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May 15, 2013

May 2013: White House Scandals and Mars-Neptune concerns

When US natal Neptune Masks a President's Mars (Motivation; Action)

by Jude Cowell

On Friday May 10, 2013, the IRS scandal was outed during the typical Washington 'Friday afternoon news dump' and on Monday May 13, 2013, the AP reporters and editors communications scandal broke from its surly bonds. And of course, the GOP's much-touted Benghazi 'scandal' is already in the wind in ways that are perhaps overblown as far as a 'White House cover-up' angle is concerned.

For astrologers there are many methods and paths which can be explored astrologically concerning White House (or CIA-Benghazi, or IRS, or AP) scandals but with my blogging time limited these days, I chose to blurb in general about a natal planetary link that's been covered and re-covered here before: President Obama's natal 7th house Mars @22Virgo34 (near n 8th cusp 25Vir54) is veiled and thus obfuscated by US natal Neptune @22Vir25. This also means that the president's natal Mars squares US natal Mars, with both contacts dulling Mr. Obama's promise of "transparency" in government.

Yes, our national Mars-Neptune square ('the fog of war') has produced a varied plethora of problems for America since our founding for the square most assuredly includes misguided and misdirected energies expended in war, conflict, and business endeavors. Neptune's oil, gas, and water concerns are also involved as blockages (square) are dealt with or removed in an aggressive fashion.

With his natal Mars shielded or hidden by US natal Neptune (the media, the masses, dreams and visions, the collective, spying, propaganda, etc) the public has endured many diatribes on what the president is really doing, what is he hiding, etc, etc, etc. With the IRS and AP scandals now afoot--and uncovered in part by the *May 9, 2013 Solar Eclipse @19Tau31 on Thursday--we now find that there are several issues of government overreach and misuse/abuse of power to probe if not exonerate. And we know the Republicans are salivating over how President Obama has sneakily--or inadvertently--added fuel to his opponent's fire against him.

It seems curious to me how government agencies seem to get particularly busy and sneaky when there's a Democrat in the White House! Or is the public simply expected to believe that any commander-in-chief is totally unaware of what certain tentacles of government are doing at various times? Perhaps. Presumably this wouldn't be the first time actions were taken without a president's consent or knowledge. But often it's to protect a president that 'lack of awareness' is used as a tactic.

A Mars-Neptune contact between horoscopes indicates that Mr. Obama's actions (Mars) are quite incomprehensible or nebulous to many (Neptune) and yes, our nation's connection to the president is rather tenuous and prospects for our 'future together' are weakened though perhaps not broken during the 8-years duration. And we've seen how defusing (Neptune) his actions (Mars) has been a constant obsession of the Republican Party (ex: this week the House takes a 37th vote to repeal Obamacare--a waste of The People's time and money, imho, but Neptune also denotes waste and loss.)

Obviously all military considerations--his promise to close Guantanamo Prison, secretive drone strikes which include US citizens, surreptitious wars, supplying arms to rebels, etc--are confused, hidden, and made more complex by the Mars-Neptune veiling going on between us. And actually, deceitful acts may be thought 'necessary' wherever Mars-Neptune links exist (surveillance of AP calls is a prime example.)

Remember early on when Barack Obama was referred to as a "rock star"? That was our Mars-Neptune contact, too. Now in his second term, it's safe to say that our rock-n-roll parties have ended with what may be--if Republicans have their way--a sour taste in our collective mouth. Yet there is still hope for President Obama by way of dreamy Neptune and optimistic Jupiter that our shared mojo will return soon and not be permanently harmed. My primary concern is that where a US president goes, there goes the nation. And I wish that meant something to success-at-all-costs Republicans--sore losers since 2008/09.

And the president's natal Mars square our national Mars? A stimulating contact, of course, but it also denotes much frustration at the pace of getting things done and indicates that indecisiveness is a no-no if goals are to be reached.

Another astrological 'scandal factor' playing into current circumstances is the president's natal 9th house Neptune @8Sco36 conjoining US natal Ascendant in our Scorpio Rising chart. Although I usually use our natal Sagittarius Rising chart (the 'Sibly' chart: 5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776), the Scorpio Rising chart may be used for Surveillance-Secret Agencies, Corporate, and even Military and Nuclear matters (Scorpio = Mars-Pluto), and of course, Scorpio Rising is always used as our natal horoscope at the brilliant Neptune Cafe.

Neptune-ASC contacts tend to be unstable and/or ethereal with **intuitive promptings galore which have made it easy for propaganda-spreading through uplifting speeches and the often-praised rhetorical talent of President Obama. Yet this contact has tied in perfectly with his personal magnetism, charisma, and the public fascination with him. Even the GOP's constant drip-drip-drip against the president shows their fascination with him, aka, obsession. And since Neptune rules paranoia (which has increased greatly as Neptune floats through its own sign of oceanic Pisces), we find extremist groups across the country dogging the president's every move and doubting (Neptune) his every motivation (Mars) including proposed gun (Mars) legislation.

Plus, in March 2010, when much of the current scandalous troubles actually began, rebellious, anarchical Uranus entered Mars-ruled Aries and crossed US natal IC (00Ari53 in the Sibly chart) signifying uprisings, riots, protests, strikes, and violent disagreements. Uranus = Aries Point has lead to one problem after another with its titanic Cardinal Square with stealthy, wealthy Pluto at the foundation of many upsets...radical progress v ancient ways, and a generational clash ensues--including within the Republican Party and its wet-behind-the-ears Tea Party members!

And of course we've discussed here before the ongoing transit of limiting, austere, conservative Saturn in Scorpio hitting the president's natal Neptune, a time when dreams-come true (won a 2nd term) and/or the grim-face-of-reality (scandals ensue) peeks into one's life. For Obama, it's now officially both implications which are active. This is also a Saturnian take-responsibility/be-accountable transit to the US Scorpios Rising chart's Ascendant (the nation, but also the CIA, FBI, IRS, etc--depending on how the Scorpio Rising horoscope is used.)

Yes, the presidential second-term curse for Obama is being touted by all news sources and pundits but is it real? Obviously, the American people (those who are paying attention!) must stumble through to the other side of current scandals and consider all sides of the issues before we can hope to understand the ultimate results of Barack Obama's presidential legacy, a task which will take several years.

My feeling is that an internationally based Wider Agenda marches on, no matter what topics the press directs our attention toward while directing us away from issues and actions that should be scrutinized, not ignored. Are the Democrats complicit in this re-direction or victims? I'd say yes to complicity, for the business of the American People--jobs creation, immigration reform, returning vets, and many other critical issues--will be forced onto Capitol Hill's back burners or tossed out entirely while the GOP enjoys its tiresome gotcha celebrations against a Democratic president, an outcome which is sadly and tragically predictable.


On the IRS scandal see: Ambiguity on Tax Rules and Disintegration of Election Law May Have Led to IRS-Tea Party Mess with ambiguity and disintegration (and scandal) being words of Neptune. Repeal Citizens United!

*If you wish, scroll the sidebar for the Search Box and type, 'Eclipses' for a list of them. My post on the May 9th Solar Eclipse (horoscope shown) may also be accessed by checking out previous posts of recent weeks. According to the May 9th eclipse, some 'tension may be suddenly released but with a sense of loss or grief that is more collective than personal' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

**Neptune-ASC as "intuitive promptings": The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian.

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