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Sep 3, 2014

NATO Summit Sept 4-5, 2014: a Moon-Pluto Affair

Astro-Notes: NATO Summit September 4-5, 2014 Newport, Wales

by Jude Cowell

As you've heard the first NATO Summit since Chicago 2012 is being held this week in Newport, Wales, U. K. with President Obama among the attendees. It is reported that President Putin of Russia will not be in attendance.

Interesting that the Summit is in and around the cathedral and university town Newport (Monmouthsire County on the River Usk about 12 miles from Cardiff) for its history is long and storied. Even King Arthur is linked into the region for ancient Caerleon is one of the many places Arthur's legendary castle may have been located. Here's a website with a photo of the remaining Roman Tower and several article links if you're curious about such ancient events and places pre-Norman invasion.

As for the Astrology of the NATO Summit 2014 itself, my blogging time is too limited to say much though there are many chart factors of note. Venus in Leo (Caer-leon--Leo the Lion) moves into Virgo and touches Royal Star Regulus ('success if revenge is avoided'), a star which also links cosmically to the Capitol Building in Washington DC which is very much a Virgoan city.

During such high-flying meetings I always look for planetary conjunctions and on September 4th at 5:56:19 pm the Moon conjoins powerful Pluto @11Cap:04:43 and in this case, I'm not thinking of the Moon as 'the public' which is shut out of the proceedings as usual but as 'tribes' for the Summit is primarily being held at the Celtic Manor Resort. Celtic tribes and their descendants are gathering to discuss security and terror methods though who will be on the receiving end of their terror tactics we shall have to see.

Another quick factor to consider for a hint of the Summit's flavor is the Sun-Moon combination. If we look at 'start/end' horoscopes beginning with September 4, 2014 at 12:00 am, we find the Moon at 00Cap26, a World Point of Manifestation and Sun @11Vir21. The latest degree of Moon and Sun (September 5th at 11:59 pm though events may not go on that long--I'm speaking symbolically here) are: Moon @29Cap23 in 8th house and Sun @13Vir18 in 4th house (Endings; Foundation.)

Conveniently then the Sun-Moon blend is Virgo-Capricorn, a double Earth combo of practicality and pragmatism. Sun has the Mercurial details (Virgo) and Moon is about ambition, management, control in the political, business, and legal spheres.

Sun Vir-Moon Cap tends to 'hide its light under a bushel'...or behind a ritzy facade with massive amounts of warships in the harbor, police forces at the ready, and a well-regulated press. And note that Capricorn can signify the old country.

The Harvey's book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign gives three Images for Integration for this combo:

"A headline: 'Small-town boy makes good'...A student passes entrance examination to a prestigious technical college...Fine bone china." Make of these as you will though I add that beautiful Wales is reportedly very glad to have the world spotlight cast upon it this week!

And what of the combined energies of the Moon-Pluto influence? Obviously a few ladies are in attendance (Moon) along with international big-wigs from finance (wealthy, creepy Pluto with treasures hidden in secret places and an obsession with secrecy, spying, and gold), the Vatican (Pluto as The Pope), and we know that the ISIS assassins (Pluto) may come up as a topic. But Moon-Pluto as a duo also implicates criminal syndicates (organized crime--ISIS isn't the only one operating), popular promises about ending war, waste, etc, people's opinions about topics such as crime, war, or internal secrecy, and doubts about how to control terrorist elements in society (Munkasey.)

Misuse of available resources certainly should be a topic though improvement in that quarter by those who practice it regularly is unlikely for with this crowd guns tend to win over butter for the people every time.

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