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Jan 26, 2014

Jan 28 2014: SOTU 2014 w US natal Neptune rising

Our 2014 State of the Union Is...Nebulous and Deluded?

by Jude Cowell

On the evening of Tuesday January 28, 2014, President Obama is scheduled to give his 2014 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation. At the scheduled hour of 9:00 pm est--though he won't begin speaking until a few minutes afterwards--America's natal Neptune rises in Washington DC and since our nation was *founded with a problematic square (90 degrees = obstacles, blockages, yet dynamic energy) in effect between warrior Mars in Gemini and veiling (if inspired) Neptune in Virgo, we may expect many of the same related topics to be broached which are described by our nation's typically 'misguided or misdirected actions and motivations'.

Yet since it's deluded, often fraudulent, Neptune rising, can we expect clear explanations of our problems and what's needed to solve them? Neptune-inspired words are nice, of course, but we've had plenty of them and little improvement, haven't we? Or, perhaps we'll hear a spiritual or sacred tone used!

At an Hour of the Sun on January 28, 2014 9:00 pm est Capitol Building: Ascendant 22Vir55 brings up US natal Neptune, as stated, along with President Obama's natal Mars, our 'rock star' pairing of Mars-Neptune that seems seldom as glamorous these days after his years in office and the disappointments (Neptune) the American people (Neptune, the masses) have felt with some of his actions (Mars) that remain, for the most part, veiled by our Neptune which can delude us on many levels. Well, all agree that second presidential terms are problematic and always fraught with difficulties, scandals, and such.

And with Virgo being the sign of Work, US jobs are lacking even as their creation is promoted--yet secret trade deals are being signed which will export more jobs away from our workers. Perhaps SOTU 2014 Sun @9AQ04, which is now traversing President Obama's natal 12th house of Behind-the-Scenes deals, is denoted here. Will he mention the #TPP or the two other trade pacts in progress of implementation which will dissolve not just US jobs--but US sovereignty?

Naturally the Mars-Neptune link, plus our national Neptune rising places US natal Mars (males between 25 and 35, give or take, and the military and police, plus, activists, etc) at Midheaven, The Goal, or WHY? Point of any chart. On one level, what actions (Mars) are needed will be a focus of SOTU 2014 along with the usual mentions of the economy and investment although moneybags Jupiter remains retrograde until March 6, Mars in late Libra turns Rx on March 1, and we're all waiting for Venus (evaluations; small amounts of money; diplomacy; relationships) to turn Direct which she soon will do on January 31, 2014--@13Cap33 and still conjunct Pluto, as she is here.

Chart-ruler and thus SOTU 2014 ruler is Mercury which is appropriate for speeches and announcements. Mercury the Orator is positioned @27AQ09 conjunct US natal Moon so my guess is that the public (Moon) will be attentive to this particular SOTU Address. Mercury is in 6th house of Daily Affairs, Work, Health, Police/Military Service so we'll be listening for information on those topics in particular, plus, a transit of Mercury to natal Moon brings concerns about domestic matters, travel, and education.

Pluto Opposes US Natal Sun

Now I've typed a lot in the past on SO'W about the current power struggles and stalemates reflected by tr Pluto, the wealthy manipulator and saboteur, opposing US natal Sun (the leader). Plus, as you know, the current Jupiter Rx @12Can32 conjoins US natal Sun (when something begun 12 years ago must be wound down or upped to a new level--war.) To me, the stand-off between these major power players seems to behave as a bit of a vise--a big squeeze, you might say, concerning matters the president is dealing with. And I believe this squeeze relates in part to efforts of those who would dissolve America's social safety net programs instituted under Franklin Roosevelt since tr Pluto conjoined our natal planets in Cancer during the 1930s. Now Pluto, planet of Plutocracy, opposes the president, and by extension, Plutocracy opposes the US government and We the People. Wealthy Pluto wants all the money and he almost has it, too!

Meanwhile, we hear the echoes of this argument in the form of 'income inequality' and other related topics. I believe that SOTU 2014 will be received quite well by the American public (Mercury trine North Node 5A19), however, chart-ruler Mercury makes first a complex sesqui-square (135 degrees) to banker/politician Jupiter Rx and though the aspect is not Ptolemaic (major), it suffices to describe the difficult square-within-a-square conditions of unbalance which a single SOTU Address will attempt to deal with. And of course you've heard that there will be three Republican responses this year including the Tea Party challenge to the president's presentation. My joy can hardly be contained.

So What Does Mercury the Messenger Say?

As for an applying Ptolemaic aspect by chart-ruler Mercury which can tell us something about how things will proceed, that is a conjunction with Neptune (6A55) which is posited @4Pis05, conjunct star Fomalhaut (crisis; risk of rapid endings, in the 6th house between Mercury/US natal Moon and Chiron @11Pis19. This aspect makes it difficult to ascertain accuracy of information and the facts. Actions taken may be misunderstood--and more questions are raised than are answered.

A Cardinal T-Square is formed with radical Uranus @9Ari20 in 7th house as apex planet, the catalyst and reformer. A progressive Uranian vision is certain to be promoted yet too much aggression will alienate or intimidate others. Any sudden moves by the president may seem contrary, illogical, or inconsistent to plans he has already set in motion and even lawlessness may be prominent. (One example: I refuse to believe that the secret provisions of the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are consistent with the US Constitution!)

Yet in spite of any negatives--or saboteurs who work to undermine a Democratic president's message--let's not rule out the positive benefits of the current Solar Eclipse (@11Sco15 on November 3, 2013) with its helpful Uranus-Neptune-trine vibes indicating 'bright ideas and brilliant solutions' which are desperately needed if we hope to improve upon the State of Our Union in 2014.


US horoscope used in this post: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.

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