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Dec 6, 2014

Dec 8, 2014's Jupiter Station Rx @22Leo37: delay tactics prominent in 2015

Following Expansive Jupiter's Path 2014--2015

by Jude Cowell

On Monday December 8, 2014, as the US Congress lamely addresses the expiration of funding for the US government (set for December 11), generous Jupiter, planet of growth, investment, and expansion, seems to stand still in the heavens in preparation for a period of retrogradation indicating a regression of progress in the realms of Jupiterian matters such as budgets and funding.

You know the list of roles is too numerous to fully name here but it includes Jupiterian masks such as: The General, the Banker and Financier, the Guru and god, Professor, and Executive Leader (especially with Jupiter's recent position as the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern involving all the planets--though in this position, Jupiter can act with ruthless determination to reach his goal--by Executive Order, perhaps? Tactics by members of the Jupiterian 'Grand' Old Party? Yet GOPers act as austere Saturnians these days--and tend to when there's a Democrat in the White House.)

Obviously financial, military, and immigration issues are atop the calendar and unfortunately We the People must 'rely' upon a congressional body intent on making itself obsolete and already having made itself a laughing stock of the world. Well, Jupiter is the Jolly One but somehow the potential for over confidence and brash behavior is being overdone to the point of aiding transit Pluto on his destructive trek through structural, systemic Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

So with neocon warhawks (the Vulcans) about to re-take control of Congress the first week of January 2015--under Jupiter Rx--we may confidently expect the Jupiterian jingoism of war ("Bomb bomb bomb Iran," said John McCain) to again ring out across the nation with the complicit, propagandizing Media doing its part to pacify the public. (The previous sentence is replete with Jupiter-approved words of re-trogradation! Plus, Jupiter also signifies The Broadcaster and The Corporation.)

As for financial matters, the horoscope of Jupiter's Station Rx (Dec 8, 2014 3:41:02 pm est Washington DC) shows 00Gem10 rising, a degree conjoining star Alcyone of the Pleiades constellation--as did the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 in the 14 South Saros Series (horoscope shown). Alcyone's key theme is something to cry about and you may remember that spiteful congressional antics of obstructionism and a willful lack of professionalism continued to give the American people plenty to cry about in 2012 as well as other difficult events including the much-touted and written about anxiety over the 2012 Mayan Calendar prophecy.

Other potentials when Alcyone is stimulated include rash and ruthless judgments which are often incorrect, blindness, narrow-mindedness, wantonness, ambition, causing turbulence and conflict--and Ptolemy gave the stars of the Pleiades a Moon-Mars nature so rage may be indicated.

Jupiter the General Salutes, Spends, and Imagines that He Conquers

As for upping US war efforts in Iraq and in other regions of the Middle East and elsewhere, we wouldn't be wrong to consider current efforts a continuation of the much-touted "Manifest Destiny" the ruling class has insisted upon for America's direction almost since day one. And though various natal horoscopes are in use for America, they all feature prominently the Jupiterian aspects of our bullying, know-it-all, might-makes-right national character as we seek to expand across the globe--the archetypal 'Atlas' we might call ourselves. We must include, of course, our tendency toward religiosity, materialism, and the worship of "the almighty dollar". Yet how ostrich-like must anyone be to avoid the realization that the era of the US dollar is in jeopardy? The 'petro-dollar', that is.

Well, no matter how our sentiments lean, our national Jupiter in self-protective Cancer is revealing for many reasons none the least being its Sabian Symbol...'6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which is precisely the opportunity (Jupiter) that becoming a politician makes possible! America and the US government relate to the global community as Moon-ruled Cancerians in the sign's canny, shrewd, and subjective way and as the world noticed centuries ago, 'it's all about America', according to us.

Born under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and with a lifelong preference for Peace and Harmony--two Jupiterian concepts--it saddens me to remind you that America's natal Jupiter in Cancer turned Rx by progression in 1905 and now falls @15Cancer, the degree of the Pentagon's natal Ascendant, our 'Death Star' of Venusian persuasions. For me this describes US resources such as our National Treasury being ensnared and misdirected away from the needs of the American people by the military industrial complex acting as the military enforcement arm of Global Government--at least until China finishes building up its military forces.

So without further fussing, here is a tracking of Jupiter's path from December 8, 2014 (with details) until The General and Banker reaches Rx shadow degree after which things can then move forward more easily in matters related to investing Jupiter (all horoscopes used are set for Washington DC):

Dec 8, 2014 Station Rx @22Leo37 in 4th house (Security; the Germanic "Homeland"; Real Estate); stationing Jupiter is trined by a 7th house Sun-Mercury conjunction @16Sag, applying and deposited by Jupiter; trined by Venus @27Sag41 in the corporate 8th house, separating; Jupiter rules Descendant 00Sag10, position of the Nov 22, 2014 New Moon with '1 Sag' the "Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree---'jingo all the way' and opposite the previously mention Solar Eclipse of May 2012; at IC, the How? point of any chart, is 8Leo19 which conjoins John McCain's and the Republican Party's natal Mercuries, conjoins the financially prominent Solar Eclipse of August 2008, and sits upon the natal Ascendant of George "Warrior" Bush, one of the primary authors of our economic and warring catastrophes.

(I say, Beware another Bush in the White House! Another Clinton, too.)

April 8, 2015 Station Direct @12Leo35 which re-conjoins President Obama's natal Sun (leadership) and previously denoting a time when projects begun about 12 years before (war) must be elevated (he began sending more troops abroad, some surreptitiously) or discontinued entirely (as he had promised multiple times); this time Jupiter is trined by Sun and Mercury from Mars-ruled Aries, separating, and also by the Moon (6A20) suggesting some amount of public popularity and perhaps an improved public mood; a separating trine from radical political activist and techno-planet Uranus completes Jupiter's aspect picture during this strengthening station which may facilitate the organizing of group activities and allow political matters to make headway in areas of finances, development, and investment. By April 8, 2015, Jupiter is the Handle planet of a Bucket planetary pattern.

So Washington's 'wise plans' and any reliable improvements must await Jupiter's passing of Rx shadow degree (22Leo37) on or about July 6 or 7, 2015--just after Independence Day 2015, a day honoring a freedom-infused concept that archetypal Jupiter's tendency to break through boundaries greatly appreciates. Thus, Jupiter's link to immigration issues as we remember that were all immigrants in the beginning except, of course, for (disenfranchised) Native Americans. Manifest Destiny is a cruel master if truth be told.

Additionally, one date to spotlight is the Composite date between December 8, 2014's Rx Station and April 8, 2015's Direct Station of Jupiter, and that is February 7, 2015 when a peak or crescendo of some sort concerning Jupiterian issues and events may be noticed on or very near that date.

So will Jupiter's forward movement denote that the second half of 2015 will be more productive, politically impressive, and thus happier for the American people? As you know, a fuller view depends upon many other astrological factors (for As Above, So Below) and may be studied in a myriad of horoscopes including Equinoxes, Solstices, Planetary Returns, Progressions, Natal and Event charts, and more!

Transit Jupiter reaches Royal Star Regulus and 00Virgo around August 12, 2015 suggesting a period (until September 2016 during which time an obstructive Jupiter-Saturn square will interfere or restrict) of planned expansion and investment in Virgoan matters such as Health, Work, and Science with the key theme of Regulus (reflected by the US Capitol Building and thus Congress in the Federal Triangle of stars) being success if revenge is avoided.

And what are humanity's chances of avoiding that? Our track record isn't very good, is it?

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