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Aug 11, 2018

The Conspiracy Party and its Neptune in Pisces

Are Republicans Drenched by Neptune?

In September 2017, a post appeared on SO'W concerning the fact that the Republican Party is in process of its first-ever Neptune Return, a five-fer return which began on May 17, 2017 with its final exact return on December 29, 2018.

Actually, today is August 11, 2018 so the party's next Neptune Return perfects on October 20, 2018 with Neptune Rx @14Pis01, the party's natal degree of the planet from their founding on March 20, 1854 (6:30 pm LMT Rippon, Wisconsin). Between the five return charts, let's count the last return of December 29, 2018 as the major one you see below, since it must serve the party for the next 164 years (as if). Of course, all five return horoscopes 'count' and perhaps the first one of May 17, 2017 is the most significant. But since it's now 2018, the December chart is shown here and is set for the party's natal location (Rippon, WI) because unlike the December return chart relocated to DC, three planets are angular, as you see:

Please enlarge image to read scribbles! Hour of Mercury which @20Sagittarius conjoins the Party's natal Moon (info, communications, and plans relate to education, domestic circumstances, family and child concerns, real estate sales or property, and/or health issues); Locomotive shape of ruthless success led by the Moon @8Lib51 conjunct MC; Trump's natal Neptune at MC: loss of position or simply more lies and scandals? Chart-ruler Jupiter rising in Sagittarius applies to a square with Republican Party's natal Neptune in Return 3rd house of Communications: details of potentials are penned on the chart; as you see, Jupiter-Neptune qualities infuse the chart and US natal Pluto sits in the middle! Star of extreme misfortune, even suicide, Scheat, @29Pisces conjoins Mars, Chiron, and the Return's IC (The Drain; the Basis of the Matter; Endings). '29Pisces' = "A Prism: VALIDATION"...positive expression: "exceptional accomplishment through judgment of unusual accuracy:; negative/unconscious expression: "fatuous pride of intellect" (Jones). Wonder who suffers from that?

Naturally, there are other chart factors worth your consideration as are several stars that attach to the return's planets such as self-sacrificing Diadem conjunct Moon (the public; publicity) and Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point of all horoscopes; warring star Antares rises with its themes recently expanded by transit Jupiter; Sun @7Cap41 rises with Aculeus (enduring attacks but success) and conjoins Facies while serious Saturn, strong in its own sign of Capricorn, rises with Facies (ruthlessness or, the victim). Noted in the center of the chart is the severe Saturn-Pluto midpoint @15Cap47 which by degree points toward the first Solar Eclipse of 2019 @15Cap which perfects on January 6th in the 2 South Saros Series (joining unusual groups and feeling you'll gain a great deal from it--Brady).

Negative Nabobs of Neptune

Now as you know, there are many words and concepts typically assigned to the nebulous if inspired realms of astrological Neptune, with conspiracy being merely one of them. Made more prevalent as it floats through its own sign of tropical Pisces, Neptune also relates to: paranoia, fear, propaganda, fraud, deception, illegitimacy, illusion, veils and cover-ups, secrets, leaks, scams, grand schemes and dreams, erosion and dissolution, insecurity, uncertainty, karmic loss, glamour, disguises, mass media, and the masses--all come to mind as well as oceans, rivers, drinking and other water, gases, floods, epidemics and toxins. In Astrology, expansive Neptune's list is quite endless, or should I say, infinite? For The Divine Source is the highest designation for Neptune so we also find the GOP's association with religion (except that's really codifying Jupiter's domain with Neptune more a marker for spirituality and compassion.) Of course, fear and paranoia are what conspiracy theories are often based upon and are what such fanciful notions are meant to raise through the continual spreading of them.

Worth a gander is a 2013 TYT video segment Which Party Buys More into Conspiracy Theories? (5:58). (Confession: some of the theories mentioned appear factual to me!)

So how appropriate during the Republican Party's ongoing Neptune Return/s of 2017--2018 that various media and entertainment figures have recently called out the GOP as the 'Conspiracy Party' based on what the party has become--especially under the 'leadership' (?) of Mr. Trump, an ace conspiracy theorist in the flesh. 'Birtherism' against Barack Obama is a prime example of a political tactic that Trump based his presidential candidacy on meant to rile up fellow bigots at voting booths and place white supremacists within his administration (as if that's okay but it isn't). Plus, Neptunian cover-ups of domestic and foreign interference methods used in the 2016 Election (and threatening future elections) aided Trump in his quixotic quest for the White House.

Yet as his nibs fears, his is now seen as an illegitimate presidency by a many Americans and even transit Neptune veiling US Progressed Sun (POTUS) in Pisces has not successfully hidden the fact, nor has Neptune managed to hide Mr. Trump's purposeful ineptitude, weakness, financial shortcomings, and basic unsuitability for playing the role of POTUS. Besides, Trump in the White House isn't about playing the role well, it's about collapsing the American system of government and eroding our institutions, traditions, ideals, and beliefs, isn't it?

So in the 1854 founding chart of the Republican Party, let's consider a certain natal midpoint picture involving Neptune...Neptune-MC (goal point) = Uranus in the corporate 8th house: the desire to bring ideas to realization at all costs (Ebertin); and self-righteousness (Tyl). Yet oddly enough 'realization' is a concept belonging to astrological Saturn, planet of reality, form, law, government, business, and The Establishment. And of course, astrological Uranus represents potentials for: revolt, war, shock, disruption, upheaval, radical reform, chaos, and inventive and/or Utopian ideas. Science, Technology, and Progress are also Uranian but these days fact-based systems and progressive social reforms, among other things, act as garlic to the vampires of the regressive GOP--regrettably, and this I type as a Protestant Christian who continues to rely on the natural laws of the Universe set up by our Creator just as our Solar System (The Great Cosmic Clock) was and which makes Astrology's 'As Above, So Below' structure possible for our better understanding of life on Earth.

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Ebertin also supplies information on the Neptune-MC blend itself which reveals potentials for: pursuit of wrong ideas; people with Utopian ideas (and plans!), crooks and swindlers, and a leaning toward deception. Does this sound like any politicians, indicted and not yet indicted, you can name? And with transit Uranus in Aries (blind zealots, anarchists, Utopians) we must add to their Utopian zealotry the Sabian Symbol of the Republican Party's Ascendant, the rising point which describes the Party itself, and the fact that America's natal Jupiter in Cancer rises in their chart as well and we have: '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds feathering Their Nests".

Now most everyone agrees that elected candidates of all political stripes go to Washington for one of two basic reasons: either to idealistically represent, as well as they can, We The People (what we once called public service and 'doing the people's business'), or, to create personal wealth within a compromised system based on favors, bribes, pay-offs, blackmail, intimidation...and doing the work of corporations--and nowadays, bowing to foreign dictators. Tragically for our nation, it often happens that the idealists find once there that materialism is the only way to keep their positions and many succumb as party leaders read them the riot act as dictated by un-elected financiers and anti-democratic saboteurs who care nothing for America.

Now in a spirit of disclosure, I should admit that for years I've blogged in dissent against America's role of World Cop for transnational Corporate Crime Syndicates--and have habitually complained against Global Government dissolving America's national sovereignty. But even as campaigning Trump gave lip service to such concerns, his 'walling in' of the American people is not the answer for these issues for I believe that Trump's border wall is more about playing on bigotry for votes, isolating America from her traditional allies and neighbors so that our leadership role on the global stage is reduced to allow authoritarian regimes to take over the reins. Perhaps you agree that China and Russia are the obvious culprits as we've observed foreign agent Trump approving of this radical notion. So often we see that Trump does just like Putin would do! so that his chaotic ways make more sense in such a disturbing light.

So as one of those many Americans with ancestors who sacrificed, fought, and died to help establish this nation--plus, with ancestors of non-Caucasian persuasions--the erosion and corruption of the Republican Party is of no joy to me nor is the corporate corruption of the Democratic Party. The fact that political parties were considered by our nation's Founders to be a negative course for America to take, their forming occurred in the past, a reality long accepted by my fellow Americans and used tactically by Washington DC, my former city of residence. That the Republican Party, said to have been created upon compassionate ideals (Neptune in Pisces) during the slave era, has slipped or been pushed into becoming a ridiculous 'Conspiracy Party' bodes ill for America's future unless and until clear and close scrutiny is performed by those who care and dare. Because even arrogant America, with her exalted Saturn in Libra, must abide by the natural laws of karma via sober Saturn's demands for realism, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and the accountability that Mr. Trump and the Republicans now encounter through the current fact-finding investigations of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the prosecutors of New York.

And speaking of Neptune, a 'noon' natal horoscope for POTUS-in-training Republican theocrat Mike Pence is available for viewing with two suggested rectified birth times and Ascendants--one ASC in Scorpio, one in Aquarius. Striking is his Minor Grand Trine formed by Saturn-Pluto = Neptune (quick decisions made in difficult situations; sudden acts of violence) with Neptune in this pattern alerting and inspiring him to a more objective use of the Saturn-Pluto trine, an aspect of The Magnate (Oken) which gives him an enormous capacity for accumulating wealth and for refining "existing forms of authoritarian institutions" (Alan Oken's Complete Astrology).

Related Posts include: Inauguration 2017 Horoscope in which we see that the final dispositor is Neptune in Pisces (of course it is!); Robert Mueller Appointed May 17, 2017; Reality Is Not What You Think, a Max Igan broadcast via video with his usual intriguing graphics and thought-provoking remarks; Horoscope: a Starry Autumn Equinox 2018; and it's up to We The People to shrug off our apathy and Defend the US Constitution on November 6, 2018 before Neptunian erosion via radical reforms by the Republican Party and their shady enablers change forever the America we've known and loved.

Above NASA photo: Neptune

Dec 6, 2014

Dec 8, 2014's Jupiter Station Rx @22Leo37: delay tactics prominent in 2015

Following Expansive Jupiter's Path 2014--2015

by Jude Cowell

On Monday December 8, 2014, as the US Congress lamely addresses the expiration of funding for the US government (set for December 11), generous Jupiter, planet of growth, investment, and expansion, seems to stand still in the heavens in preparation for a period of retrogradation indicating a regression of progress in the realms of Jupiterian matters such as budgets and funding.

You know the list of roles is too numerous to fully name here but it includes Jupiterian masks such as: The General, the Banker and Financier, the Guru and god, Professor, and Executive Leader (especially with Jupiter's recent position as the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern involving all the planets--though in this position, Jupiter can act with ruthless determination to reach his goal--by Executive Order, perhaps? Tactics by members of the Jupiterian 'Grand' Old Party? Yet GOPers act as austere Saturnians these days--and tend to when there's a Democrat in the White House.)

Obviously financial, military, and immigration issues are atop the calendar and unfortunately We the People must 'rely' upon a congressional body intent on making itself obsolete and already having made itself a laughing stock of the world. Well, Jupiter is the Jolly One but somehow the potential for over confidence and brash behavior is being overdone to the point of aiding transit Pluto on his destructive trek through structural, systemic Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

So with neocon warhawks (the Vulcans) about to re-take control of Congress the first week of January 2015--under Jupiter Rx--we may confidently expect the Jupiterian jingoism of war ("Bomb bomb bomb Iran," said John McCain) to again ring out across the nation with the complicit, propagandizing Media doing its part to pacify the public. (The previous sentence is replete with Jupiter-approved words of re-trogradation! Plus, Jupiter also signifies The Broadcaster and The Corporation.)

As for financial matters, the horoscope of Jupiter's Station Rx (Dec 8, 2014 3:41:02 pm est Washington DC) shows 00Gem10 rising, a degree conjoining star Alcyone of the Pleiades constellation--as did the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 in the 14 South Saros Series (horoscope shown). Alcyone's key theme is something to cry about and you may remember that spiteful congressional antics of obstructionism and a willful lack of professionalism continued to give the American people plenty to cry about in 2012 as well as other difficult events including the much-touted and written about anxiety over the 2012 Mayan Calendar prophecy.

Other potentials when Alcyone is stimulated include rash and ruthless judgments which are often incorrect, blindness, narrow-mindedness, wantonness, ambition, causing turbulence and conflict--and Ptolemy gave the stars of the Pleiades a Moon-Mars nature so rage may be indicated.

Jupiter the General Salutes, Spends, and Imagines that He Conquers

As for upping US war efforts in Iraq and in other regions of the Middle East and elsewhere, we wouldn't be wrong to consider current efforts a continuation of the much-touted "Manifest Destiny" the ruling class has insisted upon for America's direction almost since day one. And though various natal horoscopes are in use for America, they all feature prominently the Jupiterian aspects of our bullying, know-it-all, might-makes-right national character as we seek to expand across the globe--the archetypal 'Atlas' we might call ourselves. We must include, of course, our tendency toward religiosity, materialism, and the worship of "the almighty dollar". Yet how ostrich-like must anyone be to avoid the realization that the era of the US dollar is in jeopardy? The 'petro-dollar', that is.

Well, no matter how our sentiments lean, our national Jupiter in self-protective Cancer is revealing for many reasons none the least being its Sabian Symbol...'6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" which is precisely the opportunity (Jupiter) that becoming a politician makes possible! America and the US government relate to the global community as Moon-ruled Cancerians in the sign's canny, shrewd, and subjective way and as the world noticed centuries ago, 'it's all about America', according to us.

Born under a Sun-Jupiter conjunction and with a lifelong preference for Peace and Harmony--two Jupiterian concepts--it saddens me to remind you that America's natal Jupiter in Cancer turned Rx by progression in 1905 and now falls @15Cancer, the degree of the Pentagon's natal Ascendant, our 'Death Star' of Venusian persuasions. For me this describes US resources such as our National Treasury being ensnared and misdirected away from the needs of the American people by the military industrial complex acting as the military enforcement arm of Global Government--at least until China finishes building up its military forces.

So without further fussing, here is a tracking of Jupiter's path from December 8, 2014 (with details) until The General and Banker reaches Rx shadow degree after which things can then move forward more easily in matters related to investing Jupiter (all horoscopes used are set for Washington DC):

Dec 8, 2014 Station Rx @22Leo37 in 4th house (Security; the Germanic "Homeland"; Real Estate); stationing Jupiter is trined by a 7th house Sun-Mercury conjunction @16Sag, applying and deposited by Jupiter; trined by Venus @27Sag41 in the corporate 8th house, separating; Jupiter rules Descendant 00Sag10, position of the Nov 22, 2014 New Moon with '1 Sag' the "Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" degree---'jingo all the way' and opposite the previously mention Solar Eclipse of May 2012; at IC, the How? point of any chart, is 8Leo19 which conjoins John McCain's and the Republican Party's natal Mercuries, conjoins the financially prominent Solar Eclipse of August 2008, and sits upon the natal Ascendant of George "Warrior" Bush, one of the primary authors of our economic and warring catastrophes.

(I say, Beware another Bush in the White House! Another Clinton, too.)

April 8, 2015 Station Direct @12Leo35 which re-conjoins President Obama's natal Sun (leadership) and previously denoting a time when projects begun about 12 years before (war) must be elevated (he began sending more troops abroad, some surreptitiously) or discontinued entirely (as he had promised multiple times); this time Jupiter is trined by Sun and Mercury from Mars-ruled Aries, separating, and also by the Moon (6A20) suggesting some amount of public popularity and perhaps an improved public mood; a separating trine from radical political activist and techno-planet Uranus completes Jupiter's aspect picture during this strengthening station which may facilitate the organizing of group activities and allow political matters to make headway in areas of finances, development, and investment. By April 8, 2015, Jupiter is the Handle planet of a Bucket planetary pattern.

So Washington's 'wise plans' and any reliable improvements must await Jupiter's passing of Rx shadow degree (22Leo37) on or about July 6 or 7, 2015--just after Independence Day 2015, a day honoring a freedom-infused concept that archetypal Jupiter's tendency to break through boundaries greatly appreciates. Thus, Jupiter's link to immigration issues as we remember that were all immigrants in the beginning except, of course, for (disenfranchised) Native Americans. Manifest Destiny is a cruel master if truth be told.

Additionally, one date to spotlight is the Composite date between December 8, 2014's Rx Station and April 8, 2015's Direct Station of Jupiter, and that is February 7, 2015 when a peak or crescendo of some sort concerning Jupiterian issues and events may be noticed on or very near that date.

So will Jupiter's forward movement denote that the second half of 2015 will be more productive, politically impressive, and thus happier for the American people? As you know, a fuller view depends upon many other astrological factors (for As Above, So Below) and may be studied in a myriad of horoscopes including Equinoxes, Solstices, Planetary Returns, Progressions, Natal and Event charts, and more!

Transit Jupiter reaches Royal Star Regulus and 00Virgo around August 12, 2015 suggesting a period (until September 2016 during which time an obstructive Jupiter-Saturn square will interfere or restrict) of planned expansion and investment in Virgoan matters such as Health, Work, and Science with the key theme of Regulus (reflected by the US Capitol Building and thus Congress in the Federal Triangle of stars) being success if revenge is avoided.

And what are humanity's chances of avoiding that? Our track record isn't very good, is it?

Sep 9, 2014

Sep 10, 2014 POTUS on ISIS threat: Moon conjunct Uranus

Oh, Masonic Washington, What Are You Brewing?

by Jude Cowell

Update 8:12 pm EDT: the following post fails to mention that at 8:57 pm Wednesday evening the Moon becomes void-of-course (until Sept 11 at 9:16 pm EDT when Luna enters Taurus) and the usual implication for the beginning of an enterprise under such an influence is to expect no results. However, a VOC Moon period can also indicate that when a difficult or risky undertaking is about to start and there are others who might create problems or interruptions to it, they can do nothing against you. Ex: the 9/11/01 Moon.

Original post starts here:

At 8:57 pm EDT this evening a Moon-Uranus conjunction at 15 Aries manifests with 'excited people-states of fear and anxiety' vibes supported by warrior Mars through its rulership of Aries. Nine pm is often the hour a president takes to the TV airwaves (Uranus) to address the American public (Moon) so that's the horoscope I'm considering until I know a definite hour for the beginning of President Obama's speech.

As noted today in a Washington Post blog written by Katie Zezima, this evening marks exactly one year since POTUS attempted to rev up the American people to support military airstrikes in Syria which failed to get us riled as the ISIS threat seems to be doing. A new WaPo poll cites public support for airstrikes at 65% while MSNBC this morning cited a poll with our support at 71%. Well, perhaps it depends on how is polled and how questions are framed. In 2013 the threat to the US didn't seem imminent or worrisome enough but as we see it has been considerably ramped up by beheadings and other vileness along with outright threats made by the militants against America and Mr. Obama himself.

(Perhaps you remember Osama bin Laden's nickname for our country: 'The Great Satan.' But with war being what it is, I assert that we're watching Satan fighting Satan in the West v East struggle for dominance, ancient as it is. Recently I heard an ISIS reference to the Ottoman Empire which adds much to the conflagration of long-held grievances--including Turkey and old Constantinople--but such interesting topics are way beyond the scope of this post.)

Folks, What We Have Here Is an "ISIS Crisis"

It may interest you to know that in Washington DC at 9:00 pm EDT tonight transit Mars (weaponry, war and warmongering) sits upon President Obama's natal Midheaven, his Goal, Aspiration, and Career Point, so the 'caution' he is said to have shown thus far seems to me to be all about timing not reluctance to enter the fray more directly. For the Global Government script calls for its actors and agents to listen to their masters' voices when it comes to mounting World War III which I sincerely think is being engineered right under our "supportive" noses. And curiously 29Sco45, a critical-crisis degree, is the position of the people's Moon in Obama's first Inauguration horoscope of 2009 as he 'reluctantly' touts war to The People tonight and we are made to feel we must join in with his Mars-MC aims as the will to war is forced upon us through deception and persuasion.

Now when we add the 'L' to ISIL, we add the Levant which includes, of course, Israel, the underlying motivator for this military action Mr. Obama is calling for in the Great Plan to establish a World Capital at Jerusalem. Do I digress from the president's effort tonight to persuade us? I only wish it were so. The threat to the Germanic-sounding "homeland" may be real as can be (false flag ops included) but on another level it is a pretext, a tactic the US government has used to lie us into military action before, as we know. (USS Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9/11/01, and now this. World Wars I, II, and...

So where are other chart factors of certain actors (planets) found in tonight's 9:00 pm horoscope?

Rising is 29Ari09, a critical-crisis 29th degree in the sign of Mars-ruled Aries. Naturally this places 29Lib09 on the Partnership cusp (Descendant) with Aries-Libra one of the military-diplomacy polarities. (Pisces is also a military sign.) "National Security" will be said to be the basis of public support or at least it will be asked to be. The Moon-Uranus pair are in 12th house of Politics, Secret Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, and Self-Undoing--take from that what you will.

The Security axis (MC-IC) shows the same with 16Cancer33 on IC (Foundation, Basis, Endings, the Drain) and Saturn-ruled Capricorn at Midheaven and keying up the enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune on and near that degree of Capricorn during their three great Conjunctions all through 1993. ('18Cap' = "The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER.)

Now at the IC we find two interesting chart factors: the Pentagon's natal Ascendant (not a surprise) and US natal Jupiter's current retrograde degree by Progression, the Station of which occurred in November 1905--just in time to propagandize the American public into entering World War I when the time was considered 'right'. A false flag op had to be mounted as well to stir our emotions and President Wilson had secretly pledged the US to war--on orders from international bankers--before the public ever knew about it. Wilson' famous address to a Joint Session of Congress basically sealed the deal and off we marched.

As you know, one of adventurous, expansive Jupiter's many roles in Mundane Astrology is The General so this paints a rather curious picture, don't you think? It was almost amusing (if not so tragic) how the mainstream media took our minds off important details with their "POTUS has no strategy" ridiculousness when clearly such massive plans for global dominance and the subjugation of anyone in the Middle East who disagrees with the establishment of a 'new world order' cannot be the responsibility of just one man, even one wearing a 'leader of the free world' mantle.

Yes, Globalism marches on, apparently with the American public in tow and powerful puppet master Pluto @11Cap01 Rx near an Angle, the only malefic planet to be so at 9:00 pm tonight in DC, so we may expect the Great Plan to proceed much as global operatives and secret cabals direct the action from afar (Pluto in 9th house of Foreign Lands.) Of course, a 9th house Pluto on another level signifies the Morbid One in his assassin role so ISIS-ISIL comes to mind.

And what of the 6th house of Military Service? North Node (a karmic point of future direction) @20Lib52 is posited there along with the Sun (leadership) @18Vir14 near its degree on 9/11/01. To me this shows that tonight's script is part of a piece, a progression from the WTC attacks which continue to look to many people like a false flag op. Warrign Mars as noted above @28Sco05 has just left the 8th house of Transformation and Corporatism with its 1Sag45 cusp and perhaps you know that in the Sabian Symbols, '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire." Transit Mars reaches the zone of 00-1Sag beginning on September 14, 2014 so we'll see if 'he' triggers military action--or, I should say, a more visible military action--and definitely attacks, airstrikes, etc.

Or will the Pentagon become more active after the April 29, 2014 Solar Eclipse influence fades in October with its themes of 'wasted energy especially when dealing with groups--take no action as it is potentially unfulfilling' (Brady)? Perhaps but there are many other astrological timings going on including the 6th of 7 exact squares of Uranus and Pluto on December 15, 2014 (#7 on March 17, 2015.) Upheavals, war, protests, uprisings--you know the score on Uranus-Pluto and their titanic Cardinal Square which shouts impetuously for action on a global scale.

US natal Neptune in the 6th house of tonight's speech chart shows the propaganda at work as it continues to mask the deeper motivations and actions of President Obama for our national Neptune covers his natal Mars in Virgo. And as always, America's problematic Mars-Neptune square ('fog of war', misdirected or misguided energy, deceptive actions, confused motivations) is in play with our natal Mars in the speech's 2nd house of the National Treasury. The US Congress will be asked for more funds for war and when have they ever failed to provide them--openly and/or surreptitiously?

(You may notice that I have held back from mention of Armageddon for that would send us on a major tangent of Biblical proportions, again beyond the scope of this post.)

Well, there are more chart factors to discuss but my time is limited so I'll only mention again what I've blogged rather loudly about previously--that transit Jupiter @12Leo12 tonight again conjoins Mr. Obama's natal Sun, a period when something begun about 12 years ago must either be raised to the next level or be ended entirely. Now #POTUS has made much of a desire that US troops leave the Middle East and he has seemingly done such yet he'll appear on TV this evening in a rhetorical attempt to persuade the US public to support a new level of war in the Middle East.

Will the justifications President Obama puts forward be enough to sway you?

Further reading: Sept 7, 2014 an Atlanta Journal blog's thoughts with a list of potential topics.

Astro-Note: an exact time for tonight's address has so far remained elusive yet if 9:00 pm isn't the correct hour the Moon-Uranus conjunction retains its implications as do most of the interpretations mentioned above though house positions may vary. Maybe White House astrologers are being careful to study the portents for best results!

Update 1:38 pm EDT: 9:00 pm EDT is indeed the confirmed time for the president's ISIS address.

Oct 8, 2013

Shutdown 1995/96 Solar Eclipse repeats Nov 3, 2013

A Cosmic Time Link Between Government Shutdowns 1995/96 and 2013

by Jude Cowell

In a seemingly curious twist of fate, the Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series in which the Newt Gingrich/Republican shutdown of the US government occurred (and was meant to harm the Clinton presidency), the 16 North, repeats on November 3, 2013 with a Solar Eclipse @11Sco15.

Previously, the Solar Eclipse occurred @00Sco17 on October 24, 1995 and you may recognize the 00/1Scorpio degree as the natal Sun position of the new world order, a position gleaned from the third of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune on October 24, 1993 @18Cap ("The Union Jack" = 'POLITICAL POWER...smug or strong-armed paternalism'--Jones.)

The unconscious influence of this transpersonal planetary duo is infused within the 16N Series due to its initial eclipse which manifested during a Uranus-Neptune trine back in 1599, and of course, you know that their signature involves The Enlightenment, rationalism, a blend of Science and Religion, and insights from the unconscious where solutions may be found. Plus, the duo's Utopian idealism of No Government continues to bedevil us now. Yes, the chaos-creators are at work and positively giddy at their presumed success in completely undermining America, the big gorilla nation-state that must be vanquished before total Global Government can be fully implemented.

Actually, we've already discussed such topics in my post on the November 2013 Solar Eclipse if you wish to take a peek, horoscope included. Hopefully, this cosmic time link isn't telling us the current shutdown will continue into November but even CFR shills and Trilateral pundits on TV agree that a several-week shutdown is possible. Forget global markets, I guess, because if global meltdown is what they're preparing us for, it will only require a 'quick jump off a short pier' the way the Syndicate has things staged at the moment.

But if the powers-that-be decide the meltdown moment isn't quite here, we'll know because a reprieve will be granted, perhaps around the time of the October 18, 2013 Full Moon in Aries which perfects just after October 17th, the date when Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew predicts the US will be out of cash to pay bills and enter into deadbeat status Full Moons indicate a culmination, a stage of fulfillment so I'm hoping we see resolution of the shutdown around then, if only a temporary one.

Oddly enough, America only recently--on July 22, 2013--enjoyed a Jupiter Return $$! Of course our last Jupiter Return/s occurred in 2001/02 when Bush, Cheney, and Congress were spending like drunken you-know-whats and racking up much of the debt we suffer under now--debt that current deadbeat Republicans want to skip out on! Then, the GOP played the role of Jupiter in mundane charts but with a Democratic president and Senate, they now play the Saturn-in-Scorpio role of austerity. And even their role-switching could provide political balance for our nation's economy if they would work together and compromise, for Jupiter's expansion principle and Saturn's restriction principle are meant to compliment each other in the Universe.

Well, if you wish, scroll down the sidebar a bit to order a printable US Jupiter Return 2013 Report (PDF) via PayPal, for the horoscope is good for approximately 12 years, the duration of a Jupiter Reward Cycle. Baked into our July 4, 1776 Jupiter degree, however, is always the descriptive Sabian Symbol for '6 Cancer': *"Game Birds Feathering Their Nests," an obvious reference to the typical behavior of America's ruling class, for feather they definitely do.

*The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

Jul 24, 2013

7.24.13: US Jupiter Return inspires Obama speech on Economy

Obama's Speech on the economy begins with a Void-of-Course Moon

by Jude Cowell

Today at 12:55 pm edt, or 1:00 pm cdt, depending on the source (and probably not beginning on time but the official time seems to be 12:55 pm) at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, President Obama speaks about the US economy in a effort to refocus attention on finances and jobs.

At 12:55 pm cdt, we find 24Lib28 rising which makes evaluating Venus chart-ruler during this Hour of the Sun (the president.) The speech's Sun @1Leo59 will soon cross the Midheaven (MC) of Goals and Aspirations with MC @28Can51. The president's natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn conjoins the IC (Foundation of the Matter; The Drain) along with America's natal Pluto Rx which, when the energies are taken together, show concerns about rising from difficult situations and the hard work and privation the rising involves. The VOC Moon denotes that today's event will proceed without interference, or, that nothing turns out as expected--unless he speaks until the Moon enters Pisces.

Still, there are adjustments (inconjunct) to be made between leadership (Sun) and the people (Moon) for an inconjunct between the luminaries denotes his attempt to win approval from the public (and thus pressure Republicans to cooperate), along with the expression of an altered perspective that can provide many advantages if successfully utilized and directed. Yes, generous, advantageous, investing, monied Jupiter is well-represented here.

Venus-Neptune: unrealistic dreams

As for chart-ruler Venus' two applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects, we find that the planet of money and attraction first opposes Neptune (4Pis48 Rx--the masses; the media) which hints that once trust has been shattered as it has, it will be difficult for Washington politicians to gain it back, and that some of them follow an idealism which is based on a clouded vision. I would ascribe this to the Global Government-NWO crowd of faithless politicians and their financial backers but maybe that's just me. At any rate, few can deny that America is being collapsed in a methodical way particularly since the 1980s and the deregulation of Wall Street firms made Global Corporatism our government's 'god'. Their anti-sovereign campaign is doing quite well against the 'old-fashioned' nation-state that citizens of nation-states prefer to live in, thanks very much.

Now on Monday July 22, 2013, America's natal Jupiter @5Can56 returned to natal position in the 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA) marking a new round of Jupiterian activities for our nation. This includes finances but also denotes expansion, investment, broadening of vistas, Jupiter the General's war and conquest efforts, religion, philosophy, and broadcasting from the Bully Pulpit such as President Obama does today--concerning economic issues.

However, he begins today's speech (assuming it starts on time or thereabouts) with austere Saturn rising @5Sco02 and North Node (a Jupiterian point) @13Sco17 also in 1st house. This Nodal position hits the US Inaugural Descendant (partnerships; open enemies) so transiting SN of the Moon now languishes upon the Ascendant of the Presidential Oath-Taking. 'Outstanding in his field', separation, or some mixture of both? Saturn in 1st house indicates stoppages or at least, delays, while NN in 1st provides an indication of good fortune.

the only midpoint picture is the ongoing Neptune/NN = Pluto where perspectives are difficult to blend with that of others. Plus, the Neptune/NN combo indicates a lack of community spirit, something powerful, manipulative Pluto now uses for his propagandistic purposes that keep the American people divided (and thus, conquered.)

Activist Mars, god of war and drone strikes. is out-of-bounds (OOBs) @7Can31 conjunct Mirzam, a star of The Announcer and of one who has something to say or express. Orating Mercury @14Can06 conjoins US natal Sun and Dog Star, Sirius (the mundane becomes sacred) which supports the 'announcement' theme of the speech's horoscope. Plus, Mars by degree joins in with the closed circuit of energies and urge for security and protection seen in the Water Grand Trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune so perhaps Mrs will trigger action on the level of Social Responsibility.

The Moon's entry into Pisces will allow her to join in the Grand Trine as well, yet it's doubtful that such triggering will affect the GOP considering the party's recent progressed opposition of SP Moon and SP Neptune by which delusions, confusion, lies, fraud, and deception were handed to Americans who are felt by Republicans to be social burdens and parasites.

Apparently the Rs think that using US taxpayers' funds to invest at home for our sakes interferes with their next misadventure abroad when there are new territories to conquer, more natural resources to plunder, and a Global Government to set up as their ideology demands from atop the heights of Jupiter's expansive realms.

Pluto Opposes from Controlling Capricorn

Meanwhile, transit Pluto @9Cap44 Rx in the speech's 3rd house of Communications continues to firmly oppose US natal planets in Cancer--today Mr. Underworld is between exact opposition to US natal Jupiter (5Can56) and US n Sun (13Can19) so Mr. Obama's titanic struggles with global internationalists continue to mar America's future prospects even though austerity measures both here and abroad have proven themselves to be fruitless for growth, development, and economic improvement, but are a requirement for those Utopians and neocons determined to collapse governments and ruin economies so that a 'new economic order' will be accepted by the people as 'the only remedy'.

A Venus-Saturn contact

Chart-ruler Venus then goes on to sextile Saturn (2A@@) which signifies those with good investment and business sense, interests in future growth and development, and good communications skills. And with the speech's Sun @1Leo59 conjunct President Obama's natal Mercury (2Leo20), we may expect that today's speech will be bracing and thoughtful yet taken as antagonistic in the ears of his Republican opponents who are determined that his will be a 'failed presidency'.

Uranus-Pluto and the Moon at a 29th degree

Naturally, the tiresome, rebellious Uranus-Pluto square energies under gird all issues (until 2015)--here 2S45, and the Moon (We the People; the public; publicity; emotional moods/trends) @29AQ43, a critical-crisis degree, in 4th house of Real Estate and Domestic Scene is anxious to move into mystical if confused Pisces which Luna does at 1:23 pm edt. America had a Lunar Return today--27AQ10--at 9:43:34 am edt, White House, in Return 6th house of Military and Police Service, Work and Employment, Health Concerns, and Daily Rounds so We the People remain acutely aware that job creation is the key to our lagging if slowly improving economy. Now if only Washington kept our dwindling social conditions in mind long enough to accomplish worthwhile changes and implement the investments our nation needs.

One more note about the speech horoscope--it has a splay pattern of planets which denotes an intensity that can't be limited to a single point of application (M.E. Jones) so that we may expect several ideas for solving economic woes to be offered by President Obama as he kicks off today a series of speeches on the US economy--and then by the Saturnian austerians on the rise in 1st house in corporate-minded Scorpio, sign of spies and betrayals. The Leo Sun (the president) is squared (blocked) by Saturn (3A03) @'6Scorpio' = "A Gold Rush" (Jones) so Republican obstructionism toward the policies put forth by the president remain suspect in the eyes of those who would cause this administration's Saturnian downfall as this difficult transiting aspect echoes America's natal Sun-Saturn square.#

And since Jupiter's realm also includes ideology, we find the concepts of expansion/investment v restriction/austerity at the base of the stalemate in Washington economically, politically, and otherwise.

For a broader view of America's Jupiter Return of July 22, 2013 with the Return horoscope shown and notated by yours truly (as seen through a common good lens), you may wish to order the 19-page printable Stars Over Washington Report on Jupiter 2013 (PDF format) from the sidebar of this blog. Our recent Solar Return 2013 is also available. Thanks! jc

Great reading is Gary P. Caton's recent TMA article The 79-Year Cycle of Mercury and Mars in the USA Horoscope with the Mercury-Mars duo a signature for political opinions and arguments.

7.26.13: notable in the president's speech is his "get back to basics" theme which tallies with our national Jupiter 'getting back' to its natal degree!

Jul 22, 2013

July 22 2013 Aquarius Full Moon a 'supermoon'

Yes, today at 2:16 pm edt, a Full Moon perfects @00AQ05 and is, in fact, a 'supermoon', a phenomenon labeled as such by master astrologer Richard Nolle.

Perhaps you'd like more information on tonight's 'supermoon' with its degree conjoining the US presidential Sun, as noted previously in a recent post.

Plus, today marks America's Jupiter Return (or, Jupiter Reward Cycle, a la Noel Tyl!), a 12-year occurrence that last manifested in 2001/2002, and you know how our National Treasury was spent for waging war, creating the financial boondoggle that is Homeland 'Security', and other such quixotic notions and misadventures of the Bush-Cheney administration.

But now we have President Obama to preside over US Jupiter Return 2013. And since astrological Jupiter provides anyone who wishes it hope, enthusiasm, and optimism, a new cycle of uplifting possibilities begins this very today for our nation!

Perhaps Senator Elizabeth Warren's proposal for a return to the Glass-Steagall Act is perfectly timed by our fresh Jupiterian cycle which would be super, imho. Some say the Act was never a foolproof remedy for our national infestation of banking crooks, mobsters, and foolish risk-takers of Wall Street, and perhaps not. But it did keep the worst of their financial fraud tamped down for decades by the separation of banks' commercial and investment branches and kept the FDIC guarantee for use as it was intended--not for Corporate Welfare--but on behalf of We The People.

Jan 23, 2013

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses w America's Planetary Returns

2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses Listed w US Planetary Returns

by Jude Cowell

Here is a list of the Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2013's dates and degrees, with Saros Series' themes paraphrased from B. Brady; included in order of occurrence are America's 2013 planetary Return dates and degrees with a few Sabian Symbols and their keywords (symbols from M. E. Jones):

1. April 25: Partial Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45; '6Sco' = "A Gold Rush"...AMBITION;

2. May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse @19Tau31; '20Tau' = "Wind Clouds and Haste"...EXALTATION; 15 South Series theme: a lingering situation will clear with a sense of collective grief or loss and a release of tension; 15S last manifested in 1995;

3. May 25: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @4Sag08; '5Sag' = "An Old Owl Up in a Tree"...NORMALITY; this eclipse conjoins the degree of 'voting' Mercury's Rx Station of the November 6, 2012 Elections--will scandalous details be uncovered? Eclipses are known for revealing secrets and Mercury is a known trickster and thief!;

June 5: US Venus Return to 3Can06 (all Returns based on America's natal horoscope of July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA); '4Can' = "A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"...JUSTIFICATION;

June 30: US Mars Return 21Gem22; '22Gem' = "A Barn Dance"...GREGARIOUSNESS;

July 5 (not a typo!): US Solar Return 13Can19, our nation's 237th birthday as far as declaring independence from Britain goes; '14Can' = "A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast"...SANCTION; an occult symbol with far-reaching implications that go beyond the scope of today's post so here's a site to check out if you're in the mood for uncovering secrets of early Washington DC as laid out by our Founding Templar Freemasons;

July 22: US Jupiter Return 5Can56 (a 12-year cycle of what should be 'rewards'); '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" (as toffs will do--jc)...METICULOUSNESS;

August 4: US Mercury Return 24Can12 (Rx natally); '25Can' = "A Dark Shadow or Mantle Thrown Suddenly Over the Right Shoulder"...DESTINY; (an occult symbol which may relate to ORION's shoulder and the 'Great' Plan for America's destiny--jc); August 4th is President Obama's day of birth and this year, transit Mars @14Can51 conjoins SIRIUS, an important star in the secretly shared 'District of Columbia/pyramids of Giza' mythology;

4. Oct 18: Appulse Lunar Eclipse @25Ari45; '26Ari' = "A Man Possessed of More Gifts Than He Can Hold"...EQUIPMENT;

5. Nov 3: Hybrid Solar Eclipse @11Sco16; '12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"...DISPLAY; this eclipse falls in the 16 North Saros Series which is denoted by Bernadette Brady to be a "gentle family of eclipses' which 'brings a sense of inspiration or the illumination of good ideas' through a "sudden release of material from the unconscious" and a "great deal of insight"; 16N last manifested in 1995 making that year a 'time link' with year 2013 as is the May eclipse, above;

However, since 16N's initial eclipse of Feb 15, 1599 (@6Pis02) contains unconscious Uranus-Neptune content by way of a trine aspect, and considering the way the world is being marched toward global governance (aka a new world order, or, new economic order), I'm calling this the 'Illuminati Eclipse' and unfortunately must consider its "illumination" to be part of the constant subliminal propaganda we Americans and others across the globe are drenched in and permeated by...based on an ancient illuminized plan to undermine all civil institutions including governments. How I wish I could feel and think otherwise but I don't, so there it is.

Yes, 2013 is a pivotal year for global movers and shakers and it was ushered in by Winter Solstice 2012 and that crisis-laden YOD pattern of Saturn sextile Pluto pointing toward apex Jupiter Rx = social fanaticism/trouble with authority. My prayer is that 'ordinary', decent people won't fall for too many of their cynical political and social scams and fancy 'tricks of light and sound' as 2013 plows on. May we of good faith use the combined Uranus-Neptune energies to Awaken the Masses!

Dec 22, 2012

Astrologer Says Double-Dip Recession in 2013 Unlikely

2013 Can Bring Financial Gains If Washington Plays Our Cards Right

by Jude Cowell

But will they? Well, the current stay of banker planet Jupiter in Airy Gemini will end in 2013 when the generous Jolly One enters Moon-ruled Cancer in June. As you know, Cancer is the sign of Business Savvy and Home Matters such as Real Estate and Jupiter is happily exalted there. Plus, America's natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun are in Cancer in the 2--14-degree range, and our nation will experience its next Jupiter Return (or, 'Reward Cycle' as Noel Tyl terms it) on July 22, 2013. This is most often a time of good fortune, or at least it puts a spotlight on it as the 12-year cycle opens and our natal Venus-Jupiter-Sun trio is stimulated and expanded.

Note: as previously discussed on this blog, Jupiter in Gemini Stations Direct on January 30, 2013 and perhaps the current fiscal stand-off on spending and investment will resolve and matters will begin to edge forward after that date.

America's last Jupiter Return was a three-fer and was horribly botched by the awful SCOTUS-enabled presidency of Bush-Cheney, their two misguided wars fought on credit card (which hobble our economy still), the attacks of 9/11/01, the creation of Homeland Security, and several other schemes of a pyramid kind leading up to Financial Collapse 2008, the year of the low point of the financial cycle.

Jupiter returned to its natal degree of 5Can56 ('6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"--and boy, do they!) on August 9, 2001, February 15, 2002, and March 15, 2002 (when using the 'Sibly' 5:10 pm chart for July 4, 1776) and it's the third conjunction affecting us now--until a new cycle opens on July 22, 2013.

Let's hope that in spite of anarchistic 'politicians' (Uranus in Aries = Utopians--Ebertin) attempting to bring America to her financial knees so that the 'baby' of government can be "drowned in a bath tub" (G. Norquist), that this time our Jupiter Return will be better and more honestly handled by Washington, and that public optimism (a function of Jupiter) is not misdirected or poorly placed--especially with transiting Pluto in Capricorn opposing our national Sun (the president), a time of no-compromise stalemates and major tests of willpower, as we see already.

With her analyses into financial cycles based primarily on the 18.6-year Nodal Cycle of the Moon, you may wish to check out an expert on the topic, financial astrologer Grace K. Morris, editor of the Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter and her prognostication that a double dip recession is highly unlikely in 2013.

May the Jupiterian 'power of positive thinking' help things along for the US economy and thus, the world's, in 2013 for, as 'they' like to say--it's all about confidence!


"Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do."

--J.P. Morgan, Sr, client and student of the great Evangeline Adams

Jul 2, 2010

July 4, 2010: Presidential scholars rank Bush 5th worst in US history

Happy Independence Day, America! Here's the Sibly version of our birth chart:

Yes, it's year #234 and barely counting, considering what politicians and bankers have done with the place - their private cash cow apparently.

Well, just in time for 2010's July 4th festivities, some bad news not wholly unexpected has arrived concerning the recent 8-year era of US expansionist and war speculator, George Bush: he's been ranked by presidential scholars as the 5th worst president in US history, with President Obama ranked 15th from the top of this year's list.

Yes, war hawk Bush is ranked in the bottom five as is Franklin Pierce with whom Dubya shares family lineage. And Poppy Bush doesn't fair very well either which gives me some small hope that hoards of discerning Americans will nix any future presidential hopes of candidates from this particular gene pool.

That's about as gently as I can put it so early in the day while listening to the second reading of the morning on NPR of the Declaration of Independence. The horoscope above marks the day with expanding Jupiter as chart-ruler during a Venus Hour, both planets relating on one level to money and its pursuit.

Now to be fair, President Pierce did have the unfortunate distinction of losing his 11-year-old son in a horrible train accident just two months before inauguration which had to be a nightmarish-beyond-belief way to begin a term in the White House.

That Pierce won with the Democrats' slogan, "We Polked you in 1844; we shall Pierce you in 1852!" is a marvel or a miracle, I'm not certain which (that said with a 2010 perspective, however.)

And perhaps the person writing on Wikipedia concerning the presidency of Franklin Pierce had Dubya in the back of his/her mind when he/she typed:

"having publicly committed himself to an ill-considered position, he maintained it steadfastly, but at tremendous cost to his reputation."

With Bush, it seems that nature and nurture supported one another during his disastrous presidency with "At least we know where he stands" the popular sentiment with the end of the sentence being, "even though he's wrong."

Well, if history turns out to be 'kind' to George W. Bush as John Ashcroft once panderingly intoned, its pages will have to be very creatively rewritten down to the last period if it hopes to disguise the misery, loss, and teeth-grinding inspired across the globe by the stubborn-willed presidency of you-know-who (with the enabling of his elite backers, his "base" as he called them.)

May this be the final time I publish a photo of this man who had to cheat to 'win' the presidency of the United States of America, with the end of the sentence being, "cheating isn't winning, it's stealing."


On the chart image I failed to note that along with Venus and Mars, our Pluto in Capricorn is also out-of-bounds.