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Dec 4, 2014

A Cosmic December 2014: Winter Solstice and on to January 2015

During the month of December 2014 and on into early 2015 the heavens ring with cosmic events and changes which will be reflected by earthly events, no less so in Washington DC.

All times are EST and all horoscopes are set for Washington DC USA; all events mentioned here are under the auspices of the Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 @00Sco24.

A partial list of cosmic highlights for December 2014 includes activist and warrior Mars entering Aquarius on the 4th, then the December 6 Full Moon @14Gem17 (7:27 am) with Venus out-of-bounds in later Sagittarius, a culmination/fulfillment stage and the 'cosmic bookend' of something seeded at the November 22, 2014 New Moon @00Sag03. The Full Moon @14Gem17 perfects during an Hour of Saturn with Ceres rising (food, nurturing, and security issues) and falls in the middle of America's natal Mars-Uranus midpoint, an explosive, conflicted spot to be and, besides military events, one thinks of the several legal actions against the president on the Republican agenda (all of which makes them look quite desperate, sputtering, and politically neutered in my opinion.)

Next in December is investing Jupiter (The General, the banker, the guru, and the high-powered executive in his recent role as lead in a locomotive planetary pattern--see his change of condition at Winter Solstice, below) performing a Retrograde Station on December 8, 2014 @22Leo37, known as a degree of "worst foot forward" or "foot in mouth" (A. Louis) so watch for such mentions in the news (or that you notice yourself) and you'll identify Jupiter acting in one of his many roles.

Naturally we may expect Jupiterian concerns--particularly finances, investment, and expansion since we're mainly considering a spiteful Congress--to stall (move backwards) or be delayed until Jupiter's Direct Station the second week of April 2015 @12Leo35 and forward movement beyond 22Leo37 which won't occur until a couple of days after July 4, 2015. Of course, any cosmic events as of January 2015 will be intimately reflective of the 2015 Congress. The Direct Station will again conjoin Mr. Obama's natal Sun denoting a time when projects begun about 12 years ago must either ramp up or cease completely--which has timed his expansion of US troops into the Middle East, sad to say. Yet perhaps you agree that he's only following orders from a higher authority as all presidents do since....well, that's up for grabs but one point in time when a major shift occurred may have been with Andrew Johnson after the ritual of America's first assassination. Once that event changed our course, US debt to foreign bankers really began to corrupt the entire ideal of this nation.

Next is Venus, an integral part of the founding of this nation for one has only to look at Washington DC statues lauding the goddess, plus, the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, to see this no matter the name. Venus will enter Capricorn, the sign of government, law, and business, on December 10, 2014 and this, of course, is 00Cap00, a World Point of manifestation, prominence, recognition, and fame. Capricorn is also the careful investor which is interesting since funding for running the US government is scheduled to expire on December 11, 2014 unless Congress acts with accountability, not grandstanding for political points. Yet as you know, another government shut down is in the air though establishment Republican leaders have denied it but Jim Demint of the Heritage Action group of anarchists knows more about the plan, I suspect, for he was behind last's year's costly 16-day fiasco.

(Apparently the "heritage" they tout is from pre-Civil War days in the secessionist/white supremacist mold and though I'm a southerner, theirs is a shady, forcible, even satanic way to behave imho, and a crummy way to run the US government based on paternalistic strong-arm tactics. They do not grandstand or obstruct progress in Washington DC for me!)

Next is the spoiling-for-a-fight Uranus-Pluto square, exact on December 15, 2014, the 6th of 7 exact squares at critical degrees of 12Ari-12Cap. Their square perfects at 12:14 am with its Mars-Saturn vibes due to sign rulership, a stop-go, frustrating influence of hardship inspiring more protests, conflicts, and generational clashes on the streets and on Capitol Hill, plus, more strong-armed police actions against the people. These social concerns issue from their Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo in the mid-1960s, the Civil Rights era when progress was made toward equality.

The last (7th) exact of the Uranus-Pluto squares occurs on March 17, 2015 after which perhaps things will cool down a little toward the end of 2015. Yet I'm quite certain grumpy, anti-social Republicans--still violently against New Deal and Great Society programs--and the new Congress with its 'charming' hog-castrating flavor will keep things riled up as much as possible for as long as they can. Considering their past behavior against the president, aren't you? Only political concerns over Election 2016 might keep the GOP under any control whatsoever if it will.

Next day, on December 16, speedy Mercury, planet of orators, communicators, reporters, young people, students, traders, transport carriers, magicians and tricksters enters Capricorn at 10:53 pm and we see the Winter Solstice 2014 stellium lining up in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (horoscope shown, below.)

Hannukah begins on December 17 and ends on December 24, 2014.

TV Note: the last episode of The Colbert Report is scheduled for December 18, 2014, a cosmic event to many of us.

December 20 brings a new cycle between Venus and Pluto as they conjoin @12Cap46 (critical degree) in the 8th house of Corporatism, Debt, Credit, Insurance, Legacies, Transformation, the Occult--but mostly with vibes of financial disruption (square Uranus) possibly due to natural disasters). Denoted are events involving organized crime and a worsening of the ongoing breakdown of the social fabric (which plutocratic elements within the US government have been working toward for decades--ex: billionaires' ownership of politicians and judges, anti-New Dealers, etc.) Other potential areas of concern with Venus-Pluto include waste processing and disposal, both of nuclear and other toxic by-products, transformation of America's beautiful landscapes and natural resources--water comes to mind--such as with fracking and other destructive mining practices.

Naturally for timing peaks of the Venus-Pluto cycle we look to their waxing and waning squares (credit debasement?) and their opposition (tax, insurance, joint finance problems, plus, underworld involvements such as money laundering, counterfeiting, prostitution and sex trading, and so on).

A Venus-Pluto conjunction also suggests extreme amounts of wealth hidden in secret places which may or may not be outed in the news for this is the pair's 'New Moon', a time when things tend to be done in the shadows and may only come to light around the time of their opposition in May 2015. We may expect with quirky Uranus squaring their conjunction that certain actors will exhibit a studied indifference to any destruction caused to society by their corruption--but how else do they ever face themselves in the mirror each morning, right?

This brings us to a very busy day cosmically: December 21, 2014, the Winter Solstice of 2014 which is imprinted with a New Moon of new beginnings @00Cap06 (8:35 pm, Dec 22.) Yet prior, at 6:03 pm is the actual perfection of Sun entering Capricorn, the Solstice itself. And even before that is a prominent shift of energy performed by disruptive Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries, a signature of anarchists and blind zealots (Ebertin.) Considering current and recent events, it seems safe to include Zionists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and secessionists in with this Martian bunch of political regressives--part of the anti-government movement against Washington DC.

Now it's time to check out the horoscope of Winter Solstice 2014 set for December 21, 2014 at 6:03:20 pm est, Washington DC, with a bow to royal star Fomalhaut, the Watcher of the South and guardian of earth's Winter Solstices:

It's a Balsamic phase between Sun and Moon (a dark few days of secret activities) and an Hour of Mars @13AQ11 (apex of the oppressive Pluto-Chiron midpoint of plutocrats, racists, and primal violence perpetrators); warrior Mars is in 8th house of Joint Finances keeping company with US natal Moon @27AQ33 (We the People); Mercury and Venus are out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and working on their own--both in 6th house; explosive Mars-Uranus are friendly in Mutual Reception (each other's signs) as the difficult pair Saturn and Pluto continue to be--here, from 5th house of Risk-Taking with a critical 29th degree Saturn, and Pluto @12Cap49, a critical degree affecting here 6th house matters such as Health, Work, Service (Military, Police, Civil), and our Daily Rounds.

Both mystical Neptune (Islam's 'totem planet' as Uranus is ours) and wounding-wounded Chiron, the guru and mentor, are in 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, and Higher Education and with Saturn anxiously on the verge of entering Sagittarius we may expect religion and austere ideologies to continue at the top of every malcontent's militant agenda, here and abroad.

Solstice 2014 Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius--often a happy placement--in Political Astrology may denote immigration issues and can have an 'attacks which weaken' vibe due to the Moon conjoining star Acumen. Plus, that's America's natal Ascendant on the 6th cusp which personalizes indicators relating to our government and its war machine sucking up all our money and resources not the least of which are our family members. And with critical degrees on the MC-IC axis (29Vir-Pis, the victim-savior polarity) we perhaps shouldn't expect our nation to fare well in the Public Status department during the next 6 months for between the Death Star Pentagon gorilla-ing around the planet and the US Congress willfully turning itself into a laughing stock, We the People are numbed, genetically modified, and too disengaged to actually do anything about the crooks in charge at this particular time.

Now the Solstice 2014 planets form a Bucket pattern with Jupiter Rx @22Leo20 as the handle and thus uniting the fuller and emptier hemispheres of the chart--carrying the chart. Coercive measures are being used and Jupiter Rx is delaying investment and other financial concerns as noted previously especially since 2nd house signifies the National Treasury in Political (Mundane) Astrology. A new direction is being forcibly installed within our government and having Leo-AQ on the 2/8 cusps increases the chances for breaks and breakdowns between the three branches of government (Sun-Saturn-Uranus).

And is that an elephant in the Solstice room you see before you? Only if you include the Nodal axis and the ASC of the chart (17Can08) as points in a Cardinal Cross involving planets Venus and Uranus which as a pair denote extravagance, eccentricity, and erratic behavior which will probably affect the US economy. Of course, North Node (the head of the dragon) always points to a future direction and as noted above, this NN conjoins US natal Saturn which is opposed by transiting Uranus (soon to conjoin tr SN), the old v new order condition already mentioned--but also significators of Israel and Palestine and their ancient disagreement at the base of all conflict. The Ascendant, a chart angle, is a point of manifestation of the Venus-Uranus-Saturn energies giving the Cross--or at least the T-Squares that are formed--a place to act out. Or up, if we're talking anarchy in the US Congress--such as another government shutdown at the expense of taxpayers once again.

(If any grandstanding Republican serves us 'green eggs and ham' again it may be hog castrator Joni Ernst's dream but none for me, thanks. I'll fast instead.)

To conclude my current remarks concerning the Winter Solstice 2014 horoscope:

The factor that should have been discussed at the beginning--Moon as chart-ruler and its applying Ptolemaic aspects which hint at how things will proceed from Winter Solstice 2014--we find only two such: Moon conjunct Sun (1A24) and Moon conjunct Mercury (9A01), the Speedy One, which conjoins difficult star Facies, one of the 'victim stars'.

Obviously the December 22nd New Moon @00Cap06 is spotlighted by Winter Solstice 2014 and as such, makes this particular Solstice prominent in many ways--and perhaps fortunate for some. At the least, new creative projects are planned and seeds now germinate, a condition which may reference on one level the dark agenda of sourpuss Republicans and their financial backers who just can't stand a Democrat in the White House especially when he dares to be half-black. Or is it his white-half they so despise? Either way, their shady plans to undermine proceed apace.

(Never mind that Mr. Obama was purposefully chosen by Those Who Select Presidents to--in my view--gum up the works of the US government and to get done what has been done since 2009--and to not get done what the power elite didn't want done. The ultimate goal is, as I've blogged here way too often, to dismantle our government system of 1776, take control, and replace it with one from a devilish plutocrat's dream--Lucifer's servant. You may wish to check out General Albert Pike's writings about WWIII if you haven't. Not only is he the only Confederate General with a statue in Washington DC--still!--but his body is entombed down the block from the White House at the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. Mummified, you ask? Don't know. Don't want to know. Ugh and weird.)

Last in the chart: with Moon to Mercury we naturally think of such potentials as communication between leaders and the masses, propaganda campaigns (yes, we're constantly drenched in them already), speeches tailored to what the people need to hear, leaders who analyze the attitudes and moods of the public, family concerns, excitement over popular causes, restless workers, and agricultural statistics which come to light.

And the Solstice Sun? No application (isolated leader, but not weaker, stronger) unless we count the December 6th New Moon, a lunation we must discuss in a later post.

Because if you, dear reader, have managed to read this far (skipping or otherwise), I'm impressed and do hope my populist Political Astrology view of Winter Solstice 2014 won't ruin the celebratory season for you!

For it isn't as if planets and stars are forcing politicians to act like self-serving idiots with a higher oath to uphold than the one they took to the US Constitution and to the offices they hold. Therefore, we may freely blame any of the jacka*ses for deciding their own hee-haw behavior and choosing to follow orders and act in such a sorry fashion by putting the Greater Good last on their list of important considerations.

Kwanzaa observance begins December 26 and ends New Years Day 2015.

2015: a Grand Cross again: Moon, Sun and Pluto, Uranus, and the Nodes

As for January 2015's swearing in of the new Republican-led Congress, an imprint is found in the horoscope of the Full Moon of January 4, 2015 @14Can30 (the result of the previous New Moon) conjunct Sirius which conjoins US natal Sun (the leader, usually, POTUS.) Fixed Star Canopus ('the plumb line' waiting to weigh each of us in The Scales) is nearby as well and has several ancient myths associated with it as does Sirius ('the mundane becoming sacred' and more.) With the DC chart of the Full Moon which perfects at 11:53:14 pm est, we find the Full Moon in 10th house and Alhena ('to have a mission') conjunct MC (9Can54) which also places America's natal Venus and Jupiter (and Sun) at the Goal Point of the Full Moon chart.

Opposite in 4th house, the Sun @14Cap30 has met powerful saboteur Pluto @13Cap18 and they, plus the Cancer placements, tie in with zealous radical Uranus @12Ari39 (setting) and the rising North Node @14Lib40 Rx--which conjoins US natal Saturn (14:48) denoting a 'new order replacing the old'--the Republican majority in House and Senate? Or a more sweeping change to the US government? The planets form a massive, dynamic Cardinal Grand Cross made more conflicted and generational by the ongoing Cardinal Square of Uranus-Pluto which again perfects at critical degrees on December 15, 2014 (#6 of 7 exact squares, the last on March 17, 2015 but past critical degrees.)

Additionally, plodding manipulator Pluto continues his siege opposite US natal Sun in Cancer denoting the titanic power struggles 'with important consequences' (Tyl) against Mr. Obama and the US presidency itself. We might think of the Koch Brothers but Pluto represents more than that--foreign financial backers, governments abroad, and global bankers and other corporatists are implicated as well as occultists of the dark persuasion.

Now the January 4th Full Moon horoscope is weighted on the Angular side suggesting that actions are being initiated though not necessarily of a positive nature and a majority of planets are in the hidden hemisphere of the chart suggesting private events. Constricting authoritarian Saturn in 2nd house of the National Treasury adds his delay and disapproval blockages and tactics to the stalemates created by Republican maneuvers intended to stymie President Obama's initiatives on immigration, budgetary matters, nominations, and...fill-in-the-blank.

Then around January 20, 2015, look for disruptive rebel Uranus to conjoin the transiting South Node (the tail of the dragon and a separative point of neurosis yet possibly of inherited talents) denoting societal conditions disrupted by violence, war, or other large concerns such as electrical disruptions or natural disasters. Their exact conjunction still involves America's natal Saturn which squares US natal Sun (the president, not a comforting picture as the New Year begins.

Perhaps President Obama will reach a new stage of development, however, around the New Moon of January 20, 2015 for the lunation @00AQ09 conjoins the presidential Sun in all our Inauguration horoscopes. This New Moon times closely with the usual date of the president's address to a Joint Session of Congress, the SOTU, and since Republicans are making noises about ignoring a long congressional tradition by not inviting POTUS to deliver SOTU 2015 in the chamber of Congress, I suspect his alternate direction may be to address the American people via TV from the White House.

'Funny' how GOPers think they're dissing him when it's actually rude congress members of the anti-government persuasion who don't deserve the honor of being courteously addressed by the President of the United States.

Related news: Republican senators say they'll block President Obama's choice to head Social Security. As I was saying...

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