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Nov 23, 2013

Rachel Maddow with Senator Elizabeth Warren: Expand Social Security! (video)

Click to watch Rachel Maddow interview Senator Elizabeth Warren on how we need to expand Social Security benefits, not reduce them which would thereby increase poverty levels in America.

Unexpectedly I had to miss the original msnbc broadcast of this discussion so I'm embedding its link here. The page includes information on signing a pertinent petition recommended by Senator Warren along with a chance to donate to the cause, if you so wish, but viewing the video is a must, if you haven't seen or heard it yet. It's inspiring and seems to me to be issuing from the current November 3, 2013 Solar Eclipse influence of Uranus-Neptune!

It all boils down to what sort of country we want America to be--one that puts seniors, the ill, the orphaned, and our vets out on the sidewalks of our cities and counties, or one that takes care of its own. Astrologically, I'd say that our 'community spirit' needs to be re-developed, wouldn't you?

And of course, it would be excellent for the US economy since the funds would be plowed back into local, state, and even national budgets causing businesses to flourish. To paraphrase what a wise economist recently stated recently about income inequality, The better-off would be better-off if more Americans were better off.

Or something along those lines.

Want an improving economy for America? Then while we're at it, let's raise the minimum wage!

For further reading concerning the Republican (echo chamber) game plan of talking points against "Obamacare" visit Robert Reich.

And here's an astrological snapshot of Robert Reich if you're curious.

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