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Jul 11, 2013

Neptunian paranoia! 'The Politics of Conspiracy Theory' (video)

The following video excerpt from the non-profit documentary Counter-Intelligence may be of interest to you since the use of conspiracy theories to discredit those who spout or listen to them is an Establishment tactic that shows no sign of letting up. And with secretive Neptune (the media; the masses; conspiracies) now traversing its own sign of murky, often deceptive Pisces, we find the paranoia created by this transit quite sufficient for devising new conspiracy theories, some of which will be closer to the truth than the ruling class wants us to know:

Though its attribution to FDR is in dispute ('he never said that'), I believe in the adage (after following Politics for several years) that, Nothing in Politics happens by accident--if it happens, you can be certain it was meant to happen.

And as I've typed before, America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition latched onto the use of political and economic propaganda from our very founding! It's the power of modern Technology in recent decades that provides them the tools with which to bound over the constitutional line.

For more videos on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV and Alexandra Bruce--she'll set you up!

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