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Sep 10, 2013

9.10.13 President Obama speaks on Syria with Uranus Rising

September 10, 2013 Washington DC: the President's Case for More War (He's Kidding Us, Right?)

by Jude Cowell

Tonight President Obama is scheduled on TV to address the issue of a US 'strike' (just a tiny little thing!) upon the beleaguered country of Syria in the midst of their ongoing civil war. You know--the old "make the world safe" ploy of Woodrow Wilson who was Mentioned by Mika on Morning Joe this morning--that Mr. Obama might "channel Woodrow Wilson" in his speech tonight. And as you've heard, since yesterday, something unusual may have entered the Big Picture of Global Governance ring in the form of John Kerry's apparently offhand comments that supposedly inspired Russia to convince Syria's President Assad to fork over his chemical weapons pronto to the UN, one assumes.

Is this diversionary Political Theater? Or is it a genuine solution that could save face for the US and possibly lead to improvement in the world's chemical weapons stockpile?

Perhaps the US war machine backing slowly away from the brink of another war theater in the Middle East can be achieved in this diplomatic way (and we did discuss Autumn Equinox 2013 being a season of diplomatic Venus, didn't we? At least on my other blog we did.

So many astro-ideas are swirling in my head just now and with my recent tech troubles solved I only wish there were time to publish more on these and similar topics. However, there are a few things I wish to say for now--pre-TV-speech--is that rising at 8:00 pm edt in Washington is transit Uranus (our war and revolution planet) Rx @11Ari24, and if we round down for the karmic implications of its Sabian Symbol we find that '11Aries' = "The President of the Country" indicating Mr. Obama and that something new, unusual, or shocking is rising on the political menu.

In Washington tonight it's a Saturn Hour at 8:00 pm edt but it morphs into a Jupiter Hour by 9:00 pm so there's the 'Jupiter the General' reference we'll all wait, authoritative Saturn and NN (future direction) are traveling in tandem now (@'9Sco' = "Dental Work"--and it'll be like that extracting such weaponry from Assad's oily grasp. Well, Syria has oil is why I used that word and in the West, it's always about the oil and gas.)

Tonight, the 8:00 pm ASC @5Ari15 makes Mars @8Leo50 the chart-ruler and as such, Mars applies first to an inconjunct with Pluto Rx (9Cap00) in 10th house of World Status, then to another inconjunct with Chiron @11Pis06 in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--though we don't actually count Chiron as a planet) so Mars inconjunct power-mad Pluto shows the US as the 'workhorse' of war on behalf of the vested global interests who direct US foreign and domestic policy.

Mars also squares the NN indicating war issues discussed in a public encounter.

The last applying major aspect of contentious Mars is a trine with Uranus (2A34) and you know how explosive and aggressive the Mars-Uranus combo can be though it also indicates much vitality for mobilization. Sadly this may indicate military mobilization against Syria--2A34 = in 2 1/2 hours, days, months...? Even tonight's Moon agrees for at '27Sco' we find "A Military Band on the March" as Luna floats toward a return to We the People's Moon in the 2009 Inauguration horoscope--Scorpio betrayal may be most what we feel this evening at the idea of war with Syria from our Nobel Peace Prize president. His rhetorical skills are meant to be able to 'sell' us the idea just as Wilson did in 1917!

(A New Moon occurred the day after Pres. Wilson's 'make the world safe for democracy' address to Congress--a New Moon @2AQ45 which conjoins Jupiter's 10th house position in the Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Hmm...

So! Tonight America's first natal planet to rise in the 8:00 and 9:00 pm charts is our totem planet, Uranus (9Gem55) and of course we know that war is the primary topic in spite of all propaganda to the contrary. Changes are denoted as well and more indicators of crisis are afoot--vengeful Venus @29Lib41 sets at 9:00 pm edt, White House, and the 9:00 pm Ascendant = 29Ari31.

Again: the Titanic Uranus-Pluto Square

Now tonight's cosmic baggage which the 1st house Uranus in Aries ('Utopians, radicals, fanatics, dreamers'--Ebertin) and rebels as in Syria, brings to the the president's topic of joining the conflagration in the Middle East is its Cardinal Square with manipulative, wealthy Pluto in 10th house. Yes, the strikes (both kinds), riots, and protests (against war in Syria, even in our often apathetic America--it makes me feel proud that the protest tradition hasn't completely retired with my Flower Power Generation!) continue as public support and appetite for more war (when Mr. Obama promised less).

It is no accident that Woodrow Wilson's name and presidential example are being lifted up in the media now in relation to Syria, Obama, chemical weapons, and red lines...and Wilson's influence on Obama's address to the nation tonight. After all, it was the First World War that the 'new international world order' fanatics remain so proud of as being the real beginning of their Great Plan for global domination for it was ushered in on the world stage with Wilson's cooperation (he, as so many other presidents, was a Freemason, btw, and into metaphysical studies) and promotion.

(Wilson's League of Nations was a prototype of such nwo fanaticism to harness the globe.)

And as you know, WWI timed the first use of gas in war so here we are again as the energies of the Uranus-Pluto square provide mankind with another chance to improve the chemical situation. Tonight's symbol for Mercury (speeches; the orator--Wilson was known for his oratorical talent of persuasion as is President Obama--another correlation between them) @2Lib53 is: '3Lib": "The Dawn of a New Day, Everything Changed" (Jones)---plus, this Mercury position conjoins America's natal MC (The Goal). So in spite of NWO implications, this is hopefully a positive indicator of diplomacy though Obama (Uranus) squared by global masters Pluto denotes blockages and obstacles along the way, as before.

There Must be a YOD of Crisis Around Here Somewhere

Yes, this evening there is a YOD crisis pattern in the sky between the tr Pluto-Chiron sextile at base and pointing toward an apex Mars, planet of war and testosterone. Mars @8Leo50 will soon conjoin President Obama's natal Sun (as an observant reader of SO'W noted to me), a time when he's feeling a surge of vitality, and the guiding forces behind his actions are determination and ego satisfaction. Aggression to push ahead will soon be plentiful as he chooses to initiate direct confrontations with others. Will it will be with Assad, the US Congress, or both?

Apex Mars in YOD Formation

In this condition, hothead Mars tends to react to an acute crisis situation in a rash manner that leads to fateful consequences (ex: 'blowback'), plus, Mars as The Actor in this war drama represents soldiers everywhere. His hostility may be aimed at inappropriate targets if he's not careful while his pioneering spirit longs for a 'new start' (aka, a 'new world economic order'--globalists want central banks set up in the Middle East!) Complete self-sufficiency may be noted which tallies with the US "going it alone" in Syria. Yes, this apex Mars is able to act independently as the president knows and may do, but no wavering is allowed--only one-pointed focus will do, says the demanding Pluto-Chiron duo of Plutocracy, primal violence, and oppression at the base of the YOD and seeking to utilize Mars, the warrior-soldier.

Of course, the Russian-Syrian proposal is allegedly part of a wavering attitude on the president's part, as seen by his many opponents and so-called opponents of a neocon/Republican persuasion. Yet Congress' 'bacon' may also be saved if this surrendering of chem weapons is allowed to work out. And if it does, we may surmise that global string-pullers aren't quite ready to move on Syria with Iran in their sights--yet.

Unfortunately for the entire world, it sounds like the march to war in Syria could be diverted to better outcomes through Russian-Syrian diplomacy but the path toward Global Government will eventually be taken up again by Washington and our Death Star, the Pentagon. Adventurous Jupiter, now @15Can38 (in 4th house at 8:00 pm and conjunct IC at 9:00) conjoins the Pentagon's natal Ascendant and the position of US SP Jupiter Rx which has been retrograde by progression since 1905 and the Teddy Roosevelt administration.

TR is another president who has been mentioned in relation to the presidency of Barack Obama, as you remember. And of course, in 1910, the secret plans for the Federal Reserves System was hashed out on Jekyll Island, Georgia, which led to the passage of the Act on December 23, 1913--when Woodrow Wilson sold America's financial system to the highest bidders and later allowed them to bankroll the First World War which ushered in the 'new world order' as have the attacks of September 11, 2001, an important signpost. That the 12th anniversary of 9/11 is tomorrow is no accident either, for it's another step toward a totalitarian future that Middle Easterners and a few others of us wish to nullify and secede from.

Additionally, there is another cosmic body rising in the 8:00 pm speech chart tonight--our national Chiron (The Wounded; The Healer) denoting on one level our maimed and lost vets from current wars. They are still being killed overseas and some kill themselves after returning to the US--because of what our government has wrought upon them and the negative condition of America they find.

In closing for now, I must mention US natal Chiron's Sabian Symbol which creates a sad word picture for those of us who long for peace in every nation and are sincerely tired of the new world order freaks who bedevil us:

'21Aries' = "A Pugilist Entering the Ring."


It's time for a Lehman Bros anniversary so you don't want to miss Robert Reich writing on the topic.

Blog Note: you may as well know that this post was prepared, typed, and published with Radiohead's Low Down from OK Computer playing in my headphones. Loudly. I listen on behalf of the disappointment of the American people over the 'perpetual war' direction Washington has taken while acting as Global Cop and turning America into a lousy Police State.

Update 9/10/13 10:45 pm edt: below is a video of the president's speech in case you missed it. He spoke for 16 minutes, finishing at 9:17 pm edt from the East Room of the White House with '6 Taurus' rising..."A Bridge Being Built Across a Gorge" and '6 Scorpio' setting in the Partnership position..."A Gold Rush":

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