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Nov 22, 2013

11.21.13: Senate nuclear option has Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer vibes

Today in the Washington Post, Greg Sargent writes that No, the nuclear option will not make Washington partisanship 'worse'. It's difficult to see how the US Senate could get much worse yet I fret that there are those on Capitol Hill who will give 'worse' their best try now that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has actually followed through.

Is this change in the Senate another signpost on the way to collapsing America on behalf of a 'new world order'? Probably, yet it's the president's constitutional duty to fill vacant judicial seats and most everyone agrees that the Republicans did not 'allow' President Obama via their jackassian obstructionism to fulfill his duty. Now he can so that may be, at the moment at least, progress.

Yesterday (11.21.13) as the nuclear option worm turned, the Sun was in the last bit of Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio while the Moon was (and right now still is) in its own sign of Cancer, the sign of America's natal Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury Rx. A double-Water blend indicates intuition and feelings in abundance and perhaps some of the action may have been inspired or influenced by the current Solar Eclipse Saros Series, the 16 North (16N.)

Occurring on November 3, 2013 @11Sco15/16, 16N denotes an 'illumination of ideas' as unconscious material suddenly floats up bringing a 'great deal of insight' due to the initial 16N eclipse (1599) lending its Uranus-Neptune trine energy to current events. And as you know, the Uranus-Neptune duo are the Enlightenment planets and their last conjunction/s time a modern-day natal horoscope for the 'new world order' (Oct 24, 1993.)

Well, for a little insight, let's briefly consider yesterday's nuclear option Sun-Moon blend of Scorpio-Cancer:

This is the 'mailed fist in a velvet glove' combo of energies (which some would say describes Harry Reid!) with a strong sense of duty. Shrewd and charismatic, the blend denotes deep feelings, nostalgia for the past, serenity, and self-sufficiency. However, subjective hunches may trump objective reasoning and self-pity (Mitch McConnell?) may become evident.

Here are the three Images for Integration for this Sun (conscious mind)-Moon (unconscious) combination as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"A surgeon develops life-saving methods...A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage...A mother passionately defends her delinquent child and pleads for a compassionate verdict."

Let's close with two quotes from famous people who were born with the Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer blend:

"There is a homely adage which runs 'Speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far..." - Theodore Roosevelt ('big stick' = nuclear option? Well, Harry Reid certainly speaks softly!);

"So live that you would not be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip." - Will Rogers (quite impossible in Washington DC, isn't it?)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! jc

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