps not. But for now we may as well pass the buttered scones and jam for we know Republicans won't let a good scalding cup go cold when there's a chance to further undermine the presidency of Barack Obama.

Here you'll find, if you please, some basic information on the history of the Tea Party movement which seems to have begun with blogger and Seattle mom Keli Carender (aka, Liberty Belle) and her organization of a "Porkulus Protest", plus, the rant by Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on February 19, 2009. Was his supposedly off-the-cuff remarks inspired by corporate bank rollers who then backed 'grassroots' Tea Party rallies?

Yes, for the president and his Fail-Obama Republican opponents, February 2009 was a very busy month and the first full month of the president's first term. Here's a ramble down memory lane with President Obama signing the Stimulus Bill on February 17, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The horoscope I have is set for Denver when the Sun 29AQ15 conjoined Midheaven (The Goal Point) with Mars and Jupiter conjunct @10AQ08/11 and US natal Mars in Gemini rising (12:13:54 pm MST):

At 12:13:54 pm MST, there formed a 'Fist of God' planetary pattern (aka, Thor's Hammer) between austere Saturn @19Vir50 Rx in 4th house squaring the Ascendant @22Gem56 and pointing toward the Mars-Jupiter conjunction and the North Node @9AQ07.

In addition, the Moon (the public) @9Sag10 was in 6th house at that time and conjoining Royal Star Antares with its volatile theme of: obsessed with success..The People and the hot-natured Tea Party movement?

And of course Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion, money, investment, and expenditures and was on its way for a first Great Conjunction (of three all through 2009) with Neptune, the inflationary pair of bubbles, speculation, and spend-thriftiness. Their first conjunction perfected on May 27, 2009 conjunct US natal Moon--'little sense of reality; involved in speculation'--Ebertin.

Yet I don't recall the 2009 Stimulus Bill as creating millions of jobs as advertized and promised but I do believe it saved quite a few!

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