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Jul 10, 2013

Symbols of US natal Jupiter and the Treaty of Versailles

Usually with America's natal Jupiter, I mention its descriptive Sabian Symbol ("Game Birds Feathering Their Nests") but today, while working furiously to complete a Stars Over Washington Report concerning America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013, I took a break and consulted the symbol for our national Jupiter's degree (6 Cancer) in Adriano Carelli's The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac. Curiously, Carelli's explanation of '6Can' relates to money matters for when it comes to finances, our Jupiter in Cancer loves to do business, accrue interest, and invest for profit.

'6Can' = "Alcidiades, walking through Athens with his famous dog, whose 'most beautiful tail' he has cut."

Now I assume this refers to Alcibiades the beautiful, a contemporary of Socrates. Either way his name is spelled, his dog's tail was obviously more beautiful before it was cut.

Carelli goes on to explain that the symbol describes spendthrifts who have no practical sense, and those who are persuaded that "everything is due to" them. Vanity and extravagance are implied along with recklessness that brings ruin.

Sounds spot-on to me as I study the horoscope/s of America's last (and current until July 22, 2013) Jupiter Return, a three-fer full of the complex lead-up (and lies) to justify the initiation of reckless adventures abroad, plundering of national treasures, and the hopeless task of retaining territory as The West spreads across the globe in Jupiterian fashion. You'll recognize the overly expansive (and expensive) efforts of the Bush-Cheney regime by our three-fer Return dates: August 9, 2001, February 12, 2002, and March 15, 2002. The last two horoscopes contain a locomotive pattern with lead planet Pluto @17Sag+ conjunct Dick Cheney's natal Mars, if that tells you anything.

So what does '6Can' have to do with the Treaty of Versailles which marked the end of World War I? '6Can' is its signing's Sun degree on June 28, 1919. But in spite of all Jupiterian promises made at the time, the war-profiteering power elite internationalists didn't stop at one global war, did they?

Watch for the new US Jupiter Return 2013 Report, a PDF available soon for electronic delivery. Its release will be Tweeted and listed in this blog's sidebar (where you see our nation's Solar Return 2013 Report now) and contains the Return horoscope which is 'good for' the next twelve years concerning all types of Jupiterian matters. Thanks! jc

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