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Jun 28, 2014

Aries Ingress 2014 and a GOP "stunt" to sue the President

Aries Ingress 2014, the Desperation of Sore Losers, and a "Stunt" Announced

by Jude Cowell

On February 4, 2014, the horoscope of Aries Ingress 2014 was published on this blog. As you know, it is an ancient Arabian practice to use an Aries Ingress that occurs prior to an important political event to signify the event itself but little did I suspect when I wrote about the horoscope that Speaker John Boehner would announce a plan to "sue" President Obama for his use/abuse of Executive Power. At least I think that's Boehner's point since he won't divulge what the threatened legal suit will allege. Meanwhile, President Obama has termed the GOP suit "a stunt."

Such a stunt attempts to ignore the fact that Mr. Obama has signed fewer Executive Orders than other presidents so obviously it's only another wasteful GOP attempt to de-legitimize a Democratic administration and many pundits are saying the ploy could backfire on Republicans in November as would another "stunt" revisited--a threatened GOP government shutdown which could occur only 5 weeks prior to the November Elections! Perhaps this will be when Democrats can say, "proceed, Mr. Boehner."

Here is the original post with horoscope shown if you wish a view that is set for Washington DC.

Related: brief notes on the Natal Chart of John Boehner, a piece published in September 2010.

Interestingly, the Aries Ingress horoscope may take precedence over the Autumn Ingress 2014 in September since it represents all of 2014 and thus describes Election 2014 in November though there is also a Solar Eclipse in October which will add its background influences on election results. However, the Aries Ingress 2014 chart shows Jupiter @10Can46 rising along with US natal Sun (the president) and the Saturn-Neptune midpoint, a significator for social welfare issues such as New Deal and Great Society programs that support our social fabric and provide aid to those not so well-off.

Mundane Moon = We the People, Saturn = Austerity Measures

For me the risings suggest that Jupiter's investment potential is uppermost here and perhaps the American people will turn out in droves to vote in November--for Democrats, in both state and national elections. Otherwise, Dick Cheney's scorn over spending money on the needs of the American people instead of funding more wars of conquest (and fattening the stock portfolios of wheeler-dealer warmongers like Cheney) will be victorious and our society will sink further into beggardom--right where the plutocrats and neocons want us. The Moon-Saturn conjunction in the March 2014 horoscope will then describe 'loss, oppression, and depression' more than the 'ambition, direction, and strategy' the duo in Scorpio could portend.

In case you missed it, here is author-broadcaster Thom Hartmann on "Why is John Boehner Suing President Obama?

Here we find one result of the ongoing Cardinal Grand Square as it forms a Grand Cross with US natal Saturn (14Lib48), that transiting Pluto, planet of hidden power, squares our national Saturn thus creating circumstances where 'abuse of authority' emerges and is blocked as the president's ambitions are severely criticized. Yet if Mr. Obama's goals are morally above reproach--which is what the American people ought to decide, not the president's political opponents who have made it clear that undermining or disrupting his presidency is their all-consuming desire--will his plans for domestic Jupiterian investment triumph over Republican opposition and their stunts of desperation. The simultaneous opposition by transit Uranus to US natal Saturn is similar in effect and adds to a 'threat to authority' vibe as opposing forces strive to impose "a new order"--in the US Congress and around the globe.

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