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Feb 6, 2014

Feb 7, 2014 US Debt Limit Reached as 2012 Eclipse Is Triggered

February 7, 2014: US Debt Limit Reached, Says Treasury Secretary Lew

by Jude Cowell

See US teeters towards debt default, cash could run dry by end of Feb for Treasury Secretary Lew's warning and his plea to Congress to act quickly to renew the legal $16.7 trillion debt cap so America can pay bills that Congress has already racked up.

Will Republicans listen to Lew's warning or does 'governing by crisis' remain their primary tactic for boycotting common sense and a reliable economy in favor of demonstrating their extreme disdain for a Demcratic president who dares to be half African American?

An interesting thing about Friday February 7, 2014 is that the Moon, often a trigger or stimulant in horoscopes, will conjoin at 1:44 pm est the degree of a certain Solar Eclipse which manifested on May 20, 2012--almost two years ago when 'fiscal cliffs' and the dire specter of being shoved over them were much touted in the news. So in a spirit of re-view of past events--for Mercury turns retrograde today at 4:43 pm est--I add below a previously published list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2012 in order to provide a fuller picture of the year but with emphasis on the Solar Eclipse @00Gem20 of May 20, 2012:

A Total of Four Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2012:

1. 14 South Saros Series: Solar Eclipse May 20 @00Gem21 conjoins Fixed Star Alcyone (potentials: mystical but judgmental; exiled; unlucky; something to cry about); (has a Mercury influence); 14S contains Mercury-Pluto (secrets; spying; control of communications; toxic transport) vibes and first manifested on August 29, 984, OS, @10Vir59: Sun-Moon = Mercury-Pluto; its themes include 'an obsessive idea finally accepted leads to Jupiter's promised success--a long-awaited breakthrough'--Brady; the horoscope is linked, below;

2. Lunar Eclipse June 4 (intros the rare Venus Transit June 5/6 in mid-Gemini) @14Sag conjunct US natal Ascendant (Sibly); Moon = We the People; (has a Jupiter influence);

3. 15 North Solar Eclipse November 13 @ 22Sco (sign of Big Business; Corporations; the Underworld; Endings; Regeneration and Healing (has a Mars-Pluto influence); conjoins two Fixed Stars: Unukalhai (Alpha Serpentis; potentials: achievement, then a fall; legal problems; accidents; success in Politics, war, writing; shipwrecks; forgeries; and Agena (potentials: honors; success with the masses; high status; scandal and gossip)--A. Louis;

4. Lunar Eclipse November 28 @7Gem conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55, and transiting Midas and Pan; Sun/Moon = Uranus: unusual twists of fate; sudden developments or conflicts; acting independently; the urge for freedom--Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin; (a Mercury influence aqain which may affect communications, planning, trade, commerce, and vote counts and re-counts).

And here's my original post concerning the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse (horoscope shown set for DC) if you care to take a look.

Now if, like this southern blogger, you think all of Washington DC's financial Political Theater of stalemates, shut-downs, and defaults signal much larger issues than ruining the 'full faith and credit of the United States' and the debt limit brouhaha's use of the tiresome R vs D divide-and-conquer ploy, here's an interesting excerpt from a December 2008 article citing a Financial Times editorial (linked below):

{Gideon} Rachman writes that “global governance” could be introduced much sooner than many expect and that President elect Barack Obama has already expressed his desire to achieve that goal, making reference to Obama’s circle of advisors which includes Strobe Talbott, who in 1992 stated, “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

If this sounds like the projected results from current secret trade deals that dissolve our national sovereignty, 'FastTrack' presidential authority to sign them so that Congress can deny any responsibility--particularly the #TPP--you may wish to read on...

Is Congress allowing the president 'FastTrack authority' to sign away US workers' rights and what little national sovereignty remaining the promised Jupiterian 'breakthrough' from 2012? Well, Washington is obsessed with global government implementation, isn't it?

Ah, the anti-democratic things men (and women) must do in order to be selected by the power elite to play the role of 'President of the United States of America'!


Oh look! Here's a link to a video interview of Strobe Talbott in India talking about bilateral ties, how "democracy around the world" is under-performing, and whatnot on the 2014 road ahead.

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