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Sep 16, 2013

Sept 19, 2013: a Harvest Moon, then Autumn Equinox 2013 (horoscope)

Horoscope: Autumn Equinox September 22, 2013 set for the White House

by Jude Cowell

Soon after the September 19, 2013 *Full Moon @26Pis40 (2013's Harvest Moon), the Summer season officially morphs into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Below is an image of Autumn Equinox 2013 set for the White House as the symbolic representation of America. The Hour is Mercurial and the phase is Full Moon (+221:53) in the primarily Fixed-Air chart with Cadent houses emphasized and a splay chart pattern indicating a 'strong, sharp aggregation of planets at irregular points and a rugged resistance to being pigeon-holed by associates' mindset (Jones):

Visualizing the planets (actors) as the spokes of a wheel is one way of looking at a splay patterned chart with its focus on individuality and on those with intense personalities who refuse to be limited and tend to be impersonal or globally-minded. (Ex: the opportunistic Henry VIII and his 'political expediency' marriage issues.)

Mercury Hours are good for such things that speedy Mercury the Orator, Trader, and Negotiator love such as communications, travel, transport, planning, speech writing, and how we think--here, Mercury in balanced yet warring Libra in 8th house of Finance and Shared Resources points toward the return of the debt ceiling brouhaha and other financial concerns and stalemates which are to be enjoined again between the White House and Congress this Fall as our fiscal year ends on October 1st.

Will Republican Tea Partiers force America to default on her debts to make a dumb point that Obamacare--already a law--should be 'de-funded'? De-funding, if it happened, wouldn't change the fact that it's settled law no matter how many times tone-deaf partisans neurotically bash their heads against brick walls out of fear that the program will become popular once people experience its provisions in action!

Meanwhile, in the 2nd house of our National Treasury, we find anarchist Uranus in Aries ('Utopians and fanatics' -Ebertin) Rx at '11 Aries' ("The President of the Country" -Jones.) More emphasis is placed upon the current administration by the 2nd house ruler and co-ruler, Jupiter and Neptune, who in Aquarius met three times in Great Conjunction all through 2009, the year President Obama took office--and thus imprinted his administration with their bubbly, inflationary, over-promising, and wastrel vibes. The NYSE with its natal Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is indicated.

To personalize matters for the US, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction/s took place atop US natal Moon (We the People) which showed there was little sense of reality in our financial system and in the propaganda campaign meant to sway the public that steps were being taken to 'fix' Main Street after the Crash of 2008 when in fact most if not all fiscal reforms were done for Wall Street's benefit. Now in 2013, big banks are larger with their fat bubbly selves and some people are foretelling another crash which may finish us off.

The September 22, 2013 chart is ruled by Saturn and co-ruled Uranus Rx--well, at least Saturn is direct, right? And is in 9th house of Foreign Lands along with the North Node which was recently conjoined with Saturn denoting problem-filled relationships, disadvantages through others, and/or teamwork that steadily becomes more difficult as time goes by.

And of course, mundane Saturn these days signifies austerians, lawmakers, law repealers, managers, and status quo types--and Republicans since they're playing 'bad cop' at this time (deficits always decrease under Democratic presidents, as you know, but wildly inflate under Republicans ones leaving Democrats little to work with in the 'widening income gap' situation of inequality. This ploy has slowed the US economic recovery and worked well against President Obama, hasn't it? Yet I continue to think of the 'Rs and Ds' as factions of a ruling class with different ways of doing things more than two separate political parties.)

As you see, Venus in Scorpio is also posited in 9th house and has strong powers of attraction though jealousy, waste, and self-control v licentiousness may be concerns via Scorpio and its rulers Mars and Pluto. Venus rules the EQ 2013 Moon in 3rd house @11Tau53 and opposes Luna (1A25) denoting challenges for those who try too hard to convince others of their sincerity. (Never trust a man who says Trust Me, my mama was fond of saying.)

Misunderstandings abound as the public (Moon) gives and/or gets only suspicion and defensive posturing when attempting to cooperate with intense Venus in Scorpio, but that door swings both ways. The Moon-Venus duo has expensive tastes, so some careful belt-tightening continues to be advisable, worrying less is a good practice, and reserving our private details for those we know best is wise--to the extent that government, spies, corporations, and hackers allow us to protect our personal information from prying eyes.

Venusian diplomacy of a foreign nature is also indicated by the Moon-Venus opposition and Venus rules the 3rd house of Communications through money sign Taurus but her influence is ensnared via interception in the 8th house of Debt, Credit, Insurance, Insurance, Death, Transformation, etc. Foreign diplomacy involving Syria, Russia, the US, the UN, and others is denoted by this combo of energies and house rulings.

Since more war may be on the global menu this season, a look at testosterone driven Mars @16Leo14 in the 11th house of Groups and Associations is in order. 7th house Partnerships and Open Enemies are areas of Martian interest with disruptive Uranus therein; Mars is disposited by the ego-driven Sun, ruler of Leo. Diplomatic Venus, though ruled here in part by Mars via Scorpio, squares Mars (2A56) which shows blockages and obstacles to or within their teamwork efforts along with male-female issues in general. Warrior Mars also squares the Moon, an indicator that some people are fearful of being taken advantage of whenever compromise is needed--even though imagined threats may never materialize.

Military mobilization may be indicated as well along with anger (Mars) of the people (Moon.) In all cases, things are touchy and feelings are overly sensitive especially if we take the Moon-Venus opposition and Mars opposite the Ascendant to be a Fixed Grand Cross with the energy expressing at the WHAT? Point of the chart (ASC). It may be a bit of stretch but Saturn @9Sco09 could be included in the dynamic square pattern which hopefully adds some measure of self-control to volatile conditions especially since the Mars-Uranus trine has passed (5S16).

Autumn Equinox 2013 (aka, Libra Ingress 2013)

At 4:44:09 pm edt on Sunday September 22, when the Sun 'clocks in' at 00Lib:00:00, the Ascendant = 8AQ00 in Washington with the plutocrats' oppressive, exploitative Pluto-Chiron midpoint rising @9AQ46; chart-rulers Saturn and Uranus together indicate brittleness, old vs new (status quo v progress), and the ancient conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine. Yes, global plutocrats are as usual attempting to control the 'powder keg' that they've already aroused through decades of exploitation and bossiness.

12th cusp = 11Cap33 so Saturn also rules the unconscious house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions such as hospitals and zoos. It's what once was called the 'smokey back rooms' where politicians make secret deals and here we have sneaky Pluto barely into 11th house from 12th so more plans for toppling governments--and politicians--may soon be revealed. Now there are those who think Russia's current 'diplomatic proposal' for Syria's Assad to hand over his chemical weapons to the UN may divert US bomb strikes in that nation but I see the Political Theater now being performed as stalling tactics--for the weapons to be moved to other locations, yes--but also as part of the Global Government operatives' implementation of the agenda since doing things in a halting fashion works even better than direct force which could result in worldwide blow back and more delay. As in all things, timing is important and it seems the West's take-over of Syria is merely on-hold for now.

In addition, these thorny issues are deepened by an inconjunct of adjustment (150 degrees; 1A48) between authoritarian Saturn in 9th house and disruptive Uranus Rx in 2nd house which may include concerns over US billions sent to foreign countries to do who-knows-what--payoffs, bribes, and weapons purchases, among other things one can imagine. This inconjunct (or, quincunx) denotes that priorities are difficult to establish or are incorrectly acted upon, obligations may be neglected, and a 'locked in the past' attitude may be noticed as Saturnians try desperately to hold onto controls of the past...which cannot be done.

With this Saturn, Republicans with their nonsensical, undermining notions of secession and nullification easily come to mind, and cantankerousness and stress within relationships and partnerships are evident. (Again, the Republican Party and Tea Partisans rear their ugly heads as I type and the destruction of America on behalf of a 'new world order' seems to be their sorry goal. Not that others aren't enabling the agenda...)

Uranus Square Pluto...Again (until 2015)

There are no other major applying aspects by chart-ruler Saturn in the Autumn EQ 2013 horoscope but there is the ongoing applying square between co-ruler Uranus and powerful, wealthy Pluto @8Cap59. Plus, Pluto remains in opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) so the stand-off continues as Mr. Underworld expects much fortune to accrue to him and his plutocratic minions. And so far, he and the Vatican Bank have been correct in that presumption. (As you know, astrological Pluto can represent 'The Pope', hidden or invisible power, riches squirreled away in hidden places, plus, assassins and rapists.)

Rising in 1st house we see nebulous Neptune of The Media and The Masses--a master of propaganda and lies and already mentioned above concerning 2009's Great Conjunction/s with money planet Jupiter while Jupiter (The General) is in preparatory stage in Cadent 6th house of Military and Police Services, Work, and Health. The inflationary pair of planets are now sesqui-square one another (0A54) from 1st h to 6th h. This aspect is one of interlaced squares, layers of complexity which may culminate in an intense release of energies that can have positive or negative results. The promotion of constructive and/or conflicting ideas is indicated. (Meyer.)

Well, that's my view of the Autumn EQ 2013 horoscope when set for Washington DC. Below is a brief consideration of this Thursday's Full Harvest Moon with Luna's Sabian Symbol for '27Pisces' being appropriately, "A Harvest Moon"...keyword is BENEDICTION (Jones):

*In Washington DC the September 19, 2013 Full (Harvest) Moon @26Pis40 falls into 6th house of Military and Police Services, Work, Health, and Daily Routines (Desc 29Pis45) and the Sun @29Vir40 rises. In Mundane Astrology, a Mutable Pisces Moon (fluctuating; changeable; possibly unstable) indicates that We the People are impressionable and trending toward confusion mixed with compassion. Tears may flow and perhaps many of us are feeling victimized (Virgo-Pisces polarity = victim-savior axis) by self-interested politicians and even worse by poorly constructed and/or corporately written legislation (ALEC comes to mind--see The Nation's ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection.)

A forceful Thor's Hammer pattern is prominent with Mercury @16Lib02 rising and squaring a 10th house Jupiter @16Can53; this square is the base of the Hammer which is aimed at gaseous Neptune @3Pis20 Rx in 5th house but conjunct the 6th cusp (3Pis22). A midpoint picture is formed denoting potentials for successful deception and/or speculation, 'losing the ground underfoot' while speaking, trusting in good fortune, bamboozling or scamming others--or, being well inspired. (Ebertin.)

Transit Saturn @8Sco48 in the 2nd house of the National Treasury (and conjunct NN 8Sco20) along with evaluating Venus @9Sco26, conjoins President Obama's natal Neptune, the 'grim face of reality' and/or 'dream come true' transit. With either outcome, the star of the American people is hitched to the president's boat.

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