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Jul 29, 2013

The Virgo Sun and Leo Moon of Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner September 4, 1964: Sun Virgo, Moon Leo

by Jude Cowell

So far I have managed to avoid posting on NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his apparent cluelessness about his behavior that crosses lines in society. That his campaign manager stepped down on Saturday was predictable after Weiner's new revelations on sexting in which he engaged even after he left the US Congress.

Some have questioned Weiner's seeming inability to give up his mayoral bid in view of what many see as his moral laxity--as if politicians don't always have ego and abuse-of-power issues which are tolerated by the public, overlooked, or hidden from scrutiny. The untenable position that Mr. Weiner has placed his wife in is another good reason to question his judgment so let's take a quick peek at what drives Weiner's massive ego drive toward recognition, fame, and notoriety.

Born on September 4, 1964 in NYC (hour unknown so I'm looking at a 'noon' horoscope--just as another sex-challenged politician, Mayor Bob Filner born Sept 4, 1942)--we find that the Moon ('reigning need'--Tyl) remained in dramatic Leo for the 24-hour period of his birth date which gives Mr. Weiner a Sun Vir-Moon Leo *personality blend (Earth-Fire = scorched earth.)

This combination of energies indicates one who is an elitist with a superiority complex and an innate sense that he is, or should be, the 'star of the show'. TV pundits have mentioned his lack of actual effort when he served in Congress yet he displayed obvious opportunism taking center stage whenever he could. On this blog I even posted a video of his dramatic speech on the House floor a few years ago with its populist tone which was, it seems, all for show and attention-grabbing.

Now as you know, when we wish to check out the ego in a horoscope we look to natal Sun and aspects to it. In fact, the closest applying (major) aspect to natal Sun tells us about the essence of the person, and in the case of Anthony Weiner, that would be his Sun-Pluto conjunction (1A47 at noon). Plus, there's an applying sextile between the Virgo Sun and Neptune in sexy Scorpio (3A20.) His willfulness and lack of boundaries may also be seen in a separating (unconscious) conjunction with quirky Uranus @10Vir33 which also happens to conjoin natal Mercury (thinking, planning, communicating) placed @7Vir40 Rx.

The Virgo line-up (Mercury Rx, Uranus, Sun, Pluto) could be counterbalanced, moderated, or stabilized a little by natal Saturn @00Pis51 but stable Saturn in the Mutable (changeable) Water sign of Pisces is problematic and denotes many struggles against opponents, without and within. Closest in orb to opposition with Saturn is Mercury which identifies Mr. Weiner as a schemer and a critic who needs to respect the privacy of others! He may be unaware that others recognize his scheming ways and may take offence!

Sun Conjunct Pluto = the predator

So with Sun conjunct sexy, intense Pluto, we expect Mr. Weiner to be rockin' a powerful ego that has great difficulty acting in moderation. This is an extremist who lusts for power and control for which he doesn't mind using pressure to manipulate others and get his way. Weiner meets challenges directly and temper tantrums may ensue when he is thwarted in the achievement of his goals, plus, Sun-Pluto denotes that with his constant-pursuit mode, he angers other people more often than he realizes. Additionally, a romantic Venus-Mars conjunction in nurturing Cancer signifies a very strong desire nature which adds to a long list of personal desires which are difficult if not impossible to satisfy. A Venus-Mars conjunction also shows that in his eagerness for social contact, Mr. Weiner tends toward a lack of discrimination and is resented for his pushy behavior.

Possible Aspects to a Moon in Dramatic Leo

Having natal Moon in Sun-ruled Leo (sign of the natural, even royal, leader) increases the egoism with a deep need for applause, recognition, and approval. Also, there's a wide-orbed, ambitious yet depressive opposition between Moon and Saturn, and a square between Moon and Jupiter in lusty Taurus, an aspect denoting a tendency to jump to conclusions that may have to be withdrawn later (which causes distrust), a large streak of self-indulgence, and a fickleness which can lose him the support of others for he doesn't seem to care whether they support him or not. This attitude shows in his recent comments to the press about (not) dropping out of the mayoral race--and yet he will resort to bitterness if a public lack of support due to his indifference to their opinions loses him the mayoralty of New York.

And this indifference is added to what some New Yorkers may see as moral laxity and a disregard for boundaries that sharing his junk photos has made obvious to all but clueless, out-of-bounds Anthony.

So if he was born during an hour when the Moon-Jupiter square was in effect, we see great creativity yet one who won't make the necessary efforts to apply it. Taking the easiest route to satisfy desires is very attractive with this aspect and we're probably seeing such a tendency with his tweeting to the world of over-the-line photos of himself (the twig'n'berries of which he seems so proud) which can give any victim of his attentions that more-than-I-need-to-know feeling.

Sun sextiles nebulous Neptune and conjoins Uranus

Weiner's Sun-Neptune sextile provides a chameleon-like quality and adds to his sense of drama as he makes contact with the public, while the Sun's conjunction to electrical Uranus gives magnetism along with an unpredictable willfulness, abrasiveness, and what others consider to be eccentricity. With surprising Uranus the planet of freedom and independence, Mr. Weiner is actually shocked when others try to constrain or limit him! And this planetary duo indicates that his arrogance has developed from his earliest days--perhaps instilled by a very proud mother (Moon in Leo) who was quite dramatic herself.

Yes, little Anthony was difficult to control then and big Anthony is difficult to control now. But goodness knows, the political party bosses in Washington DC can barely control any of their members' behavior even when it's sorely needed by the American people and would promote the common good of the country.

Perhaps the fact that the US government's foreign manipulators don't seem to be controlling him either is a clear sign that the Anthony Weiner 'sex scandal' is little more than a distraction away from what We the People and the US Congress should really be focused upon. For anything that divides the American people conquers them.

Now this post is all I ever hope to say or type concerning this particular mayoral candidate whose behavior is described by the sign of natal Uranus--Virgo--and thus shows "foolish aspirations" and "teamwork made more difficult by misplaced criticism or tactless frankness".

(Uranus in Virgo: The Combinations of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.) *For more info on Sun-Moon blends, see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.

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