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Sep 1, 2014

Washington DC: September 8, 2014 Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Return of the Locomotive Pattern of Success: Lead Planet Jupiter (The General)

by Jude Cowell

With America now back on track toward sending more troops into Iraq, a December 18, 2011 post Iraq War ends w US Saturn uppermost 12.18.11 seems in retrospect to hint at a long relationship (Saturn) between the US government (natal Saturn) and the 2003 misadventure of the Bush administration's One Percent Doctrine, aka, the Cheney Doctrine of counter-terrorism.

Now since this is a Political Astrology blog, I trust that you have clicked or tapped yourself into the right place for expecting misadventure descriptions and unintended consequences explored under the rays of the September 8, 2014 Full Moon @16Pis19. If not you are urged to sashay over to a more personal Full Moon assessment at Ruby Slipper Astrology: Full Moon in Pisces: Wash Away the Inadequacy.

For as someone once said, Politics is "an organized system of hatreds..." (H. B. Adams) and I believe it should not be allowed to taint anyone's mood too harshly though goodness knows politicians and propagandists try their best every chance they get.

The New Moon of August 25, 2014 @2Vir18 is the beginning of the cycle from whence the September 2014 Harvest Full Moon comes--always two weeks later and always a culmination or fulfillment of the seeds planted at the previous New Moon. Follow the link for an image of the New Moon horoscope set for DC with a few chart details added.

So from Virgo to Pisces we go toward Autumn Equinox of September 22, 2014 (I'm preparing the post for it now to be published asap.) Set for DC, this Full Moon horoscope shows Taurus rising (10:22) which nominates Venus as chart-ruler and as usual, we look at the applying aspects of Venus to glean how things may proceed over the next two weeks from this lunation until the next New Moon of September 24 when the axis of emphasis changes from Virgo-Pisces (victim/savior) to Aries-Libra (relationships/self v others.) Yet we know that any Full Moon involves relationships along with full awareness and a potential for endings or even concerns about public matters.

Honestly, there are so many victims (and saviors) in the world today it's sometimes difficult to focus on just one or one group, isn't it? Additionally, in Washington DC the Full Harvest Moon falls in the 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes so perhaps President Obama will have news concerning 'coalition of the willing' alliances he is said to prefer as the Pentagon marches off to the Middle East (not that we fully left) to continue its "war on terror" though to my mind, war IS terror.

Yes, ISIS/ISIL/IS--the Islamic State of assassins now terrorizing Iraq and Syria is being used in an attempt to terrorize the American public into fighting more war--may be a legitimate threat to the US but if so, it was the radicalization of the Middle East caused by our past betrayals plus Bush-Cheney bombs and now Mr. Obama's bombs that brought or may bring 'blowback' to our shores...for there's something about bombs killing all one's relatives that inspires a man or woman toward taking revenge--and an endless cycle of hatred and violence prevails. Forcing global government upon people who don't want it predictably creates chaos, don't you think?

Now the applying aspects of chart-ruler Venus (in 5th house of Risk-Taking) are as follows: Venus opposes Neptune (1A45) which indicates a period of vicious gossip, possible sexually transmitted diseases, and empty diplomacy. Self-serving gestures are prominent and religious fervor is faked.

Venus last trines powerful Pluto (6A53; Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands @11Cap02 Rx) denoting a time when the reading of body language is easy and those who seem self-contained with an aura of self-possession seem the most attractive. And though there are no guarantees there is a chance now to turn past failure into success which is an opportunity the Obama administration, the Democratic Party, and other players must take quick advantage of if they know what's cookin'.

If only the good of the American people were of any consideration!

Okay, the last chart factors I'll mention are the wide opposition between Mercury and Uranus across the 6/12 axis (which includes military and police services) squaring 9th house Pluto. This dynamic T-Square pattern may tend to attract complications or reversals, denotes potentials for vulgarities or slurs being added to speech, may point to a hasty realization of plans, and/or to 'getting the biggest job done in a commanding way' (Tyl.) Like a war or something really big.

Plus, now traversing structural, status quo Capricorn, wealthy, plutocratic Pluto is the apex planet of this Cardinal T-Square and we recognize those with a one-tracked, obsessive drive toward objectives which may include a demand for complete metamorphosis of systems and institutions and those who don't mind using extreme force to have their own way so that an old order can be swept away for the new. Abuse of power lies well within Pluto's realm as he overwhelms any opposition or challenge to his (imagined?) authority.

Now I wonder who this creepy Pluto group of psychopaths could be? The Fed, the Pentagon, international bankers, oligarchs, criminals, dictators, the Pope, secret societies, foreign or domestic assassins? Just as in life, Astrology works on many levels simultaneously so my guess is that Pluto represents all of the above and more besides--as in, a global conspiracy working toward waging WWIII.

Yet are there any benefits in the Full Moon chart to soothe the difficult energies and conditions now manifesting in the world? Perhaps, for an Earth Grand Trine is formed if we count a point of outlet for the energies at the Ascendant. The two planets involved are Sun trine Pluto, the actor I just maligned so terribly. Their protective, materialistic trine is separating (5S16) which denotes a past meeting (the Sept 4/5 NATO Summit in Wales?) between Sun (leader of a nation--in Wales it's 28 nations) and crabby, isolated, powerful Pluto, an aspect of concentrated will and deep insight into the most efficient use of energy and resources. As you know, a separating aspect also indicates unconscious or secretive influences.

Well, since we're talking Politics, NATO discussions of global security threats, and the Sun-Pluto duo, we may expect that changes in policy direction are in the air along with governing authority that is used to control dissent along with a generous helping of immorality. And it seems to me that in America the now-spotlighted accumulation of excessive amounts of armed strength by organized government and the negative influence of the organized criminal syndicate are of more immediate concern to our nation than what NATO members are reported to be discussing while meeting this week in beautiful Wales.


As given in Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, here are the natal details for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) created by treaty and 'brought into force' when signed by President Harry Truman; NATO 'came into being' on August 24, 1949 at 11:42 am in Washington DC after the treaty was ratified by France. ASC 2Sco57; MC 8Leo37 (the 2003 Iraq War's Jupiter Rx position); 10th house Sun 1Vir07 and Moon 7Vir52 conjunct Saturn 8Vir28. The September 8, 2014 Full Moon falls in the 5th house of the horoscope while the Full Moon MC (The Goal) @23Cap40 conjoins NATO's natal Jupiter @23Cap20 Rx...Jupiter the General.

Edit Sept 7, 2014: one event I neglected to mention which will be affected by the September 8th Full Harvest Moon (also a 'Supermoon' as termed by expert astrologer #RichardNolle because of its closeness to Earth and seemingly larger size) is that Congress reconvenes on Tuesday September 9, 2014 from summer break. Whether any useful, practical, or sane business will be accomplished during the two weeks (until the next New Moon!) they're 'in session' remains to be seen and howled at, if past performances are any indication. Whatever 'harvest' they gather will more likely be for special interest barns especially if they see benefits for them in the November Midterm Elections.

Cynicism from a dissenting American? Yes, and they invite it by breaking the public trust, showing themselves corrupt to the core, and regularly circumventing the wishes and needs of the American people. And yet it isn't the American government I abhor--it's the infiltrators, usurpers, and global government agents now holding seats and pretending to 'serve' in offices they don't deserve who should be tossed out of Masonic Washington DC. jc

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