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Sep 24, 2014

US ally Bahrain: August 14, 1971 with September 2014 influences

Now that Bahrain is reported to be one of five Arab nations partnering with the US in the fight against ISIS-ISIL-Islamic State (known in France as, Daesh) in Syria and Iraq, I shall post here the natal details for Bahrain (26N13 50E35) which was granted independence from Britain on August 14, 1971 at 10:00 am GMT Manama, Bahrain. The proclamation was broadcast over the radio by Shaykh Isa Bin Salmon Al Khalifeh.

On that date Iran radio reported that the proclamation was published during the afternoon while Kuwait radio broadcast the news at 10:00 am GMT, 2:00 pm Local Time. The chart details above uses the 10:00 am time of the Kuwaiti broadcast though I intend to set up two horoscopes for Bahrain including the 2:00 pm Local Time chart.

A glance at the 10:00 am GMT shows an out-of-sign conjunction between Jupiter (27Sco14) and Neptune (00Sag16), the planetary pair of speculators, spendthrifts, and inflation. Of course, religion or religious fanaticism may also be part of the Jupiter-Neptune archetype along with an oil and/or gas component. Considering current war alliances, perhaps I might mention that nebulous Neptune's rounded-up degree in Sabian Symbols is: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" (1Sag; Jones).

Opposite the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (rising at 10:00 am GMT) is a depressive Moon-Saturn conjunction in early Gemini (3--6)--and curiously Bahrain's natal Moon @3Gem20 precisely conjoins President Obama's natal Moon @3:19! The energies of Moon-Saturn combined may denote ambition, direction, and strategy though Saturn's habits of control and restriction dampen the Mutable Moon (the people) and the lighter-hearted Jupiter opposite in the money sign of Scorpio. Neptune opposed by Saturn as well hints at difficult social conditions for the good people of Bahrain.

At Midheaven in the 10:00 am chart is Mercury @10Vir26, strong in one its two signs yet Rx which may indicate some lack of attention to detail within the wording of the proclamation. (You know the trickster Mercury deal: never sign agreements or contracts of any kind when glitchy Mercury is retrograde--or take Oaths of Office as in 2009.)

Leadership's Sun @20Leo56 conjoins Venus (17Leo18) so Bahrain has had a Venus Return not so long ago (Venus now approaching 24Vir) plus, a Jupiter Return (the 'reward cycle' as Noel Tyl calls it) is upcoming with generous Jupiter now just under 15Leo, the Lion Point. Is their war alliance expected by the Bahrain government to bring great gains as timed by a Jupiter Return? A Jupiter to natal Venus transit certainly adds a potential for benefits with a tendency toward overindulgence and luxury (as usual, I imagine!) yet since Venus can be vengeful, perhaps there's an expectation that a rival or two will be vanquished in the US-led fray.

Now as you know, sunny Leo is the sign of the natural leader and of monarchy and a Sun-Venus conjunction often indicates a chameleon-like ability to say or be what others want (on cue--a thespian), and/or an attractive yet self-satisfied attitude.

And since we're talking war--or more specifically, perpetual war--rebellious Uranus @10Lib50 is approximately 11 degrees from powerful Pluto @28Vir08, both in 10th house of Public Status in the 10:00 am horoscope (MC 11Vir18.) As you see, Bahrain's 'midlife crisis' has occurred when transiting Uranus in Aries (now @15Aries Rx) opposes natal Uranus, a time when something out of character may be done. Is participating in US airstrikes and military action in Syria that something? After all, the midpoint picture formed now is natal Uranus-Pluto = transiting Sun: great tension; revolution (Tyl.) Reinhold Ebertin adds: catastrophe and any war is definitely that.

So is this alliance of death from the air 'plutocrats united' in a 'march of the imperialists'? Well, Bahrain's late Virgo Pluto trines US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) and the just-stationed-direct @10Cap59 Pluto (September 22) will slowly creep toward a trine with Bahrain's natal Pluto which to me indicates easy opportunities to cooperate with global string pullers who are intent on forcing a 'new world order' upon the Middle East, a desired 'world domination' by the West which ignores the reality of the natural cycles of rise and fall that every civilization inherently expresses.

The US government insists that our nation remains in an expansion phase though reality might beg to differ with Washington especially on financial and societal levels. But such conditions are made more complex and cloudy by the massive amounts of undisclosed foreign funds that #SCOTUS allowed into our election cycles as of January 2010 with their faulty Citizens United decision.

A final Bahrain note is warrior Mars @15AQ55 opposing the Sun-Venus conjunction in Leo. When Mars opposes the Sun we expect aggressiveness with quarrels and conflict easily aroused, even attracted. Partisan causes tend to be accessed only in black and white terms, and jealousy of rivals may be a prominent feature as well. A Venus-Mars opposition indicates great sensitivity in relationships, difficulties between the sexes (with Mars aggression and abuse problematic); plus, financial disagreements occur in personal and business partnerships.

Well, that's a brief view of Bahrain from where I type and you may certainly disagree as you may! However, my main purpose is accomplished: to place Bahrain's natal data conveniently within reach as the folly-of-war military conflict now in progress--which is now openly admitted by Washington to last years (for it's been planned for a long time, Syria being one of the West's dominoes to fall)--becomes out of control as it almost assuredly will.

Data source: historical record from The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion.

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