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Dec 5, 2014

Opening Dec 18, 2014: "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (trailer) plus: Pluto

Star Wars: The Force Awakens International Teaser Trailer
Awesome! Great tone to this trailer! Now I just can't wait for the real thing!
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If you had to think of one planet to represent 'The Force' it would be powerful Pluto, right? On December 18th transit Pluto will be @12Cap42 as its been of late--the "A Fire Worshiper" degree for '13Cap' in the Sabian Symbols and given that the first Star Wars film (May 25, 1977--the year of Chiron's discovery) premiered with transit Pluto @11Lib35, we have in 2014 a square between the two positions of Mr. Hades of the Invisible Helmet (or, Mantle of Power).

Curiously, the midpoint of Pluto-North Node seems to be featured in May 1977 and in December 2014 for in 1977, the Pluto-NN midpoint fell upon America's natal Saturn (14Lib48) and the current Star Wars film premiere spotlights a transiting midpoint picture: Pluto-NN = tr Saturn.

As you know, the North Node of the Moon (aka, the Head of the Dragon--and fiery dragons roar with great force) points toward a future direction and for that and a few other reasons (chart factors) which I have no time to add at the moment, The Force Awakens reminds me of how the global society has been and continues to be led in the direction of Global Government, aka, a 'new world order'--if the power elite have their draconian way.

You may remember that the first film opened with the 'galaxy in a civil war' and we see in the trailer above the explosive, fiery destruction--the 'abomination of desolation'--that death-dealing Pluto the saboteur, assasin, and mastermind uses to get his way while directing warriors (Mars) to do his bidding.

Interesting that the Pluto-NN combination has been called the "tiger by the tail" duo and my suspicion is that this is what we are being propagandized to believe--that the plutonic direction of global society is 'inevitable', too powerful and far-advanced, and cannot be swayed toward more humane, less robotic, outcomes. Bosh!

Unsurprisingly you won't find me in the theater seat next to yours for this film but if you choose to be treated to such fatalistic entertainment I wish you the force to withstand its draconian implications while enjoying state-of-the-art special effects and what will hopefully be good acting and direction, and a well-written script.

Potentials for Pluto-NN include: 'the common destiny of a large mass of people; karmic links; a peculiar destiny.' And with Saturn? 'Revolt; fighting against oppression'. (R. Ebertin.) Sounds appropriate, yes?

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