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Aug 6, 2013

Sore Loser Republicans, midpoint pictures, and an Ed Schultz video

113th Congress: An Ill-Deserved Summer Vacation

by Jude Cowell

With Congress now on an ill-deserved 5-week recess with its work half done (until September 9th), we're 'treated' to many pundits addressing topics related to Republican obstructionism and their continued dissatisfaction with President Obama and his policies, sore losers that Republicans are.

Perhaps the party's natal *Sun conjunct US natal Sun in Cancer gives the GOP the idea that they're members of the only political party who should ever run the country!

In case you missed his commentary, check out Ed Schultz:

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As you may already know, there's an interesting midpoint picture in the GOP natal horoscope which to my way of thinking, applies closely and basically to their current modus operandi and it involves the 'confused, confusing, or hidden self image' duo of Sun and Neptune:

Sun-Neptune = Uranus: upsets caused by ignoring reality while dreaming; indifference toward others.

Now feel free to disagree with me on this (as always!) but both potentials contained within this midpoint picture when added together under gird much of the anti-governing Republicans' lack of good faith behavior these days and in other days when things don't going their way enough to suit their massive egos.

After all, the party's current progressions show another descriptive midpoint picture: Saturn-Pluto = North Node (future direction): a destiny about holding or abusing power. (Michael Munkasey.) And what the Republican Party with their austerity measures has in mind for the future of the American people is found nestled within this midpoint picture's analysis by Reinhold Ebertin: the misery of the masses.

Recommended reading concerning this topic: Robert Reich's Why Republicans Want Job Growth to Stay Anemic, Stan Collender's Budget Bedlam This Fall, and Al Kamen's Looking for a Lawmaker? Good Luck.

*Horoscope used: Republican Party organized July 6, 1854 5:00 pm LMT Jackson, Michigan; ASC 9Sag47; 8th house Sun 14Can26; Moon 27Sco42 in 12th house of Politics, secretive Behind-the-Scenes deals, Karma, and Self-Undoing; since the date of the party's founding was self-chosen, the synchronicity of Sun conjunct US natal Sun was selected on purpose.

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