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Jul 26, 2013

The New and Full Moons of August 2013 spotlight Leo-Aquarius

Leo, Leo, Leo: a Peek at the New Moon of August 6, 2013 conjunct Vesta

by Jude Cowell

Looking at the August 6 New Moon horoscope set for the White House, the transiting *Jupiter-Pluto opposition is on full display with Pluto @9Cap27 Rx rising and Jupiter @9Cap12 setting across the 1/7 Partnership axis. The New Moon @14Leo34 in 8th house conjoins Vesta (on the 8th cusp) which suggests that a new cycle of activity (New Moon phase when seeds are sown) begins now with creative production high and reward or recognition expected by people successful in their work as their positions are consolidated. Any time 8th house matters are energized, such topics and concerns as Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Legacies, Insurance, Transformation, Death, and the Occult may be on the agenda.

(Yet for some, a blocking of goals in 8th house matters may still occur and frustration results. See where 14Leo34 falls in your natal and any aspects the New Moon makes to your planets and/or points, especially squares that block or limit--this New Moon interpretation is based on general mundane matters of the collective in relation to DC politics in particular and is not meant to be read as a personal analysis.)

Plus, sales, promotion (including job promotions--or, the creation of jobs), and speculation are main themes here especially with the 8th house emphasis, with women's issues, health, and sports on the menu as well. When the Moon is involved with Vesta, we hope to merit security through our hard, dedicated work--if we can get it, and health regimens may be in focus along with emotional and family issues.

Now with wealthy Pluto (Mr. Underworld, saboteur among the plutocrats) opposing money planet Jupiter exalted in Cancer and recently returned to natal degree (US Jupiter Return July 22, 2013), we'll experience continuation of stalemates over the budget and the daft, reckless idea of Republicans to again threaten a US credit default and shut down the federal government. No doubt that they will be in discussion all through their summer break which begins soon as they decide on talking points for their media echo chamber against the president.

Yet a top Republicans like John McCain are calling out this inane strategy and reminding Tea Partisans in Congress of the great potential for blow back from voters in 2014--and really, we've all had more than enough of the GOP's grandstand playacting and reckless disregard for reality of paying one's bills that are already racked up, haven't we? The GOP campaign to nullify Obamacare is pathetic--they ask Americans not to sign up for health insurance as if Republican political ideology is more important than being treated for health conditions or illness. Puh! How about a slogan: 'Support Republicans via contagion and disease' that could've been prevented. And maybe sacrifice the health or lives of your children in the process just so the GOP can continue to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama!

Well, there are many other curious factors in the New Moon chart of August 6, but no time to type all of them out. However, something must be mentioned about the Jupiter-Pluto opposition which forms a T-Square of dynamic energy with Uranus @12Ari21 Rx (a critical-crisis degree) at apex in 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Primary Schools, Travel, and the Lower Mind through its Gemini association. Thereby, a midpoint picture results with tones of fanatical striving for improvements, exploitation of every situation, new circumstances, and fast developments (Ebertin), any, none, or all of which may manifest. (You never know with quirky Uranus.)

And at 12Ari21, Uranus is in Nodal degree, a karmic or fated condition, with North Node (NN: contacts and fruitful encounters) in 10th house of Public Status and Career which also contains austere, conservative Saturn @5Sco11. Uranus separates from a helpful trine aspect with the New Moon, and old man Saturn is out of the loop. Yet with deceptive, veiling Neptune in secretive Pisces and in the 2nd house of the National Treasury, nothing is as it appears to be in the financial departments of American life.

Another chart factor is Pluto rising (ASC 5Cap22) so we know that events too big to handle may occur at or just after the New Moon of August 6, 2013, and they will culminate (or, be fulfilled) around the time of the Full Moon of August 20, 2013 @28AQ10, a degree which shows that America has just experienced another monthly Lunar Return (27AQ10) at 8:05:16 pm edt. And nebulous Neptune conjoins the Full Moon and opposes the Sun, a condition certain to bring illusion, lies, fraud, confusion, and scandals into the light of the Full Moon's rays, if not a little inspiration.

But toss all of this aside for it's Friday! So why not check out Saturday's and Sunday's cosmic weather with Julie Demboski's A Little Astro-Essence for the weekend just ahead!


*On this blog and elsewhere, I have also used the Jupiter-Pluto pair of combined energies to signify the Federal Reserve Bank, Big Banks in general, and those worldly wheeler-dealers who organize, promote, and implement Large Group Projects. As you know, the last Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto took place @28Sag24 and their current opposition is part of that cycle--the halfway mark; six years ago, Fedhead Ben Bernanke made one of his official statements on the US economy within minutes of their conjunction on December 11, 2007. jc

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