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Sep 23, 2014

The Mountain Astrologer: Mars square Neptune (the 'fog of war')

America's natal Mars-Neptune square has been a continual fuss here at Stars Over Washington and President Obama's new cycle of war in Iraq and Syria is shaded by its deceptive and misguided tendencies easily with his natal Mars (the warrior) veiled by US natal Neptune in Virgo. There's much more than meets the public eye as Caliphate meets Christian soldiers (though Washington and the Pentagon attempt to obfuscate this bigger picture.)

For clarity astrologers appreciate TMA's Mary Plumb noting the transiting Mars-Neptune square of 9/21/14 and summing up neatly our 'new' war based on shaky Mars-Neptune foundations: 

Wonder how Jupiter the General--now lead planet in a Locomotive pattern ('get on board or get left behind, coalition partners!')--will behave once planet Jupiter stations retrograde on December 8, 2014...withdrawal, task completed? A regrouping of forces to plan anew? A General steps down and is replaced? Or perhaps a failure of a misguided, ill advised mission which promises at best 'fluctuating success'?

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