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Apr 29, 2015

US Police Forces: thwarted and distorted by Mars Rx

Depending on which of several horoscopes we use for America's founding and its hour ascending (Sag ASC in the 5:00 pm range, Scorpio rising in the 2:22 pm range, July 4, 1776 = Independence) we find our national Mars (police, military, males in general, etc) turning retrograde by Secondary Progression in 2006--in July or September of that year. This inward-turning, distorted condition for our Mars, warring planet of energy, action, and motivation, will continue for approximately 80 years, or, 71 years from 2015.

Note that the same progressed condition of natal Mars occurred for Germany in years past.

Here is master astrologer Maya Del Mar writing on US progressed Mars Rx (Part II) with a link to Part I of her article included. Maya's expertise is often missed these days yet the archive of her insightful articles, many of which have been published in The Mountain Astrologer magazine over the years, is a fantastic resource for all astrologers.

Now an SP Mars Rx is full of frustration, tension, and authority issues and denotes revolutionary actions such as riots, protests, and attacks on US soil, curfews and police and National Guard forces employed to control a discontented public and the few violent actors (some of whom may be 'plants' or 'black shirts' paid to discredit peaceful protesters and their causes and divert from real issues), self-directed mayhem such as committing arson in one's own neighborhood (ex: Baltimore), the famously touted concept of "black on black" crime, the Pentagon supplying America's police departments with military-grade weapons and equipment to use against the populace, the massive incarceration of American citizens for non-violent crimes, a lack of arrests for white-collar power elite crooks, and other conditions, situations, and bad ideas that I'm certain you can name.

Now as you know, America's natal Sun @13Cancer has progressed into murky Pisces and will in a few years be opposed by US SP Mars. Challenges to authority will increase around that time, not lessen, so it's important that the American people address Martian authority issues such as oppression and power abuse as soon as possible--and hold politicians accountable for their actions or lack of action where needed. We've become the Prison Planet some folks have warned about yet We the People cannot expect much if any help from the ruling class since most if not all of them are desperate to protect their cushy positions (and posteriors) from public pitchforks in the streets. Personally, I prefer figurative pitchforks because acts of violence only reduce We the People to the level of criminals and barbarians--and it's what 'they' want: an excuse to use all that military equipment against us. So let's not give them an excuse.

Blending its energies with the US SP Mars Rx condition is our nation's Mars-Neptune square of 1776 and its misguided/misdirected actions, muddled/confused motivations, deception as a tool, the 'fog of war' implications for warrior Mars and Neptune of the masses and the media that propagandizes all issues. These issues very much include racism and 'the powers that think they be' always know they can use racism as a social 'wedge issue' to keep the American people from realizing and acting as One using our true strength--in numbers.

Yes, everyone of every stripe possesses unconscious racist attitudes and this the power elite have known since Psychology (subversive Pluto) told them so. We the People have been studied from the start and from every angle and now they want deeper information on the internal workings of our brains! Guess the chemical soups they've contaminated us with through the years need more study so that total control may be's kind of the human genetics model of social engineering toward more docile slavery and a weeding out of 'the fittest'. But it isn't as if we've not been warned for decades now in entertainment venues such as movies, books, music, and TV, right? Transhumanism is said to be the latest thing, corporations are people, and it's no longer good enough to simply be a human being.

Well, I must dissent from all such poppycock along with the globalism-is-good crap they sell for globalism only benefits plutocrats. The current TPP trade deal is a blatant attempt to unite the world under a Corporate banner of total control and it's being promoted by those who would run it totalitarian-style. Meanwhile, current enablers of The Plan think they will remain in charge and will prosper by new developments but I beg to differ because evil cares nothing for its human tools and shills though a good facade may be employed until such time as lower-rung individuals are not useful anymore. Then they will find themselves in the same soup as those of us who decried their masters' Utopian ideal to destroy all civilizing institutions such as Familial, Religious, Social, Financial, and Political systems.

Get to Know Albert

For more info on the power elite ('NWO') agenda we see being implemented right under our 2015 noses, you may wish to view a previous post concerning Albert Pike, a major 19th-century promoter of the Great Plan. The post includes a video explaining who Pike is plus a few astrological notes on his natal horoscope for as you know, he is the only Confederate General to have a statue within the District of Columbia and some say his remains are interred in a vault or crypt inside the Scottish Rite Temple a few blocks from the White House. Coincidence?

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