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Dec 30, 2013

2014 a year of Financial Trio Jupiter, Pluto, and Venus

2014 Financial Planets Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto: Tango or Tangle?

by Jude Cowell

With Year 2014 about to begin with a New Moon @11Cap57 conjunct Pluto, the position of banker-guru-general Jupiter is mightily important because, for one thing, the Jolly One and the Stealthy One (Pluto) lock horns in their annual opposition which perfects on January 31, 2014 @12:17 Cancer/Capricorn. Plus, Jupiter rules America's natal horoscope as well if one uses the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT chart.

Obviously, we may expect that America's ongoing stalemate between investment wealth vs hidden wealth, along with debt ceiling fusses and called-for spending offsets, will continue as the international banking syndicate jerks around the 99% of us who don't appear to have their allegedly exalted blood(lines) in our veins or DNA.

And speaking of veins, evaluating Venus plays into the financial picture as well and makes a Direct Station on January 31, 2014 @13Cap33:23, the day of the second New Moon in January 2014. A second New Moon within a month is often called a 'Black Moon' since the New Moon phase shines no light until Sun and Moon begin to separate, and we have the first New Moon on New Year's Day 2014, as noted above.

Making these cosmic events specific to our nation and to our commander-in-chief is the fact that Jupiter in Cancer conjoins US natal Sun (the president) while Pluto opposes US natal Sun. And the transiting Saturn-Neptune midpoint, a planetary pair of collective social systems such as socialism, communism, and capitalism (along with suffering, asceticism, loss--and invisible government), conjoins the trio of Jupiter-Pluto-Venus within the Cancer-Capricorn axis of Security, Business, Career, and Domestic Concerns.

And of course, the 2014 Jupiter-Pluto opposition is the culmination stage (a 'full moon' of sorts) of their Great Conjunction of December 11, 2007 @28Sag23 during the Bush administration. The Jupiter-Pluto duo has 'concealment of wealth' and 'large-scale projects' vibes, as you know. Well, I guess that beggaring the entire world population via austerity measures and using the US military as part of a global police force may easily be described as 'large-scale projects', yes? And so can collapsing the US government in preparation for total control by global government, more's the pity, though we can refuse to allow it by community actions.

Although 2014 may not entirely be a year of 'smooth sailing' for the American people (or for President Obama with powerful, secretive Pluto opposing him), perhaps politicians will finally sort through ~our~ issues enough to keep America afloat into 2015--but that's not even mentioning Elections 2014, a whole other ballgame that we have to 'look forward' to. No, not much gets done in an election year, yet perhaps that also includes the harm that Congress can do. At least, many economists are not prognosticating 2014 to be a year of financial collapse and, if they're correct, that's something that even evaluating Venus may find worthy of appreciation.

Highly recommended for further reading is an excellent article concerning the cosmic events of January 2014 at Auntie Moon's Blog and joyously, it's a post free of Politics!

And in case you missed them, here's a handy list of 2014's Direct and Rx Planetary Stations in order of occurrence, plus, a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2014 which will be discussed here in full as the days go by.

So if I don't 'see' you again, dear reader, here or there before January 1st, I want to wish a Very Happy New Year to Everyone! Jude

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