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Jul 26, 2014

Transit Event Jan 2015: Uranus 12Ari56 conjunct South Node

An Incidental Astro-Consideration: Uranus/South Node Together at Last

by Jude Cowell

As nearly as I can tell, the transit of disruptive rebel Uranus (a zealot and anarchist when in Mars-ruled Aries, says Ebertin) with transit South Node of the Moon, a Saturn-ruled point of separation and unconscious behaviors yet there are potential talents meeting at 12Ari56 on January 20, 2015 during the wee hours after 2:00 am est--something like 2:26:20 am if I had to guess but check it for yourself, plus any other times the two might have been at same degrees/minutes. SN points toward Saturn and his usurper Uranus (Ouranos) and the antithetical relationship they played out in a father v son myth-y sort of way. Or, perhaps archetypally speaking they're always 'at it' somewhere in the Universe with no resolution in sight and none wanted--a 'restriction v freedom' stalemate, a conflict older than the hills and much more fatiguing for us all. Particularly in Israel-Palestine with the Saturn-Uranus duo signifying the two enemies stewing within their continual conflict in an endless cycle of revenge.

As you know, '12 Aries' is traditionally considered a critical degree as is its opposite degree, '12 Libra.' Take this as you may if you use such factors in your horoscopic considerations. Yet the line must be drawn somewhere and we'll be at this all day if we don't take a stand for simplification and brevity in chart studies and writings. However, even moderation must be moderated, as a wise fool once asserted.

Now what can quirky genius Uranus, the one I call America's 'totem planet', be up to while traveling with the Moon's South Node? Uranus, The Awakener (aka, The Witness) has been activated every time we go to war though it's true that Uranian action may spring upon us early, on time, late--or not at all. And when US natal Uranus has been triggered, we're not talking little skirmishes and hidden coups but World Wars and whatnot.

Guess we should face it ahead of time that Uranus-conjunct-SN carries vibes of disruption via war and revolution, sad to say, though its effects depend on where and how other horoscopes/planets are contacted from the 12-13 Ari/Libra degrees. Also, social changes that upset communities and individuals we see already, plus, technological shifts that throw off our usual balance may appear and our methods must be quickly adjusted to keep up especially since unpredictable catalyst Uranus isn't much interested in pausing for slowpokes!

Then as we might expect given our nation's history with atom-splitting and big-a*s explosions that kill large numbers of people at will, US natal Uranus @8Gem55 possibly qualifies within the first degrees of Gem/Sag, the so-called 'nuclear degrees' (so named due to empirical records meticulously kept.) Plus, 8/9Gem is awfully close to Royal Star Aldebaran which we've discussed more than once before--'The Watcher of the East', 'the Bull's Eye'. And of course this means Aldebaran is positioned in the Zodiac opposite Royal Star Antares, also discussed here in a priorly fashion so I'll not bore either of us unnecessarily tonight.

As noted, in a horoscope the potential results of either of these two stars falling upon a very sensitive 'hair-tigger' axis (00--9 degrees Gem/Sag is how I count it) depend on which planets and points are in paran or aspect with those degrees/stars, a fascinating part of Astrology, Star Lore, and Archetypal Mythology so well championed by expert astrologer Bernadette Brady (see her Predictive Astrology and especially Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. One sensitivity trigger was the Mars-Uranus conjunction @5Gem08 on January 16, 1944, an indication of war, weaponry, and explosions.

Still in effect: transit midpoint picture with Pluto at apex--Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of guilt from responsible parties. Well, yes. We hear a lot of denials within the public discourse these days, don't we? And yet his mask slips so that even the downtrodden of humanity now sees Pluto's naked obsession to destroy and reduce to chaos before rebuilding--the Utopian "order out of chaos".

Now who do you suppose is the owner of the 'will' mentioned above--the will that wants to kill large numbers of people simultaneously? A tragic course of action and too drastic to be allowed by decent folk who prefer to live in peace thanks. Whom do we know who acts unconsciously under such destructive influences?

Well, these days horoscopes regularly show his nom de plume, wearing his dark mask...and it's creepy Pluto plodding through harsh Capricorn, sign of structure and status quo--and of gilt-edged stocks and bonds. Seems to me that 'the puppet master' allows his death mask to slip more and more often these days, have you noticed?

US natal Mercury '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power" (Solar Fire software); natal Mercury Rx opposes natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA--manipulator Pluto was out-of-bounds, pulling strings from afar even then.) Why, Surveillance is the US government's middle name out of the gate! Exs: General Washington's spies during the Revolution and Benjamin Franklin's postal and other surreptitious activities imply a deep American obsession (Pluto) with details, news, gossip, facts, votes, orators, reporters, writers, travel and transport, teaching, and other Mercurial stuffs and doings. Working with secret and/or dangerous information is something of a 'talent' or skill around these parts as shown by our natal Mercury-Pluto opposition.

January 20, 2015?

Well, that's about all I shall say for now concerning the upcoming in-tandem transit of Uranus-to-South Node, the 'tail of the dragon' as it's been known since ancient times. Wonder how disruptive the slap of the dragon's tail may be this time around since the presence of South Node here hints that whatever 'it' is, it will likely be intense, electrical, and will echo something that occurred in the past being brought forward for our further consideration?

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