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Jun 26, 2023

Trump Mercury Return 2023: Continual Indiscretion

Shown: Trump Mercury Return (8Can51) Horoscope of June 30, 2023 set for Bedminster, New Jersey; a new annual cycle of Mercurial matters and interests begins and includes Mercury ruling his natal 2nd and 11th houses:

As you see, for this post I've had to resort to a hand-drawn horoscope but after this evening, fresh ink cartridges are scheduled to arrive at my door and we can proceed as usual. Please enlarge or print the image to read my astro-notes penned on if need be. Notes include the rounded-up Sabian Symbol for the fellow's natal Mercury "9 Cancer": "A Tiny Nude Miss Reaching in the Water for a Fish" (Jones). Now yes, there is a low-charactered interpretation of this word picture for this particular Mars in Leo bounder, but I'll leave it for you, dear reader, to consider its implications, if you care to. But let's add Jones' negative expression for "9 Cancer": "continual indiscretion."

An additional note: Herr Trump's next Mars Return occurs on July 4, 2023, which times a new cycle of activity for the orange blighter. More on this is planned for a later post. And view his natal horoscope if you must.

Now it's also significant is that every year or so when transit Mercury returns to its natal degree in Trump's chart, it repeats the Mercury-square-Neptune that he was born under with its lack of discrimination, misperceptions, lack of objectivity, and the lies and fantasies he can't stop spouting and hiding behind. The man cannot or will not follow instructions (even those laid down by judges--at his peril!), misunderstandings and disbelief occur, wrong conclusions are drawn, he questions facts with instincts that differ from reality, selective hearing or tone-deafness, and leaks and scandals occur. For him such confusing, deceptive conditions are operative all the time, of course, but his yearly Mercury Return spotlights them in some way or another - and he's off to the races, spinning tales for the gullible, passing around gossip, promoting $chemes, and mouthing insults.

Of course, mundane Mercury (the trickster and communicator) can also act as a trader, or perhaps more of a traitor in this case - certainly a documents thief. So for a few interesting details concerning propagandist Trump's Mercury in Cancer check out a previous post which provides enlightenment via Carelli's Degrees.

And so with agent orange's 2023 Return Mercury in Return 6th house of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Rounds -- and Return Sun (vitality) posited in 6th h, too -- these are the areas of interest and engagement for him over the next year along with his natal 2nd and 11th house concerns which include finances and group endeavors. Plus, we can expect that a medical check-up is on his calendar, as it should be at his advanced age.

Then when we look to the Return Ascendant with 12th house Pluto rising at a critical 29th degree along with the Hera archetype (the legal wife; keeping accounts), we find legal eagle Saturn rising and Rx in 1st house, an inauspicious determinant for his Mercurial year since Saturn rules the return chart and its retrograde condition hints at Trump's usual delay tactic in legal matters. However, there are potentials for a variety of negative outcomes due to karmic Saturn hitting his natal Moon-MC and Neptune-Pluto midpoints such as: 'pessimism; collapse' or breakdown, 'separation; bereavement', and "untenable objectives" (R. Ebertin). Now I'm not wishing, just reading a horoscope here. Disagree and read the chart as you wish!

Then naturally with speedy little Mercury, travel is usually prominent as well via short trips, but for Trump, a journey across the ocean (Mercury in watery Cancer) is possible. After all, he retains possession of his passport, if memory serves.

2023: Two Return Aspects to Trump's Mercury

Then with Return Jupiter (@9Tau17 in Return 3rd house) sextile his Mercury, business opportunities may appear here or abroad, and his (tiresome) publishing efforts could expand. Meanwhile Saturn (@7Pis03 Rx and rising, as noted) suggests legal or other stabilizing help from an established network or system, and commerce is favored. Plus, as previously discussed, Saturn in Pisces suggests "struggling with opponents" (R. Ebertin) so Campaign 2024 is involved with orator Mercury's conditions and indications from now until his next Mercury Return on June 21, 2024 with Return Mars @9Taurus in place of this chart's Jupiter. Obviously, his 2024 Mercury Return will directly affect Election 2024 next November, assuming that Trump is active in election matters next year.

Meanwhile, you'll notice in the chart, above, that at Midheaven ('MC'), the WHY?-Career-Public-Status Point is Cupido Rx which indicates the continued involvement of organizations such as, The Network, The Family (his family, and/or the power-mad 'religious' group), The Mafia, The Criminal Syndicate/s, and/or simply anti-democratic Corporatism.

And speaking of planetary returns, a prominent return for us all has to be the 28-to-30-year Saturn Return for even a controlling person like ole man Trump cannot continue to ignore dealing with the demands of authoritative Saturn forever, with issues and lessons such as the accountability which he now faces because legal eagle planet Saturn has finally caught up with him.

References: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; and, The 360 Degrees of The Zodiac, Adriano Carelli. #ad

Mar 31, 2023

Horoscope: Trump Indicted in Manhattan

A Signal That the Trump Crime Wave Will Finally End?

by Jude Cowell

Meanwhile, today it's being reported that the Trump indictment won't go as folks think it will go and this is born out in the horoscope shown, below, set for March 30, 2023 5:32 pm edt Manhattan, NY, the time that CNN announced that an indictment had been voted by the NY Grand Jury against Donald J. Trump whose natal 10th house Uranus-NN-Sun trio of chaos and ego is atop the chart.

But why? Because the chart's Ascendant and Midheaven ruler, Mercury the Messenger, makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets in the indictment horoscope. Therefore, the sign, house, degree, and other conditions of Mercury, planet of votes, deliberation, and announcements, become the focus, and can act in similar fashion as a void of course Moon: that no one can interfere with the proceedings now underway, and/or that results will not be as expected. In Aries, Mercury emphasizes the pioneering of a first-ever indictment of a former US president. In 8th house of Shared Resources, Corporatism, Debts, and Death, we may discover more about this once the indictment is unsealed and the charges are revealed.

So please enlarge and/or print the horoscope to read my study notes, if you wish. Pollen allergies have me under the weather this week, so typing all my notes in this post is not feasible. However, do note that Indictment Jupiter @18Aries directly opposes Trump's natal Jupiter at Station which contains a groovy Sabian Symbol, I've always thought: "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" - a reference to Michael Cohen who 'took the fall' for Trump's pay-off to Stormy Daniels?

Now with Jupiter opposing his Jupiter, the orange blighter would be wise not to push too hard since few people are the least bit impressed with him! He says he'll surrender in New York 'next week', which remains to be seen for I'm uncertain that flight can be ruled out, not yet. One thing is certain: we're sure to hear his Libran Jupiter's favorite complaint, "It's not fair!"

Because of his indictment, how predictable that war and violence have been threatened by Trump and his supporters, and yes, such factors can be found in the above chart. I highlight two in particular:

1. That this event is occurring under the influence of the current Solar Eclipse in the 6 South Saros Series (see notes in center of the chart) with its 'being forceful, taking power; huge effort in group activities' themes - B. Brady) occurring on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and here opposed by the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint @2Taurus, the 'death axis' duo according to Reinhold Ebertin. In August 1932, a 6 South Eclipse manifested as the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse @8Vir09, discussed previously in multiple SO'W posts. So if ending the rise of Nazis and fascists in America has now begun, you know that I'm all for it. In fact, my uncles who fought Nazis in WWII would be proud of what may be the first of many indictments!

Yet we must face the fact that the rounded-up degree of the North Node (5Taurus) = "A Widow at an Open Grave." A negative word picture, of course, yet Dane Ruhyar adds that people are ready to, Discard the Past rather than using a violent connotation. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering if Ivana Trump's gravesite at Bedminster Golf Course shouldn't be inspected for buried evidence.

2. A dynamic T-Square is present, as you see, with the Moon-Pluto opposition at its base pointing toward the North Node ('NN") of destiny and denoting the removal or elimination of toxins from the system, plus, upsets and upheavals within the community. Additionally, the Moon-Pluto combination indicates criminal elements, and those are the elements and people I fervently hope will be removed from our societal and political systems no matter how many years it may take.

And if we need a further identity check from the horocope: Moon @30Cancer = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which might describe such malcontent magas as Boebert and Greene with their seditious dreams of revolution and civil war in the streets, but it definitely describes yours truly who insists on retaining American democracy and supporting the continuance of America's Perpetual Union.

Apr 13, 2020

July 26, 1775 - Founding of the U.S. Post Office

Got a minute? Below is a brief synopsis on video concerning the founding of the U.S. Postal Service by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775 with Benjamin Franklin appointed its first postmaster. In that era, Congress considered the founding of a postal service to be "crucial to the future of the 13 Colonies," a sentiment that modern-day (Republican) congress members do not hold because it doesn't jive with their campaign to sabotage and collapse the US government, and to privatize everything they can grab. Perhaps a few Democrats agree with this, I don't know. But ending the US Post Office is yet another example of how the greedy GOP is an anti-societal bunch of operators with bad intentions toward the American people and with no thought for the common good:

Video link.

Related: see an image of the First US postage Stamp Honoring Benjamin Franklin, Patriot and Postmaster - face value: 5 cents!

As for the Astrology of July 26, 1775, our USPS was founded under Sun Leo-Moon Cancer energies, a vulnerable and self-absorbed combination. Communicating Mercury @12Leo was retrograde that day which suggests a subsequent re-do or review of the legislation which formed the service. This relates to the fact that President George Washington signed further legislation, the Postal Service Act, which made the agency a permanent part of the federal government on February 20, 1792 with Mercury direct in Aquarius. Permanent. George Washington did that.

So as you know, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet often represented as a wing'ed messenger as shown, below. Additionally on July 26, 1775, expansive, inflating Jupiter was also posited in chatty Gemini, signifying the tremendous volume of mail delivered through the service's 237 years of operation. Oddly enough, Republicans behave as if they've never benefited from the US Postal Service! (Imho, anyone who depends solely on an Internet powered by an ancient electrical grid for all their communications must be completely daft. And excessively gullible.)

And so 2020 has dawned and the agency is on the verge of running out of funds in June! But this is thanks largely to 'help' from the Republican Party's imposed pension funding scam (a set-up for failure), and Trump's rejecting a bail-out package for the service - because mail-in votes could elect Democrats (!) in November so Trump would rather kill, or at least seriously hobble, the USPS than to lose the election. Astounding how much election rigging it's taking Republicans just to keep a substandard, unfit-for-office reality TV host playing at being 'POTUS'! Besides, the US Post Office delivers people's meds and other health supplies, too! See Postal Service on the verge of collapse and 63,000 jobs are at risk. Our nation is on the verge along with it, for meanwhile, transit Pluto creeps through governmental Capricorn and lends a hidden hand with the destruction of Saturnian structures as he heads for America's first-ever Pluto Return/s - three exact returns all through 2022.

Therefore, for the future of our Republic and the common good of We The People as we attempt to 'save what's left', my fervent hope is that a majority of Americans will speak up and out against the Republicans' plan to remove the US Post Office from our lives, a plan which just might culminate in 2027. Why then?

Because the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of the US Postal Service in the 11 South Saros Series - a Total eclipse which perfected on March 1, 1775 @11Pis11 and is also the PE of the American Revolution - has major themes attached: 'old methods/ideas fail; new systems are needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). And so another Total 11 South eclipse occurs on August 2, 2027 @10Leo - the natal Pluto position of USPS saboteur Donald Trump.

Unless you think that maybe he will be the block that's removed!

Above Image: Mercury the Swift Messenger of the Gods.

Mar 5, 2018

March 6, 2018: Mercury to Aries Point w Stars

Horoscope Image: March 6, 2018 2:34:25 am est White House Washington DC; Cardinal Water strong; Hour of Mercury in 'its' 3rd house of Communications; chart-ruler Saturn @7Cap41 and rising with Facies (ruthlessness or the victim); Mercury and Venus conjunct Scheat (misfortune; intellect), Sun conjunct Achernar (risk of rapid endings; crisis) and remains near masking, disguising, deceptive Neptune, North Node @14Leo31 8th house points toward Dubhe (loving but forceful); Mars conjoins the prophetic Hopi 'Blue Star' Ras Alhague and the Moon-SN conjunction of Donald Trump; and the Scorpio Jupiter in 11th house inflates starry Agena (the pain of learning).

In 2nd house you see the current Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 (27AQ07) in the 1 South Saros Series (flooded with ideas or options--Brady) where karmic progress can be made, and the last lunation, the Syzygy Moon @11Vir22 in the corporate 8th house as is the North Node of future direction. As you see in the horoscope, the planets form a BOWL shape with the fluctuating Moon @9Sco51 in 10th house leading the planetary throng; quirky radical Uranus @26Ari09 and asteroid of grieving mothers, Niobe, conjoin the Ending or Foundation Point of the chart, the IC. Pluto at a critical degree (20Capricorn) and rising behind Saturn, both karmic planets set to meet in Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @23Capricorn.

Three midpoint pictures are penned on the chart; any, all, or none may apply:

Lower left, Mars-Saturn = ASC; upper right, Mars-Pluto = Saturn; mid-right, Mars-MC = Jupiter. Now planet Mars rules the Cardinal Aries Point, as you know, and planet Mars @23Sag23 rises in 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing after conjoining Mr. Trump's Moon and South Node conjunction and describing the anger, quarrels, and separations recently surrounding Mr. Trump.

Also of note is Chiron to Aries Point which first becomes exact April 17, 2018, again September 25, 2018, and third/last on February 18, 2019.

A Changeable Moon Fighting for Survival in Scorpio

The double Water blend of Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio suggests a period of emotional and psychological insights and intuition, deep and complex feelings, and mental clarity for those who can transcend their personal prejudices; courage in the face of adversity may be in evidence along with the tendency to manipulate others in order to increase one's power and advantage while using scathing criticism and a fighting spirit in the process.

Sun Pisces-Moon Scorpio blend is shared natally by author John Steinbeck who perhaps puts the day's energies into context saying, "It is the nature of a man as he grows protest against change, particularly change for the better."

'30Pisces' = "The Great Stone Face"..."DISCERNMENT...destiny is character."

'1Aries' = "A Woman Rises Out of the Water, a Seal Is Embracing Her"..."REALIZATION...the self cannot separate itself from its own private obsessions." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

May 7, 2014

May 7, 2014 Mercury to Gemini conjunct May 2012 Eclipse

Mercury in the Month of May: Thinking of Politics, Praying for Young Girls

by Jude Cowell

Today as speedy Mercury reaches 00Gem00 and conjoins and highlights Fixed Star Alcyone (something to cry about; the Weeping Sisters of the Pleiades) we may be tempted to direct our minds (Mercury) toward the difficult themes of and events concurrent with the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 which manifested, of course, at a Zodiacal degree sensitized by the position of Alcyone. You'll remember that 2012 was quite an active year in Washington DC but not so much for getting things done as for implementing plans to get little if anything done other than to undermine Democrats.

Click the above link for a view of the May 2012 Solar Eclipse horoscope set for the White House (or, White Lodge!) and my typically grumpy-as-usual analysis of US politics and our unfortunate infestation of politicians who are in breach of the public trust.

Mercury's entry into Gemini today is prominent also due to Mercury's rulership of the sign of Good News (and bad), Gemini, for he/she is the servant and messenger of the gods. And naturally we send prayers out to the abducted young girls of Nigeria for their safe return, a circumstance that is definitely 'something to cry about' with Mercury the planet of young people and of transport.

Now for a more uplifting approach to this Mercurial topic, I heartily recommend you check out Depali Desai's article Celestial Twinkle: Mercury enters Gemini May 7th, 2014.

Jan 26, 2014

Jan 28 2014: SOTU 2014 w US natal Neptune rising

Our 2014 State of the Union Is...Nebulous and Deluded?

by Jude Cowell

On the evening of Tuesday January 28, 2014, President Obama is scheduled to give his 2014 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation. At the scheduled hour of 9:00 pm est--though he won't begin speaking until a few minutes afterwards--America's natal Neptune rises in Washington DC and since our nation was *founded with a problematic square (90 degrees = obstacles, blockages, yet dynamic energy) in effect between warrior Mars in Gemini and veiling (if inspired) Neptune in Virgo, we may expect many of the same related topics to be broached which are described by our nation's typically 'misguided or misdirected actions and motivations'.

Yet since it's deluded, often fraudulent, Neptune rising, can we expect clear explanations of our problems and what's needed to solve them? Neptune-inspired words are nice, of course, but we've had plenty of them and little improvement, haven't we? Or, perhaps we'll hear a spiritual or sacred tone used!

At an Hour of the Sun on January 28, 2014 9:00 pm est Capitol Building: Ascendant 22Vir55 brings up US natal Neptune, as stated, along with President Obama's natal Mars, our 'rock star' pairing of Mars-Neptune that seems seldom as glamorous these days after his years in office and the disappointments (Neptune) the American people (Neptune, the masses) have felt with some of his actions (Mars) that remain, for the most part, veiled by our Neptune which can delude us on many levels. Well, all agree that second presidential terms are problematic and always fraught with difficulties, scandals, and such.

And with Virgo being the sign of Work, US jobs are lacking even as their creation is promoted--yet secret trade deals are being signed which will export more jobs away from our workers. Perhaps SOTU 2014 Sun @9AQ04, which is now traversing President Obama's natal 12th house of Behind-the-Scenes deals, is denoted here. Will he mention the #TPP or the two other trade pacts in progress of implementation which will dissolve not just US jobs--but US sovereignty?

Naturally the Mars-Neptune link, plus our national Neptune rising places US natal Mars (males between 25 and 35, give or take, and the military and police, plus, activists, etc) at Midheaven, The Goal, or WHY? Point of any chart. On one level, what actions (Mars) are needed will be a focus of SOTU 2014 along with the usual mentions of the economy and investment although moneybags Jupiter remains retrograde until March 6, Mars in late Libra turns Rx on March 1, and we're all waiting for Venus (evaluations; small amounts of money; diplomacy; relationships) to turn Direct which she soon will do on January 31, 2014--@13Cap33 and still conjunct Pluto, as she is here.

Chart-ruler and thus SOTU 2014 ruler is Mercury which is appropriate for speeches and announcements. Mercury the Orator is positioned @27AQ09 conjunct US natal Moon so my guess is that the public (Moon) will be attentive to this particular SOTU Address. Mercury is in 6th house of Daily Affairs, Work, Health, Police/Military Service so we'll be listening for information on those topics in particular, plus, a transit of Mercury to natal Moon brings concerns about domestic matters, travel, and education.

Pluto Opposes US Natal Sun

Now I've typed a lot in the past on SO'W about the current power struggles and stalemates reflected by tr Pluto, the wealthy manipulator and saboteur, opposing US natal Sun (the leader). Plus, as you know, the current Jupiter Rx @12Can32 conjoins US natal Sun (when something begun 12 years ago must be wound down or upped to a new level--war.) To me, the stand-off between these major power players seems to behave as a bit of a vise--a big squeeze, you might say, concerning matters the president is dealing with. And I believe this squeeze relates in part to efforts of those who would dissolve America's social safety net programs instituted under Franklin Roosevelt since tr Pluto conjoined our natal planets in Cancer during the 1930s. Now Pluto, planet of Plutocracy, opposes the president, and by extension, Plutocracy opposes the US government and We the People. Wealthy Pluto wants all the money and he almost has it, too!

Meanwhile, we hear the echoes of this argument in the form of 'income inequality' and other related topics. I believe that SOTU 2014 will be received quite well by the American public (Mercury trine North Node 5A19), however, chart-ruler Mercury makes first a complex sesqui-square (135 degrees) to banker/politician Jupiter Rx and though the aspect is not Ptolemaic (major), it suffices to describe the difficult square-within-a-square conditions of unbalance which a single SOTU Address will attempt to deal with. And of course you've heard that there will be three Republican responses this year including the Tea Party challenge to the president's presentation. My joy can hardly be contained.

So What Does Mercury the Messenger Say?

As for an applying Ptolemaic aspect by chart-ruler Mercury which can tell us something about how things will proceed, that is a conjunction with Neptune (6A55) which is posited @4Pis05, conjunct star Fomalhaut (crisis; risk of rapid endings, in the 6th house between Mercury/US natal Moon and Chiron @11Pis19. This aspect makes it difficult to ascertain accuracy of information and the facts. Actions taken may be misunderstood--and more questions are raised than are answered.

A Cardinal T-Square is formed with radical Uranus @9Ari20 in 7th house as apex planet, the catalyst and reformer. A progressive Uranian vision is certain to be promoted yet too much aggression will alienate or intimidate others. Any sudden moves by the president may seem contrary, illogical, or inconsistent to plans he has already set in motion and even lawlessness may be prominent. (One example: I refuse to believe that the secret provisions of the TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, are consistent with the US Constitution!)

Yet in spite of any negatives--or saboteurs who work to undermine a Democratic president's message--let's not rule out the positive benefits of the current Solar Eclipse (@11Sco15 on November 3, 2013) with its helpful Uranus-Neptune-trine vibes indicating 'bright ideas and brilliant solutions' which are desperately needed if we hope to improve upon the State of Our Union in 2014.


US horoscope used in this post: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA.

Jul 24, 2013

7.24.13: US Jupiter Return inspires Obama speech on Economy

Obama's Speech on the economy begins with a Void-of-Course Moon

by Jude Cowell

Today at 12:55 pm edt, or 1:00 pm cdt, depending on the source (and probably not beginning on time but the official time seems to be 12:55 pm) at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, President Obama speaks about the US economy in a effort to refocus attention on finances and jobs.

At 12:55 pm cdt, we find 24Lib28 rising which makes evaluating Venus chart-ruler during this Hour of the Sun (the president.) The speech's Sun @1Leo59 will soon cross the Midheaven (MC) of Goals and Aspirations with MC @28Can51. The president's natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn conjoins the IC (Foundation of the Matter; The Drain) along with America's natal Pluto Rx which, when the energies are taken together, show concerns about rising from difficult situations and the hard work and privation the rising involves. The VOC Moon denotes that today's event will proceed without interference, or, that nothing turns out as expected--unless he speaks until the Moon enters Pisces.

Still, there are adjustments (inconjunct) to be made between leadership (Sun) and the people (Moon) for an inconjunct between the luminaries denotes his attempt to win approval from the public (and thus pressure Republicans to cooperate), along with the expression of an altered perspective that can provide many advantages if successfully utilized and directed. Yes, generous, advantageous, investing, monied Jupiter is well-represented here.

Venus-Neptune: unrealistic dreams

As for chart-ruler Venus' two applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects, we find that the planet of money and attraction first opposes Neptune (4Pis48 Rx--the masses; the media) which hints that once trust has been shattered as it has, it will be difficult for Washington politicians to gain it back, and that some of them follow an idealism which is based on a clouded vision. I would ascribe this to the Global Government-NWO crowd of faithless politicians and their financial backers but maybe that's just me. At any rate, few can deny that America is being collapsed in a methodical way particularly since the 1980s and the deregulation of Wall Street firms made Global Corporatism our government's 'god'. Their anti-sovereign campaign is doing quite well against the 'old-fashioned' nation-state that citizens of nation-states prefer to live in, thanks very much.

Now on Monday July 22, 2013, America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 returned to natal position in the 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) marking a new round of Jupiterian activities for our nation. This includes finances but also denotes expansion, investment, broadening of vistas, Jupiter the General's war and conquest efforts, religion, philosophy, and broadcasting from the Bully Pulpit such as President Obama does today--concerning economic issues.

However, he begins today's speech (assuming it starts on time or thereabouts) with austere Saturn rising @5Sco02 and North Node (a Jupiterian point) @13Sco17 also in 1st house. This Nodal position hits the US Inaugural Descendant (partnerships; open enemies) so transiting SN of the Moon now languishes upon the Ascendant of the Presidential Oath-Taking. 'Outstanding in his field', separation, or some mixture of both? Saturn in 1st house indicates stoppages or at least, delays, while NN in 1st provides an indication of good fortune.

the only midpoint picture is the ongoing Neptune/NN = Pluto where perspectives are difficult to blend with that of others. Plus, the Neptune/NN combo indicates a lack of community spirit, something powerful, manipulative Pluto now uses for his propagandistic purposes that keep the American people divided (and thus, conquered.)

Activist Mars, god of war and drone strikes. is out-of-bounds (OOBs) @7Can31 conjunct Mirzam, a star of The Announcer and of one who has something to say or express. Orating Mercury @14Can06 conjoins US natal Sun and Dog Star, Sirius (the mundane becomes sacred) which supports the 'announcement' theme of the speech's horoscope. Plus, Mars by degree joins in with the closed circuit of energies and urge for security and protection seen in the Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune so perhaps Mrs will trigger action on the level of Social Responsibility.

The Moon's entry into Pisces will allow her to join in the Grand Trine as well, yet it's doubtful that such triggering will affect the GOP considering the party's recent progressed opposition of SP Moon and SP Neptune by which delusions, confusion, lies, fraud, and deception were handed to Americans who are felt by Republicans to be social burdens and parasites.

Apparently the Rs think that using US taxpayers' funds to invest at home for our sakes interferes with their next misadventure abroad when there are new territories to conquer, more natural resources to plunder, and a Global Government to set up as their ideology demands from atop the heights of Jupiter's expansive realms.

Pluto Opposes from Controlling Capricorn

Meanwhile, transit Pluto @9Cap44 Rx in the speech's 3rd house of Communications continues to firmly oppose US natal planets in Cancer--today Mr. Underworld is between exact opposition to US natal Jupiter (5Can56) and US n Sun (13Can19) so Mr. Obama's titanic struggles with global internationalists continue to mar America's future prospects even though austerity measures both here and abroad have proven themselves to be fruitless for growth, development, and economic improvement, but are a requirement for those Utopians and neocons determined to collapse governments and ruin economies so that a 'new economic order' will be accepted by the people as 'the only remedy'.

A Venus-Saturn contact

Chart-ruler Venus then goes on to sextile Saturn (2A@@) which signifies those with good investment and business sense, interests in future growth and development, and good communications skills. And with the speech's Sun @1Leo59 conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury (2Leo20), we may expect that today's speech will be bracing and thoughtful yet taken as antagonistic in the ears of his Republican opponents who are determined that his will be a 'failed presidency'.

Uranus-Pluto and the Moon at a 29th degree

Naturally, the tiresome, rebellious Uranus-Pluto square energies under gird all issues (until 2015)--here 2S45, and the Moon (We the People; the public; publicity; emotional moods/trends) @29AQ43, a critical-crisis degree, in 4th house of Real Estate and Domestic Scene is anxious to move into mystical if confused Pisces which Luna does at 1:23 pm edt. America had a Lunar Return today--27AQ10--at 9:43:34 am edt, White House, in Return 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work and Employment, Health Concerns, and Daily Rounds so We the People remain acutely aware that job creation is the key to our lagging if slowly improving economy. Now if only Washington kept our dwindling social conditions in mind long enough to accomplish worthwhile changes and implement the investments our nation needs.

One more note about the speech horoscope--it has a splay pattern of planets which denotes an intensity that can't be limited to a single point of application (M.E. Jones) so that we may expect several ideas for solving economic woes to be offered by President Obama as he kicks off today a series of speeches on the US economy--and then by the Saturnian austerians on the rise in 1st house in corporate-minded Scorpio, sign of spies and betrayals. The Leo Sun (the president) is squared (blocked) by Saturn (3A03) @'6Scorpio' = "A Gold Rush" (Jones) so Republican obstructionism toward the policies put forth by the president remain suspect in the eyes of those who would cause this administration's Saturnian downfall as this difficult transiting aspect echoes America's natal Sun-Saturn square.#

And since Jupiter's realm also includes ideology, we find the concepts of expansion/investment v restriction/austerity at the base of the stalemate in Washington economically, politically, and otherwise.

For a broader view of America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013 with the Return horoscope shown and notated by yours truly (as seen through a common good lens), you may wish to order the 19-page printable Stars Over Washington Report on Jupiter 2013 (PDF format) from the sidebar of this blog. Our recent Solar Return 2013 is also available. Thanks! jc

Great reading is Gary P. Caton's recent TMA article The 79-Year Cycle of Mercury and Mars in the USA Horoscope with the Mercury-Mars duo a signature for political opinions and arguments.

7.26.13: notable in the president's speech is his "get back to basics" theme which tallies with our national Jupiter 'getting back' to its natal degree!

Jul 3, 2013

Eric Francis finds Edward Snowden's correct birth time

Here's an update with video on the whereabouts of asylum-seeker Edward Snowden.

July 3, 2013: It's raining frogs, dogs, and felines here (near Atlanta) so this is a quick post to make certain you're seen the article on the natal horoscope of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden who at last check, remains on the lam from the US government for yanking down its frilly underpants of spycraft. With the Moon void-of-course all day today, not much will work out for very many if it occurs at all, and this must include the flight of Edward Snowden who has yet to find a safe place to lay his weary head.

Can't Find The Man But We Find His Birth Hour

Edward Joseph Snowden's birth certificate (or record) shows that he was born at 4:42:00 am EDT (June 21, 1983 Elizabeth City, New Jersey) and in my previous post concerning his natal planets I had used 'noon' for his horoscope. Now I shall be pleased to update my chart files to reflect the improved data for Mr. Snowden, thanks to expert astrologer Eric Francis!

You may wish to check out the elusive Mr. Snowden's natal horoscope at Planet Waves with its 12th house (secrets; Politics; self-undoing; karma--reaping what's been sown) Mercury the Messenger rising in communicating Gemini.

Perhaps Mr. Snowden will be again in flight once flighty Mercury turns Direct on July 20, 2013 @13Can21 (or maybe be brought back to the US to face charges--this Mercury Direct Station conjoins US natal Sun, the president), or, perhaps the Direct Station of Saturn (accountability; authority; control; lawmakers) on July 8, 2013 will trigger action in this situation, legal or otherwise, though before very long, Saturn's forward direction will land the restrictive planet smack dab onto Snowden's natal 6th house Moon @13Sco25.

And as you know, ancient Saturn can play a grim-reality tune on his pan pipes!

Jun 16, 2013

Political Astrology of G8 Summit 2013 in Belfast Ireland

G8 Summit 2013 Has a "Broad Agenda"

by Jude Cowell

The US Embassy website provides much information concerning President Obama's journey to Belfast, Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit of 2013.

The usual propaganda is detailed about what the purposes of the 2013 G8 agenda and includes discussions of: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (another trade pact that will decimate jobs in the US, lower wages, and fatten the bank accounts of the ruling class), illegal and legal tax evasion by corporations who secretly hide profits from the IRS (does the NSA's surveillance programs such as PRISM track them?), and a "wide range of security issues" like the peace process in Northern Ireland (!), Iran's nuclear weapons development program, the 'security mission' in Afghanistan, and the civil conflict in Syria.

(My translation: How's that forceful implementation of Global Government goin'? And, What 'peace process'??)

As President Obama leaves Washington DC late tonight to fly to Belfast, the Moon will have entered Libra, sign of war and diplomacy, at 9:19 pm edt which means that Luna conjoins US natal Midheaven @00Lib+ in our 'Sibly' chart of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT. This gives us a starting point for a brief consideration of the cosmic weather during G8 2013. Sun is in Gemini, sign of flight and meetings, for the duration until the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2013 at 1:04 am edt--click to view its horoscope with details, set for Washington DC.)

Sun Gem-Moon Lib is a double Air combo, good for travel, meetings, discussions, surveillance issues, and the speeches President Obama will deliver while abroad.

This blend denotes wandering spirits (the president does love to get out of Washington town), tact and cleverness, and breezy charm. Relationships are very important and idealism may be noted.

A desire for new vistas and a smoothing over of differences are prime motivators since it's typical of this blend to neglect facing harsh realities (such as the NSA's blown cover thanks to Edward Snowden, journalists Barton Gellman, and Glenn Greenwald--with more revelations to come of a stunning nature.)

Perhaps quotes from three people who were born with the Sun Gem-Moon Lib combo may be of interest to our topic, the first relating to emperors who--oops!--are wearing no clothes though they assume they are...

"I wasn't really naked, I simply didn't have any clothes on." Josephine Baker

"Read my lips, no new taxes." Former President George H. W. Bush

"Henceforth the adequacy of any military establishment will be judged by its ability to keep the peace." Henry Kissinger.

Really? Puh!

Now here are the Images for Integration (of Sun/consciousness, Moon/unconsciousness) for Sun Gem-Moon Lib as given by Charles & Suzi Harvey in their book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign--the first of which is obviously inspired by Henry Kissinger's days of diplomatic service (war criminal though he may be):

A shuttle diplomat brings together warring factions...An elegant hostess puts on a party and exhibition to help a worthy cause...Elgar's Enigma Variations--'to my friends depicted within.'

(Note: at the G8 in Belfast, the hostess/host is the UK's 'elegant' PM David Cameron. But somehow I doubt their 'worthy cause' will bolster the prospects of ordinary folk overmuch. Plus, the American side of the global surveillance system has had its frilly underpants pulled down a tad so Mr. Obama may be called on the carpet, imho, with secret underpinnings of the 'new world order' now displayed to the spied-upon rabble!)

Now during G8 Summit 2013, the Moon enters Scorpio on Wednesday June 19 thus shifting the cosmic weather to Sun Gem-Moon Sco, an ethereal Air-Water combo of energies. This shift occurs while the president is in Germany with Angela Merkel.

Plus, the Sun (leader) conjoins banker/politician/guru Jupiter on June 19 @28Gem31 (at 12:11 pm edt, and 4:50 pm BST) and as you know, '28Gemini' is the degree of BANKRUPTCY in Sabian Symbols. During major summits and other meetings, planetary conjunctions are always a great spot to look for clues about what's up. Is Jupiter the president's favorite guru or mentor? His 1st house natal Chiron in Pisces says he has them. Is Merkel the Jupiterian banker? I suspect so.)

Tellingly, messenger Mercury, planet of air travel, speeches, plans, and negotiations, is conjoined now by asteroid Apollo, which I regularly linked to President Obama during Campaign 2008--a 'hero's journey' kind of solar archetype which I thought was appropriate since many voters seemed to worship him as a 'god', or at least, a 'rock star' (modern society's 'gods' as in, 'rock god'.)

Thing is, Mercury is now in Cancer and within range of Pollux, a star with astrological themes that include potentials for: danger of disgrace, cruelty, rape, murder, danger from women (German Chancellor Angel Merkel again? Mercury and Lady Venus are conjunct), poisons, or large animals, the occult, Astrology (Horary Plain & Simple, A. Louis.)

So the Sun Gem-Moon Sco blend denotes communication skills yet with a tendency toward secrecy, provocation and paradox, magnetic intensity and a gift for selling. Dedicated to convictions, this combo describes investigators, stoics, and tempers with scathing tongues. Mmm-hmm.

The blend's Images for Integration may be curiously appropriate:

Father Brown solves a murder...A kaleidoscope reveals ever-changing images of people and passions...A string quartet plays with lightness and dark intensity...A long-distance runner.

Well, there is a brief astro-portrait of G8 Summit 2013. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of such topics, for if you have a mind to, I would muchly appreciate it.

Aug 14, 2012

Nikola Tesla: Sun Cancer-Moon Libra w a rare film on video!

Update September 5, 2015: the following text is being retained so that the post title makes sense however, the video referred to gives a message, "this video no longer exists." My original post begins here and includes a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of inventor (and possible murder victim) Nikola Tesla:

A message has arrived from Alexandra Bruce which sets up the following rare film about the intriguing Uranian, Nikola Tesla:

"This is a rare English-Language film produced in the former Yugoslavia that tells the story of Nikola Tesla's arrival in America and his encounters with Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse and the mighty financier J.P. Morgan, played by Orson Welles.

It portrays one of the most pivotal periods of modern history, during Tesla's development of alternative current, as the global standard for electrification, and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world for the better."

-Alexandra Bruce

This is where the Tesla video was embedded before it was mysteriously 'disappeared'.

A Sprinkling of Astrology upon Nikola Tesla

by Jude Cowell

Horoscope: Nikola Tesla July 10, 1856 (NS) 12:00 am -1:01 LMT Smiljan, Yugoslavia 14N35 015E19

Sun 18Can17 (conj Castor and Venus 15Can27--transit Moon 18Can41 conj his n Sun as I opened his chart in my file for the first time in years--such synchronicity is common when a name from the past resurfaces via a reference or a memory which inspires an astrologer to view the natal chart); n Mercury 28Gem26; n Mars 19Lib11 conj n Moon -- he's recently had a Mars Return (with Mars today @24Lib28) but with no activity of his own--he died on or about Jan 7, 1943, NYC; n Jupiter 8Ari37 with today's tr Uranus, The Inventor/The Genius/Electricity, conjunct at 8Ari06; n Saturn 5Can38; n Uranus 23Tau57--Taurus, the intelligent sign of The Architect, Builder, Grower, and Preserver, ruled by Venus; n Neptune Rx @20Pis22 (strong in its own mystical sign); dragon planet Pluto 5Tau33 (some say Tesla's family lineage included the Order of the Dragon as was Count Dracula--that he was a member of the Dragon family line as were John and son John Quincy Adams); Chiron 3AQ48; NN 20Ari06.

Tesla's Sun Cancer-Moon Libra is a Water-Air combo of energies (Sun = conscious mind, Moon = the unconscious), a very creative, misty, and ethereal blend (he was not a practical man especially with finances). With Sun ruled by the Moon and Moon ruled by Venus, Tesla's personality was socially aware, perceptive and super-sensitive yet challenged in the realm of relationships (plus, Venus square Mars). He was a shrewd Cancer who preferred to isolate himself within his protective emotional shell. And with wily old financier J. P. Morgan around (played in the film formerly embedded above by Orson Welles), Tesla was out-foxed in the financial realm which may gave been easy since Tesla was highly focused on his own thoughts and ideas and was largely uninterested in money.

Sun Cancer-Moon Libra: "Images for Integration: Mother Goose recites a poem, surrounded by adoring fairy-tale creatures...A family holds a lucrative sale of its artistic heirlooms to the neighborhood." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Oddly enough this ethereal personality blend is found in the natal charts of George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Bruce Springsteen, and Angela Lansbury.

And to the Sun Cancer-Moon Libra blend, master astrologer Noel Tyl adds that "the emphasis will be on the romantic" (not for Tesla!) and that planet "Venus will be especially important in the horoscope." In Tesla's case, Venus is spotlighted by first squaring Mars (3A44), then NN (4A39), and finally trines Neptune (4A55). Venus trine Neptune added inspiration to his pioneering (Aries) Jupiter (broadened horizons; science; discoveries; breakthroughs) and was greatly activated by the innovative spirit of speedy Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, The Messenger to the gods.

Birth data: Rodden Rating: B; source: bio/autobiography, The Life of Nikola Tesla by John J. O'Neill..."midnight between July 9/10, 1856"; O'Neill was a personal friend of Tesla who was said to have been born during a thunderstorm," astrodatabank; "at the stroke midnight," according to his biography.

And with transformer Pluto rising we see his magnetic charisma and--aided by visionary Neptune in its own creative sign of Pisces, Tesla's extraordinary visualization ability because Pluto rising gives a sort of x-ray vision into the workings of the Cosmos, into the deepest layers of the Universe. And of course, Saturn is the traditional planet of Science, along with Mercury, and add Uranus for lightening, electricity, flashes of brilliance, innovation, inventiveness, and pure genius.

This page updated May 3, 2016. jc

Mar 17, 2011

Messenger Orbits Mercury tonight as Mercury opposes Saturn 3.17.11

And a Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011 to you and to NASA whose space probe Messenger is to go into elliptical orbit around speedy Mercury tonight and for one Earth year after.

Here's a Timeline of the 6-year+ project to investigate Mercury.

NASA's Messenger page has lots of info (apt for anything to do with Astrology's mental planet, Mercury!) and says that Orbital Insertion begins tonight at 8:45 pm EDT when in the Tropical Zodiac, Mercury will be @ 14Ari20.

Mercury opposes Saturn Rx 15Lib10 w US natal Saturn 14Lib48, therefore Mercury opposes US n Saturn as well. This is a period of time when ideas, activities, and information are prone to diametric opposition to structures, tradition, and organization as other voices with dissenting opinions critique our authority and experience. Normally under this transit, travel is delayed or curtailed, good news is not forthcoming, other people don't tend to say what we want to hear, and conflicting information is all around us.

(This sounds a lot like the House speakers rising this morning to speak for or against public funding of NPR. No ideas in Congress for jobs creation, just attacks on the only nearly-balanced news outlet the American people have left, and the only one still maintaining an office in Afghanistan. Plus, defunding NPR will mean loss of jobs, so Thanks, Republicans. As usual, you're misdirecting your zealous energies. A majority of Americans are polling a resounding, No! to defunding NPR, so get over it. The procedural vote in the House is expected this afternoon. Even if you think NPR is 'left-wing', in America we desperately need a left to counterbalance the abundance of 'right-wing' info we're being inundated with 24/7, otherwise the US butterfly tilts crazily into Fascism as it hits the ground.)

NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission was launched on August 3, 2004 from Cape Canaveral FL and tonight begins the mission's big pay-off. You may wish to check out a 2008 post published just before a flyby. In the post you'll find I used *Adriano Carelli's degree for Mercury's position then (14Lib) where Saturn Rx soon returns 2011 - and, again, it's America's natal Saturn position. But you may be surprised to read at post's end of another entity's 14 Libra Saturn as stated by Mr. Carelli, so I'll let you click and sleuth it for yourself in your best mercurial fashion!

Tonight at 8:45 pm edt with Sun 27Pis05 and Moon 2Vir26, the muddy Water-Earth Sun-Moon blend's Images for Integration may be revealing concerning NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission, its cutting-edge photography of the planet, and other conditions going on now as well:

"A mosaic picture of the universe, each piece perfect in itself...Small events bring enormous consequences...Faith and reason shake hands." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Yes, faith (Jupiter) and reason (Mercury) should shake hands much more often in this polarized, at-odds world and I hope NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission proceeds successfully tonight, and that the partisan GOP attack on NPR is beaten back once again.


*Source: 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Sep 29, 2009

Baucus vs Rockefeller - Sun Lib/Moon AQ 9.29.09

Now locked in a matinee performance (allegedly!): Max Baucus and Jay Rockefeller, with blogging gnat me (and you?) waiting to see if Congress will do anything at all for our ailing health insurance system and the public option in process of being undermined by the big fat insurance industry and its Washington payrollees.

Well, Max Baucus made his statement just a while ago (see article above) so I took a quick peek at a horoscope for 2:55 pm EDT (Washington, DC) for a few planetary positions, and to find the Sabian Symbols for them - see if you think any of the symbols apply to our Health Insurance Reform situation for today:

Sun "7Lib": "A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them from the Hawks";

Moon "16AQ": "A Big Businessman at His Desk";

Mercury "22Vir" (Station Direct TODAY with NASA's Messenger spacecraft snapping photos of planet Mercury today for the third and final time; Messenger will go into orbit around the speedy planet in March 2011): "A Royal Coat of Arms";

Mars "22Can": "A Woman Awaiting a Sailboat" (maybe that describes me awaiting Congress to actually do something good for cash-strapped Americans. Interesting that Baucus cites 'pragmatism' as his reason for not supporting a public option, the only provision that may make the system of practical use to all Americans.)

The Mercury/Mars sextile is the base of a YOD pattern of 'adjustment, crisis, and/or special tasks' and is pointing at health-concerned Chiron @ '22AQ': "A Rug Placed on the Floor for Children to Play" (the House floor? Is this to be a basic overhaul that doesn't go too far that it riles the insurance industry? Obviously, we-the-people are considered to be the 'children'.)

One more astrological factor to mention in the collective is the soon-perfecting square (90 degrees) between Saturn and Pluto.

Expert astrologer Alan Oken describes the square aspect between authoritarian, controlling Saturn and coping, powerful, transforming Pluto (associated with surgeries and recuperative powers after illness) as:

'Consolidation vs Regeneration' and he adds: harshness, cruelty, destruction to the established order, dissatisfaction and a deep desire to annihilate existing forms.'

Well, yes, it sounds harsh all right, but it seems to this particular populist that the 'destruction' turns out to be on the part of the middle and lower classes with the wealthy super-rich in the catbird seat of plutocratic oligarchy. Forces fight above our heads, while we-the-people (and the rest of the world) suffer the 'trickle down' on our own, and now that the banking and political classes have dive-bombed the US financial system, we have fewer than ever resources with which to bounce back.

Planet of the Democrats, Saturn, is today @ 26Vir29, with Pluto 00Cap45; both heavyweights are in Direct motion, so the full effects of their square-off will be stronger as Saturn reaches 00Libra and beyond, and thus forms his partile (exact) square with power-behind-the-throne Pluto. Falling upon 00 Cardinal degrees - World Points - indicates events that affect the masses.

My feeling is that Mercury's "A Royal Coat of Arms" (of today's announcement by Baucus) is more intimately involved in the current health care stand-off than meets the common man's eye. Is the US government making decisions on its own? Hmm.

Or does the symbol merely refer to the ruling class' sense of 'nobility' and entitlement? Mercury turns direct today and pronouncements are made in Washington! We'll see if Max Baucus' sentiments 'turn' out to be the icingless cake of reform when it all shakes down.

Plus, today's rational, laissez faire *Sun Lib/Moon AQ blend with its prominent social conscience has these Images for Integration:

'A group of literary radicals stage a love-in to protest against military policy...In an elegant opera house, a trendy jazz musician performs rag time with a symphony orchestra.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

What do you think? Do you have feelings about a public option and the 'job' Congress is 'doing' toward 'improving' our health care problems?


*The Sun Lib/Moon AQ combo of energies is shared natally by John Lennon, George Gershwin, John Le Carre, Timothy Leary, and psychiatrist R. D. Laing...and perhaps by someone you know, lone reader!

Oct 5, 2008

Messenger probe to buzz Mercury Monday 10.6.08

Mercury the Messenger Gets Fly-by from Messenger! was posted in January 2008 when NASA's Messenger craft was approaching the mysterious planet Mercury.

As you know, Mercury is so close the our Sun we hardly know him and tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning, NASA's Messenger probe will fly 125 miles above the surface and take photos of an area about the size of South America.

That Mercury astrologically speaking is now retrograde 14Libra+ isn't considered good for things Mercury is said to 'rule' in Astrology (or affect) so I hope NASA gets all the photos they desire with perfect transmission which is not always seen with Mercury Rx which can also affect travel - on earth, at least.

Both readers of this blog know that I sometimes frisk into degree symbolism including Adriano Carelli's version from his 360 Degrees of the Zodiac.

Let's see what Mercury's degree tomorrow morning '14Lib' says...

"A fox and an ancient theater mask (from one of Aesop's Fables.)"

Oh my good-den-ness! it can't be that this is only a stage presentation to bolster NASA's and the USA's reputation, could it?

You know, I've had the horoscope of America's first landing on the Moon for years now and never published it. Other blogs or sites have, I'm sure, so my own grousings on the squirreliness of the Moon landing chart could make little if any difference to anyone.

Or perhaps it's more that I've simply never gotten 'round to it.

Anyway, let's see if there's anything of interest in Carelli's explanation of this dramatic word picture and see if things get any better for the Messenger:

It is a degree of theatricality, implying cunning but an otherwise dull mind. (Mercury is the planet of 'the mind' in Astrology.)

Here's more in highlight form...self-conceit coupled with the most abject toadying; a mixture of priggishness and pandering, bluff and treacherousness; a flamboyant style, propensity for dazzling pageants, void and bombastic rhetoric.

Sheesh. Nothing better here.

Carelli goes on to say that '14Lib' is the degree of Saturn in the Fascist regime's natal chart. Hmph. And '14Lib' is America's natal Saturn degree, too.

Well, if that's the sort of message we'll be receiving from eye-in-the-sky NASA and the *ISS, let's hope the fascist corporate-state powers oh-so-recently melded into one strand and now held in Hank Paulson's hand meets its end sooner rather than later.

All apologies, dear reader, for making this Messenger to Mercury post more than first intended...I opened Carelli's book and it just typed out that way! Crummy politics invades everything.


*ISS is the International Space Station that's watching you...