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Dec 8, 2014

Week of Dec 8, 2014: Jonathan Gruber before Congress as Jupiter Rx spotlights unfortunate remarks

Obamacare on Trial, Economist Jupiter Turns Rx, and Mr. Gruber Re-turns to Testify

by Jude Cowell

On Tuesday health economist Jonathan Gruber will testify to Congress concerning his recent Obamacare remarks caught on tape about the bill being passed via "trickery," an apt expression of a major transit of great influence at that time (March 2010) when tricky Neptune conjoined US natal Moon (We the People) denoting the public's complicity in speculation and, some say, fraud.

Check out an article concerning Mr. Gruber's testimony here while noting that the Neptune conjunct US natal Moon was actually rising in the legislation's signing horoscope indicating that instability, deception, and a potential for fraud were bound to appear concerning the ACA, its provisions and confusions.

Leading up to the passage of the ACA was 2009 when three times the Obama presidency was imprinted by a Great Conjunction between the wastrel, spendthrift, grand spirit, speculator pair, Jupiter and Neptune, with all three conjunctions sprinkling magic fairy dust upon the American people's natal Moon which gave the entire period of events a 'little sense of reality' vibe from which Obamacare may never recover.

And if you follow Sabian Symbols at all, you may have noted that today's Jupiter Station Rx falls @22Leo37, a degree known as an "open mouth insert foot" or "worst foot forward" indicator (A. Louis) and such a description is mentioned in the article by people who know him well as a known tendency of Jonathan Gruber who also, friends say, has no screen upon what may pop out of his mouth.

But even without applying an astrological lens to the week's congressional proceedings, we may expect the odds that Jonathan Gruber will deliver a "worst foot forward" testimony this week to be quite high which, if Republicans have their way, will lead to more turbulence and further undermining of the ACA, aka, Obamacare. Mr. Gruber may even "open mouth insert foot" deeper than he already has.

Fascinating entertainment especially for the media and results may very well supply support for what SCOTUS will soon do to the ACA's much needed subsidies which create the "affordable" part of the legislation.

Yet as usual, affordable healthcare coverage for the millions of Americans in need of it will be a casualty of tiresome Republican antics and of little if any consideration during their dramatic grandstanding on Capitol Hill.

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