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Apr 19, 2015

FBI Admits Serious Mistakes w Pluto conjoining its natal Uranus

They Lied, Innocent People Died

The History Channel gives a few basic details on the founding and early history of the FBI if you're curious. And you might be since a current headline has appeared that the Justice Department admits that the FBI gave flawed evidence during criminal trials for the last 20 years concerning hair samples tested by their DNA unit.

Of course, we've seen FBI confessions in the news before as with their clumsy use of wiretaps in 2005 (oops! wrong number!) and in 2007 with Patriot Act screw-ups (aka, abuse of power). Search and ye shall find more such confessional headlines though we must wonder if any improvements have been made.

1908 Meets 2015: Some Erroneous FBI Testimony Resulted in Executions

Now the agency, whose official genesis is timed for July 26, 1908, has again admitted mistakes that led to wrongful convictions as a review of approximately 268 cases between 1985 and 2000 have shown. And astrologers who like to consider history and politics through the lens of Astrology may note that a major transit is now in process: spying Pluto has conjoined off and on the FBI's natal Uranus (14Cap09), ruled by controlling, governmental, law-abiding Saturn.

So with the explosive Uranus-Pluto duo being societal and generational in nature and relating to federal employment and programs, this meeting of planetary titans--2015 Pluto to 1908 Uranus--marks a period when issues of individual freedom emerge (ex: wrongful convictions revealed), the power of government transforms (or reforms? US soon entered WWI after the agency's creation), technological advances apply (civilian populations bombed from airplanes; poison gases), and the government is made to yield to the people it (supposedly) serves--'mistakes' were made. Perhaps we should note that the Internet now makes FBI 'mistakes' more visible to the public. And of course, reformer planet Uranus is America's 'totem planet' of revolution, war, protest, and upheaval. In Capricorn, 1908 Uranus denoted concentrated energy, and fanatical aims pursued with great zeal (Ebertin) yet as most people know, great zeal often gets details all wrong in its haste and determined aggression (success-at-all-costs; the illusion of infallibility eroded).

Curiously, the planets of The Enlightenment (Age of Reason; New World Order), Uranus and Neptune, opposed one another in 1908 across the Security axis of Cancer-Capricorn and this denotes that the FBI was formed during a time of political unrest and strong nationalism when major military power was being developed. Public apathy and indifference allowed such power to take hold as America entered World War I in 1917 for the opposition indicates personal freedoms being eroded and our nation being hurled into the war---after Woodrow Wilson had campaigned on peace (while secretly pledging our nation to enter WWI as required by international bankers). Perhaps you are reminded of President Obama, recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, campaigning in 2008 against the expansion of war and his pre-election journey to NYC to meet with big bank campaign donors.

Arousing public awareness of dangerous threats is part of the FBI's Uranus-Neptune opposition picture though the agency's integrity and our level of trust in the FBI is being purposefully eroded, inch by inch, as is trust in other American institutions and systems--in part a reflection of transforming Pluto approaching US natal Pluto, our first-ever Pluto Return. As Above, So Below.

FBI July 26, 1908 T-Square--Uranus-Neptune = Saturn potentials include: instability; losses; bereavement (Ebertin); need for recognition; changes of direction; staying put causes depression and loss of self-confidence (Tyl); restraint on use of visionary ideals (Munkasey). The Moon-Neptune pair (see paragraph, below) is visionary as well but can be irrational its perceptions. And the Uranus-Neptune pair in Politics denotes such things as subversion, exploitation of oil and other chemical resources, revolutionary 'new thinking' (or fomenting revolution?), idealistic structural changes in political and social systems, and/or sudden increases in the availability of illicit drugs (Munkasey) and activities such as drug trafficking. Note that with the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn trio in the dynamic T-Square pattern, no exact time of founding is necessary--and karma is at work as the agency reaps what it has sown. Carried around like an old suitcase is its rabid nationalism beginnings so trite and vicious in this new world in a rather tattered and tarnished New Millennium.

Most all levels of leadership ain't what they used to be. (7.12.17)

So even though the exact time of the FBI's founding (creation) is unknown (noon is used), astrologically we find that the natal horoscope of the Federal Bureau of Investigation contains other revealing signatures in the signs of Moon-ruled, self-protective, tribal Cancer (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and North Node) and Sun-ruled, proud, egoistical Leo (Sun, Mars, Jupiter). Some time during the 24 hours of July 26, 1908, the fluctuating Moon conjoined visionary idealist and speculator Neptune which is indicative of a public service orientation but with potentials for disinformation, deception, fraud, and surveillance (Neptune) used against The People (Moon). The use of 'false flag operations' (ops) and their related propaganda come to mind as well as the use of half-truths as tools or weapons and a handy omission of key details habit in order to skew investigations and divert legal arguments and cases.

Plus, we don't need an exact time of founding to see that the FBI was formed under the auspices of the 19 North Saros Series of June 28, 1908 @7Cancer (Initial 19N July 5, 1331 @20Can32). This Solar Eclipse Series contains themes of tackling the truth (!)(7.12.17: with Trump?), realism, and coming down to earth as old situations are seen for what they really are (Brady). Last manifesting in 1998, 19N will again occur on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo when we may expect revelations galore, possibly concerning hidden responsibilities for the attacks of 9/11/01. Note (7.12.17) that this manifestation of 19 North @9Virgo is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of both Campaign 2016 and Inauguration 2017. Sadly for this nation, the skeptic Mr. Trump, the conniver-in-chief, will always maintain a loose and contentious relationship with the truth. And the Truth. He thinks everybody lies.

Washington DC: It's Only Words

And so as usual, when it comes to American Politics, Washington DC, and the US Justice System, appropriate words are mouthed by many but good results may be few for actions taken by FBI Directors, Congress, SCOTUS, lower courts, state legislatures, and the White House are what really matter including the results of 'unintended consequences' which may have been secretly intended all along. Words can charm and persuade, yes, but actions taken or omitted by government officials cause the American people more harm than mild confessions of the obvious.

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