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Feb 15, 2014

Natal Planets show temperament of Gov Chris Christie and a scandal revealed

Thus Spake Chris Christie

A Personality Assessment by Jude Cowell

If you're wondering whether NJ Governor Chris Christie's blustering temperament is described in his horoscope via natal planets and their aspects, wonder no more for, “You can be quick on the trigger when it comes to verbal reactions to others--"...well, yes, Chris Christie's natal Mercury-Mars square shows itself to be hair-trigger quick and ready for intimidating expression as we've seen quite often in the several verbal confrontations recorded by the media in recent years. And personally I'm glad his finger has never been pointed in my face or this steel magnolia would probably bite it off due to my very close Mercury-Mars conjunction in Capricorn!

Read more concerning Gov. Christie's natal chart by expert astrologer Anthony Louis: "I Am Not a Bully" -- Chris Christie which includes images of his natal horoscope (sunrise--no birth time known) and his current Solar Return chart for it covers the time frame of the 'Bridge-Gate' fiasco which began on the morning of September 9, 2013--three days after the governor's 51st birthday on September 6, 2013.

Curiously, the transiting Saturn-North Node hook-up of 2013 is prominent in his Solar Return chart but that isn't the curious part. Reinhold Ebertin gives the combination of Saturn-North Node as "the mystery of the three days." I'm not certain that this is significant to the mystery of who, what, and why the apparent vengeful actions were taken against the people of New Jersey as proxies for the Christie administration's real targets but it seems peculiar all the same. But many things seem peculiar about the entire situation along with the odd perversity of such a man who has risen near the top of the political heap with such a determined sense of mission and zeal.

Now you may wish to check out Politico's current report on the Valentine Day trip of the governor relaxing at a resort in Puerto Rico. Or, why not search the assortment of Republican-drenched reports and some video from FOX News?

Let Astrology Paint a Portrait of the Governor

Having a Sun-Pluto conjunction in Mercury-ruled Virgo reveals a man with a powerful ego which is asserted at every opportunity. Governor Christie is an extremist who has great difficulty acting in moderation and this tendency affects his appetite for food as well. In fact, Sun-Pluto identifies him as one who uses pressure tactics against anyone who stands in his way (Pelletier) and this ruthless behavior most people would agree has become evident since his past treatment of others has been made public in the light of the 'Bridge-Gate' scandal.

Another personality facet to consider is Christie's natal Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Pisces (one end of the victim-savior axis--don't tread on his feelings or you'll get barked at, especially with wounded Chiron in the mix) is the zealous Seeker on a Quest to transform self or society (Nolle) which supports the above-mentioned personality indicators. Another feature which is mentioned in Anthony Louis' article (linked above) is a very touchy Mars in sensitive, self-protective Cancer which lends a bit of a Moon (emotions)--Mars (argumentative) flavor to his temperament with Mars being the planet of temper-ament. Quick retorts, often dripping with suppressed rage, are a specialty of the governor's chip-on-shoulder, how-dare-you behavior.

Plus, having the planet of lightening-quickness, Uranus, with its natal sign providing clues about an individual's behavioral patterns, here in Virgo, sign of The Critic, adds heated sarcasm to his peppery manner of reacting when challenged.

Now on September 9, 2013 and for a few days into the month as the George Washington Bridge traffic jam ground on and on, transiting Mars was in opposition to Christie's natal Saturn in Aquarius so he was on some level feeling restricted, frustrated, and/or inhibited by someone--a male someone (Mars.) However, as we've seen from the resulting legal and political investigations into the matter, this transit is a very bad time to take revenge for it tends to boomerang back at us if we indulge.

And it may be that another September 2013 transit in play provided too much enthusiasm for a man who has a boatload of it naturally--a sextile from transiting Jupiter, planet of expansion, hope, and zeal, to his natal Sun in Virgo (13+) which had so recently enjoyed a freshening of new plans and ideas via a New Moon @13Vir04, a New Moon trined by powerful Pluto in controlling, managing Capricorn. The New Moon, along with guru Chiron, was part of a Mystic Rectangle configuration formed in tandem with a Jupiter-Pluto opposition denoting 'large-scale projects' and 'wheeler-dealers' with grand plans.

Another major if background influence, and one which hints at the revelations of secrets that now result from the governor's political machinations in September 2013 and after ('the cover-up') is that his natal planet of secrets, obfuscations, deceptions, fraud, and falsehoods--Neptune @11Sco14, was uncovered, triggered, and/or stimulated into action on November 3, 2013 by a Solar Eclipse @11Sco15--a direct hit, we may say. Plus, Scorpio is well known as the sign of secrets and betrayals, as Christie has cited many times concerning his staffers who 'betrayed' and 'lied' to him.

And while all eclipses, both solar and lunar (the "wildcards of the universe" with unexpected, system-busting Uranian vibes) often have an effect of uncovering hidden things, motivations, and activities while revealing one's inconvenient secrets, the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 has been doing an especially good job of this for many people due to the unconscious/subconscious Uranus-Neptune content embedded within its Saros Series (click for more info.)

Now last but not least for Governor Christie and his hair-trigger temperament and fervent missionary zeal is the pattern or shape of his chart--a locomotive with the lead planet--you guessed it--Mars in Cancer speeding along at the front of the train. This pattern is great for the pursuit of success with Mars being the planet of motivation, action, energy, and courage but it is also a horoscope significator for The Bully who challenges every comer even while denying it to himself!

And that is how I see Governor Chris Christie through the lens of Astrology. You may agree or disagree but there it is and, as always, your on-topic comments or analyses are more than welcome at Stars Over Washington.


Chris Christie born September 6, 1962 in Newark, New Jersey; Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius; hour unknown. Chiron @8Pis13 Rx returned to natal position three times, his Chiron Return: April 14, 2012, August 11, 2012 (Rx), and February 10, 2013. More chart factors apply than I can get to in one post so please check out Anthony Louis' article linked above for more details.

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