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Apr 19, 2015

Sun-Pluto and Jeb Bush: is Virgo Rising or Sagittarius?

Typing Out Loud Concerning the Natal Chart of Jeb Bush and the 2016 Campaign

by Jude Cowell

John Ellis Pierce 'Jeb' Bush was born in Midlands, Texas on February 11, 1953. Tap or click to read about the two versions of his natal horoscope with one birth time rectified by Isaac Starkman for 2:28:16 am CST with Sagittarius rising while the usual chart is set for 8:50 pm CST (RR: A; From Memory) with Virgo rising.

If a Sag Ascendant is correct this places Virgo at Midheaven (MC), the Career and Public Status point of any horoscope; a Virgo Ascendant places Gemini at MC. With a Sag Ascendant, Jeb Bush's chart ruler is Jupiter; with Virgo rising, it's Mercury which also rules his MC. One planet relates to Politics, Religion, Philosophy, and Wealth while Mercury rules Communication, Intellect, Trade, and Commerce. He does look a bit studious in a Mercurial way yet his Jupiterian wealth (natal Jupiter in Taurus, sign of Money and Greed) cannot be ignored.

So which is his correct birth time? Well, I haven't worked with either chart enough to have a definite opinion! Have you? And frankly I'd hoped that studying his horoscope because of a presidential run would never be necessary. Perhaps it won't be necessary as campaign 2016 proceeds yet his Aquarian Sun is linked to America's natal Moon in Aquarius as several previous presidents' Suns have been.

Well, no matter the hour of this Mr. Bush's birth, a few chart factors are clear and one of them relates closely to Politics and the seeking of power: natal Sun (23AQ) opposes Pluto (22Leo) across the Leo/AQ Will Power axis. In the 8:50 pm chart (Virgo Rising) their opposition falls within the 5/11 houses which echos and supports the Leo/AQ implications--Sun in 5th house of Speculation, Pluto in 11th house of Associations, Hopes, and Wishes.

Individuals born with a Sun-Pluto opposition tend to resort to extreme measures in competitions such as with his Governorship of Florida during the 2000 campaign when he and brother Dubya were video taped saying that the presidential election was, "--in the bag" if memory serves. And if you know a few of them, you may know that Sun-Pluto-opposition folks may strike first in an effort to protect themselves and pretend that threats don't exist if their confidence should wane. They prefer 'sure things' and may alienate others due to their extremist temperaments, opinions, and behavior; a defiant will is usually present (Pelletier).

Curiously, Jeb Bush's Sun-Pluto aspect has allowed him the insight and maturity to 'stand on his own' which is precisely what he has asserted--that he's "his own man" and not a replica of his father or brother. The opposition has helped him develop inner authority and the self-assurance to accomplish his own objectives independently once life's lessons of cooperation and tolerance with others were learned.

Now none of this is conclusive as far as Bush winning the American presidency in 2016 and his supporters may credit his strong Sun-Pluto nature to possessing the energy needed just to want to gain the White House. However, I can state unequivocally now that Mr. Bush will not receive my vote in November 2016 for many reasons, one of which is that two Bushs in the White House were two too many for me--and both began Gulf wars to promote Global Government objectives; own man or not, Jeb if selected will continue The Plan as must anyone who is elevated to play the presidential role of America's mouthpiece, the one who uses the 'Bully Pulpit', as they say.

Mais non! I also do not care to vote for Hillary Clinton for several reasons, one of which is the heavy Clinton baggage We the People will have to bear ad nauseum, a Republican tactic already being employing (Bill back in the White House? Arghh!) Distracting? Not to me. For don't you agree that it's very late days to rehash old crimes and scandals when present and future problems and issues of our nation are banging loudly at the door and threatening to evict us from our principles and freedoms...and each new script-following president is the same as the old ones anyway?

After all, America is known to be ruthless, intimidating, and power-grabbing across the globe and seemingly it was destined to be that way for if you use any versions of our nation's horoscope for July 4, 1776, you know that our natal Sun @13Cancer quindeciles (165 degrees) natal Pluto @27Cap Rx denoting just such compulsive-obsessive behavior (Reeves). As you well know, Washington is focused on power, control, wealth, prominence, and success so politicians who echo that mindset seem to be all the rage these days though the flip side of a Sun-Pluto quindecile is 'strength of character'!

Now where can the American people find an honest person with strength of character who is foolhardy enough to run for president? For who in Washington would cooperate with such a one (thereby disrailing their own gravy train) if he or she should win the White House?

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